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Andorra > Moving


How To Apply For A Visa In Andorra

Monday March 09, 2020 (10:50:40)

Landlocked between France and Spain, and consisting of a cluster of mountain valleys, streams and rivers, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world, measuring just 468km². One-tenth of the country is covered by the Great Valira River, which flows through the capital city, Andorra la Vella. As Andorra does not have its own airport, the easiest way to get there is to fly to either Barcelona Airport in Spain, or Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France. Once there, there are several bus routes and car services that can take you straight to Andorra. A bus ticket will cost you around €15.

A valid passport or EU identity card must be shown upon entering the country, but you will not need an entry visa to visit for less than 90 days. Although a visa may not be needed to enter, one will be required to exit Andorra and cross back into France or Spain, since the country is not, as yet, part of The Schengen Agreement.   more ...

Andorra > Working


How To Find A Job In Andorra

Monday January 27, 2020 (17:26:10)

The little state of Andorra is a tempting choice for anyone looking for a job in the Pyrenees. We will look at some of your choices for both seasonal and non-seasonal work: the main tourist activities in the country are skiing, hospitality and retail, but there are some opportunities for employment outside these sectors.   more ...

Andorra > Education


How To Navigate The Andorran Education System

Monday July 15, 2019 (19:06:23)

Andorra requires all children in the principality to attend school. In return, the state provides education that is free, well-resourced and focused on developing a well-rounded individual.

Sports And Physical Education

The education system in Andorra recognises the value of physical education.   more ...

Andorra > Living


Why Andorra Should Be Your Next Expat Home

Friday May 12, 2017 (16:11:57)
(c) joannaaustin on Pixabay
The independent principality of Andorra is a tiny gem of country, hidden away in the Southwestern part of Europe. It is situated high up in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered by France on one side and Spain on the other. The world’s 16thsmallest country, it was almost isolated once upon a time. However, in the recent past there have been a number of factors that have put this small nation on the globetrotter’s map. Today, it is booming in many ways, including tourism; data shows that each year, around 10 million visitors from across the globe are drawn to this place because of its climate, scenery, activities, winter sports, and shopping.   more ...

Andorra > Financial


Will Andorra, Europe's Most Accessible Tax Haven Star, Implode?

Thursday July 04, 2013 (19:31:07)
by Roger Munns, International Property Tribune

From the late 1970's Andorra was a European tax haven star, with many taking residency, but with income tax set to be introduced, will it kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

Cheaper than Monaco and the Channel Islands for property and with no income tax the number of people taking residency in Andorra has historically been good for the last forty years.

But over the last two years the number of residency applications in Andorra dropped as the country's parliament debated whether to introduce a minimum investment level for new entrants, but once the government had taken the decision the number of people viewing property in Andorra rose again.   more ...

Andorra > Moving


Tax Haven Andorra Raise Residency Entry Price

Wednesday June 13, 2012 (18:21:38)
Capital Andorra, la Vella
by Roger Munns

For years Andorra has been one of Europe's top tax havens, with the same tax benefits as Monaco but with property at less than a quarter of the price.

Recently the country passed legislation which in effect has increased the minimum investment required to become a resident.

As one of Europe's most popular tax havens, Andorra has until now been seen by many looking to move their assets to a low tax jurisdiction as an inexpensive gateway to fiscal paradise where there is no income tax to pay.

But this has just changed, and while the country is still a cheap option compared to better known Monaco, the costs and procedures of gaining residency have changed with the overall aim to bring more high net worth individuals to Andorra.   more ...

Andorra > Property


Andorra - an increasingly attractive location for property buyers

Thursday January 05, 2012 (18:41:57)

European tax haven Andorra enjoys the same fiscal benefits as better known Monaco, adding to property demand from those looking for residency in a tax shelter as well as traditional ski chalet buyers who flock to the country between December and April each year.

With the end of the ski season last month many ski resorts in Europe have closed up shop until early December with overseas property owners having little prospect of rental income in the summer months.

But tiny Andorra, nestled between France and Spain in the Pyrenees and the sixteenth smallest country in the world, is increasingly attracting out of season tourists and property owners are seeing a rise in overall occupancy levels and return on their investment.   more ...

Andorra > Property


Andorra Awaits - European Tax Haven Property Prices Climb Again

Thursday January 05, 2012 (18:39:01)

by Roger Munns

Tax haven Andorra saw one of the sharpest property price rises in Europe in 2005 with a 19 per cent increase.

This has been sustained with another high leap in prices in 2006, this time of 16 per cent.

2007 could see another double digit property price rise for the small Pyrenees mountainous country.   more ...

Andorra > Living


More Cash For 2008 Andorra Ski Holidays

Thursday January 05, 2012 (18:36:57)

by Roger Munns

Low lying European ski countries last year who saw a decline in ski holiday visitors, including Andorra, have been investing in her facilities to try and tempt the skiiers she lost back for the 2008 season.

In the past Andorra has grown in stature from a destination offering cheap ski holidays to one that can compete with the best that Europe has to offer, with a growing number of ski holidays being taken in the country over the last decade to the point where it was attracting some ten million tourists a year.

But unexpectedly the rise in visitors to Andorra came to a screeching halt for the 2006/7 ski season, and the ski slopes closed two weeks earlier than anticipated due to a lack of snow that saw many other resorts in Europe, especially in countries with low lying slopes like Austria, badly affected by the lack of natural snow.   more ...

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