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Australia - Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Breakdown Recovery

There are a number of different types of vehicle inspections in Australia and you may have to have your car inspected before it can be registered so that it can be identified correctly.

A Vehicle Identity Inspection (Tier 2) is the type of inspection that is carried out if the car has come from another state or country, or if the vehicle has been custom-made or if any questions have been raised about the history of the vehicle. A Vehicle Identity Inspection (Tier 3) is carried out if the car has been previously written off or repaired or questions are raised about the identity of the car.

A Roadworthiness Inspection is carried out if the car has any defects, is categorised as written off or modified. If you have a vehicle that is classed as a special purpose vehicle then you may need to have this carried out in order to set the necessary condition codes. Some people may find that their vehicle has to undergo more than one type of inspection.

A roadworthy vehicle inspection is needed if the car has a non-standard engine, if the design of the car has been changed, if the vehicle can seat more than 13 people, if any notice of defect has been issued for the vehicle, if the car has been restored or rebuilt from parts, if the car has been used for rallying or if the vehicle has had modifications to the brakes or steering.

In order to book an inspection you simply call your local department for transport. A car will need to pass the inspection in order to be able to be registered each year. You will be provided with a list of vehicle inspection stations in your area.

In some states it is necessary to have the vehicle inspected if you are planning on selling it or if you have allowed the registration to expire more than 12 months previously.

Most people keep their vehicles in a good state of repair and staff at garages should have a vehicle repairer’s certificate. This is only issued to qualified and experienced mechanics and the regulations have been brought in to vastly reduce the number of garages that operate with improperly trained mechanics. However, as the vehicle inspections are not compulsory for all vehicles and do not have to be carried out on an annual basis it is easy for vehicle maintenance to slide.

For many years car breakdown services were only provided in Australia by automobile clubs, such as the AA and the RAC in the UK. Many other organisations now offer similar services and some of these only operate on a regional level. When you arrive in the country it is a good idea to obtain several quotes for breakdown cover and check the different policies that the companies offer.

Most of these companies offer round the clock assistance and various levels of cover. Some will tow your car home if the problem cannot be repaired at the roadside and other policies will help you with accommodation costs, a rental car if your car cannot be fixed for several days.

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