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Expat Focus International News Update September 2019

Posted on Thursday September 26, 2019 (15:53:21)

New Fund For Filipinos To Study In The UK

Would-be expats from the Philippines can now apply to a new fund, set up by the UK government in conjunction with insurance company Pru Life UK, to have the duration of their study fully funded.   more ...


Expat Focus Brexit News Update September 2019

Posted on Thursday September 26, 2019 (13:48:47)

Brexit has once more dominated the British news this month, with an unusual prorogation of Parliament: rather longer than previous prorogued periods and accompanied by accusations of trying to silence Remainer MPs.

The case reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday 24th September, with the Court deciding that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful and that Parliament must return to sit. Quite what the result of this will be in terms of the UK leaving the EU remains to be seen.   more ...


Things To Consider When Moving Abroad: Suggestions From Expat Focus Readers

Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019 (14:36:55)

ExpatFocus recently published an article which discussed the factors people should consider when they're thinking about moving abroad. The feedback received from readers was fantastic and we felt that those expats deserved to be heard!   more ...


Which Are The Best Countries For Expats' Digital Needs?

Posted on Monday August 26, 2019 (14:17:29)

The internet has become almost a life-sustaining requirement, like water, oxygen or sunlight. Just watch someone who has misplaced their mobile frantically tipping the house upside down to find it. Our phones are no longer just used for calls but for banking, messages and emails, social media and many other amazing things. However, any type of digital life is only possible if there is unrestricted access to the internet, online services and smooth cashless payments.   more ...


Expat Focus Brexit News Update August 2019

Posted on Thursday August 22, 2019 (20:20:57)

The summer of 2019 has obviously seen major ruptions in British politics, with Theresa May finally departing in a cloud of ignominy and, after a brief leadership tussle between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson, being replaced by the latter. Max Hastings, of the Daily Telegraph and a friend of Johnson’s, said years ago that if this ever came to pass, he’d pack his bags and leave the country, but it remains to be seen where Hastings could actually go, given the state of limbo in which many of Britain’s expats across the EU still find themselves plunged.   more ...


Expat Focus International News Update August 2019

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019 (18:11:36)

The best expat countries for quality of life

The best places for expats to live in the world are, according to a survey, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The poll was undertaken by Numbeo, a global database of consumer prices, who found that Denmark is the most highly rated country for delivering the best quality of life for expats.   more ...


What Effect Do Immigration Quotas Actually Have On Levels Of Immigration?

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019 (16:21:40)

This question is often a hot-button political issue, with immigration quotas forming a core part of right-wing electoral agendas in particular. Brookings’ 2018 report on immigration says:

“Immigration policy is often hotly debated for a variety of reasons that have little to do with a careful assessment of the evidence.”

  more ...


What Is The World’s Best City For Expat Quality Of Life?

Posted on Thursday August 08, 2019 (09:51:05)

Anyone who has ever considered moving abroad will inevitably have spent a lot of time thinking about the impact such a move might have on their living standards. Of course, what constitutes a good quality of life for one individual or family may be different from another. Generally speaking, though, there are some good ways of measuring quality of life, such as local education, job opportunities, access to services, transport and housing.   more ...


Expat Focus Brexit News Update July 2019

Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019 (15:18:50)

Over the last month, Brexit has taken a back seat to the Conservative leadership contest but the mood of the country (according to the BBC and, actually, pretty much anyone one speaks to) can be described as ‘thoroughly fed up’ and wanting to get on with it. However, the spectre of a no-deal has been hanging over the nation, with Boris Johnson in favour and a great many people not. However, since Johnson became Tory party leader and therefore de facto Prime Minister on Tuesday, 23rd July, the prospect of no-deal now faces even stiffer opposition, with ministers resigning all over the place and Boris pledging to deliver Brexit without really specifying how.   more ...


Expat Focus International News Update July 2019

Posted on Tuesday July 23, 2019 (15:12:07)

Switzerland is the best place for expats to live and work

The best country in the world for expats to live and work in is Switzerland, a global expat survey reveals. The HSBC’s annual league table for the best expat destinations looks at the experiences and opinions of expats living and working overseas.   more ...

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