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Bermuda > Moving


How To Apply For A Visa In Bermuda

Monday March 09, 2020 (13:43:38)

All foreigners entering Bermuda must have at least 45 days’ validity left on their passport from the date of their intended entry. Any foreigners wishing to stay in Bermuda for a period of longer than three weeks, but not for the purpose of business or working, must apply for an extension from the Chief Immigrations Officer at the Government Administration Building (30 Parliament St., Hamilton, HM 12). You can telephone them on 441/295-5151. You must apply for an extension before you have been in Bermuda for 21 days.   more ...

Bermuda > Working


How To Find A Job In Bermuda

Monday January 27, 2020 (18:30:08)

The wealthy island of Bermuda is an appealing prospect for expats seeking work. It is a beautiful island with opportunities for a high-end lifestyle, plus high wages and tax breaks. 20% of Bermuda’s population are expats and the island has zero unemployment. You will, however, need to go through some bureaucracy, so we are going to look below at some of the pros and cons of working on the island.   more ...

Bermuda > Property


How To Buy A Property As An Expat In Bermuda

Thursday August 08, 2019 (10:15:34)

There are many good reasons to buy a property in Bermuda but there are some unusual aspects to consider. In this article we will take a look at the options that are available to expats, and how to get started.

Can I Buy Property In Bermuda As A Foreigner?

In 2015, Bermuda significantly changed its policy towards property ownership by “Restricted Persons” - The PRC holders (Permanent Residence Certificate holders) and other non-Bermudian individuals. The key piece of legislation was the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Amendment Act 2015, allowing even non-resident foreigners to buy property on the island.   more ...

Bermuda > Moving


How To Bring Your Pets To Bermuda

Monday May 20, 2019 (09:32:38)

Many expats from the US, Britain and elsewhere choose to retire to the beautiful destination of Bermuda, while others may move to the island for work. If you’re planning to be a resident here for some time, you may want to bring your pets with you. How would you go about doing so?   more ...

Bermuda > Living


A Guide To Bermuda's Best Scuba Clubs

Wednesday November 01, 2017 (08:02:15)

An alluring air of mystery, pink-sand beaches and whistling tree frogs are features that are unique to the 21-square mile island of Bermuda.

This destination is often voted the best in the world by tourists and travel experts because of its stunning beauty and opportunities for adventure.   more ...

Bermuda > Links


Bermuda - Recommended Blogs

Tuesday July 19, 2016 (13:15:39)
(c) PH1 Doolittle, USN
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Bermuda and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.   more ...

Bermuda > Health


Health Risks For Expats In Bermuda

Tuesday September 01, 2015 (12:19:06)
Image © size4riggerboots on Flickr
Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, currently the territory with the highest overall population and also boasting a significant expat population. Although it isn’t really in the Caribbean but further north, off the east coast of the US, Bermuda is often spoken of as a Caribbean island, and is in fact part of CARICOM, an organization that looks after the socio-economic interests of Caribbean nations.   more ...

Bermuda > Links


Bermuda – Top Expat Blogs

Tuesday August 25, 2015 (12:48:14)
Image © Steve Frankel on Flickr
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Bermuda and some of the bloggers who write about living there.

Little Monkey And Friends In Bermuda

Just looking at this blog’s header image will make you want to move to Bermuda. Children playing on a paradise beach - what could be a nicer place to raise your family?   more ...

Bermuda > Living


5 Experiences You Must Try As An Expat In Bermuda

Tuesday August 04, 2015 (11:11:06)
Image © fressica on Flickr
Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory off the east coast of the United States, with one of the largest expat communities in the world, in terms of percentage of the total population. Since the island is extremely small – 53.2 square kilometers, with a population of around 64,000 – the expat community is very close-knit. As a result, it’s difficult to go for too long without bumping into someone you know, or at least meeting someone who knows a friend of yours.   more ...

Bermuda > Living


Learning To Communicate With The Locals In Bermuda - Some Tips For Expats

Thursday April 30, 2015 (02:42:34)

Bermuda is an attractive expat destination because it provides excellent job opportunities, tax-free saving and a vibrant social life. Its GDP per capita is among the highest in the world and many of the job opportunities available are in the financial sector due to the presence of many offshore financial service companies. There are also ample opportunities for recreation in the form of a wide array of sporting activities such as golf, cricket, field hockey, baseball, rugby and diving. Since Bermuda draws a considerable expat population to its shores every year, there’s also a chance to connect with other expats and professionals.   more ...

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