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Broadband in Vale Da Telha

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Portugal.
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Broadband in Vale Da Telha

Post Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:06 pm

Hi Everyone
We are hoping to retire to Vale Da Telha....would someone please tell me what we should expect to pay for a Broadband Internet service.



Re: Broadband in Vale Da Telha

Post Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:56 pm

Hi Barbara

I asked the same question awhile back...and got this response (trouble is cannot remember where and who gave it to me now...but it was very comprehensive with tel numbers websites and prices so I carefully copied the response into a word document...for future ref)

I do not have any first hand experience of trying to get broadband YET...but it is a challenge yet to be experienced......shortly Laughing

There is alos the saelite option...I do have an English contact for that...a guy based in Silves.

See notes below

the phone line will not be broadband enabled - you can check your capability to receive broadband under,
just punch in your telly number under cobertura.

A positive answer should read:
O número de telefone que inseriu deverá estar apto a receber o Telepac ADSL.PT.
No entanto, após o pedido de activação, é sempre necessário realizar alguns testes adicionais à qualidade da linha, para que possamos garantir a disponibilidade do serviço em perfeitas condições.

The prices will always depend on the volume and bandwidth you acquire.

Telepac is the most reliable ISP and they provide comprehensive technical support and higher bandwidths. They are also the most expensive per month. (512/128 €38 plus VAT per month)

Sapo is the cheaper version of Telepac and also provides more flexible access options for less money (pre-paid packages, etc). The downside is the almost complete lack of technical support. (512/128 €35 including VAT)

Sad to say, both sites are in portuguese only.

have used Sapo broadband for about a year at a cost of €34.99 per month since the Lagoa telephone exchange was upgraded to cope with ADSL and have been pleased with the service. I upgraded my computer to Windows XP this year and installed a wirless router to get internet acccess for my PC and my wife's laptop. I had some diificulty setting this up but the Sapo technician that I dealt with spoke excellent English and although clearly working from some sort of computer generated script worked around this as necessary to help me. I was impressed with the service that I got on that occasion.

There is a download limit on the Sapo scheme but I have never run up against it as an enthusiastic home user (but I don't download music). I signed up with the AFPOP scheme through Global Talk for my home phone and they offered a high capacity download broadband for (from memory) about €48 per month but this was pitched mainly at business users and I did not need the capacity that it offered.

You may be able to get a cable service through Netvisao. I looked into this but the scheme includes cable TV as well as phone and internet access. The TV service was no use to me because I had another satellite system and the Sapo ADSL scheme was a cheaper alternative

I have spoken with our IT geek in UK and the conclusion we come to is that you should get the best broadband service that you can - perhaps for you the right one will be the 1mbps service from Telepac (as used by the famous Gambrinus) although a 512 kbps service like SAPO will be cheaper it may be a bit limited for what we will suggest even though it is "free" to buy the kit and activate it (as at today).

Via Networks is an international broadband operator that is slowly gaining popularity in Portugal. Excellent customer service and higher than average throughput on all broadband connections (in comparison to sapo/telepac) mean you really get your money's worth.
Always keep an eye out for their campaigns (currently pre-registering for the new 2 and 4mbps connections) as these usually bring very competitive offers.

you will find that is a problem with all the providers' websites.

Give thier customer service a call and ask for an english-speaking operator

707 50 51 52(in Portugal only)


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