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Andorra - Retiring and Pension Issues

Andorra is a particular favourite for those considering retirement. No personal taxation, a high standard but moderate cost of living, political and economic stability with no strikes, virtually no unemployment and the lowest crime rate in all Europe are attractive features. These factors combined with a healthy climate, particularly beneficial to some of the ailments of an older population e.g. bronchitis, rheumatism and arthritis, and easy access to other European countries, make Andorra the country of choice.


Pensions for both men and women are payable after the age of 65. The minimum pension is linked to an accumulation of a minimum of 960 points in the scheme. The current minimum pension is 150 Euros. Contributors who have not acquired 960 points by retirement age will still receive a pension but this is calculated on the points accumulated and does not receive the same upgrading and consideration as the minimum pension. For free health cover after retirement the applicant must have accrued a minimum of 500 points.

Children up to the age of 18 are included under their parents cover. A wife is normally included under her husband's cover but for various reasons may prefer to have individual cover.

It is possible for a wife to claim a pension as a dependent under her husband's cover provided that he has qualified for a pension. She will receive half of her husband's pension entitlement. For a husband to receive a pension under his wife's cover he must make a special application to the "Consell d'Admininstracio" giving good reasons to support his claim. For a wife to claim a pension (50% of the husband's pension) following the death of her husband she must qualify under at least one of the following conditions :

a. Have a child under the age of 18.
b. Have a disability which prevents her carrying out her professional work.
c. Have reached the age of 45 on the death of her husband.

Pensions are paid directly into an Andorran bank account designated by the recipient.

Payment And Points (Non-Employed Non-Agricultural)


Class Medical Med. Sup. Pension Total Points
A 111.47 12.39 90.64 214.50 8
B 111.47 12.39 113.30 237.16 10
C 111.47 12.39 135.96 259.82 12
D 111.47 12.39 181.28 305.14 16
E 111.47 12.39 271.92 395.78 24

C.A.S.S. will refund 75% of all claims relating to doctors bills and medicines. Dental bills are covered at the same rate although cosmetic work and gold fillings are only partially covered. Hospitalisation is covered as to 90% of the costs.

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