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The Ten Most Expensive Cities for Expats

Posted on Wednesday January 06, 2016 (12:00:58)
© User:Colin on Flickr

The cost of living is usually one of the primary factors that people keep in mind when making the decision to move to a foreign country. However, there are some nations that are more expensive for expatriates than for the locals, especially when the average income for foreigners is taken into consideration. Read on to find out about the top 10 most expensive cities for expats across the globe, according to a report published by Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) in Singapore.   more ...


Review - The Essential Vegan Travel Guide

Posted on Tuesday January 05, 2016 (12:51:46)
The Essential Vegan Travel Guide

Moving abroad is hard enough at the best of times. Knowing that you’ll be facing the challenges of culture shock, being away from your family and friends, and probably either starting a new job or moving into a different position in your current company, does not make for the easiest of periods.

Add to that the adventures of dealing with a whole new cuisine, and it’s fair to say that a considerable proportion of expats will feel somewhat daunted.   more ...


Thinking Of Moving To One Of These Dream Expat Destinations? Read This First.

Posted on Tuesday January 05, 2016 (12:36:51)
© B. Muirhead

When it comes to moving to a new location, there are several factors that expats are likely to consider. These generally include the cost of living, quality of life, economy, education, employment opportunities, safety & security, climate, and proximity to other interesting places, to name just a few.

Based on these common aspects, some destinations tend to rate higher on the expat preference scale compared to others. However, when people actually move to these locations, many realize that the place is far from ideal for them as an expat destination.   more ...


Travel Photographers Who Will Inspire Wanderlust

Posted on Tuesday December 29, 2015 (14:58:51)
© Jonas Beniksen

We’ve all been struck down with wanderlust at some point, usually after a stressful day stuck behind a desk. When the paperwork piles on and the boss is bullying you about dastardly deadlines, there’s a temptation to grab your passport and head out the door for good.

Most of the time we resist those moments of rashness and settle for another cup of coffee and an argument with the photocopier. But that doesn’t mean the urge leaves us.   more ...


Twelve New Year's Eve Traditions You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Posted on Thursday December 24, 2015 (00:41:37)
© Rob Chandler

The holiday season is packed full of celebration. Christmas is of course one particularly popular and widely celebrated festival, but in addition there’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Sinterklaas, Yule, and plenty more. However, most of these are celebrated only by people from specific countries, communities, or cultures. New Year celebrations, on the other hand, tend to be shared by almost everyone.   more ...


The Ten Hardest Lessons You'll Learn As An Expat

Posted on Thursday December 24, 2015 (00:20:13)
© Moyan Brenn

Jetting off for a new life of fun in the sun should be a time for excitement. This is all one big adventure and you’re probably buzzing with thoughts of all the exciting things you’ll do.

Even if you’re only heading abroad for a temporary job, or looking to settle there for good, there are so many awesome possibilities for awesome experiences. And there’s an equal possibility of things taking a turn for the worse.   more ...


Surprising Food Etiquette Rules From Around The World

Posted on Thursday December 24, 2015 (00:03:09)
© Sodanie Chea

Cultures express themselves in many ways. National dress may tell the tale of the nation’s founding, music is a record of folk tales and heroes, and sport gives everyone in the country something to cheer about.

But food transcends them all. The feasts that mark key milestones in life will vary by country, the rituals of religion will have their own special dishes, and favourite foodstuffs may even be national icons.   more ...


The World's Ten Best New Year Parties

Posted on Wednesday December 23, 2015 (15:27:48)
© miquitos

The popping of corks, the boom of fireworks, and the strains of Auld Lang Syne as thousands of strangers join hands in celebration: the sounds of a New Year party are unmistakable. At least, that’s how the party should sound.

All to often we ring in the New Year with stale pretzels and insipid drinks, awkwardly counting down not to the turn of the calendar but to when we can politely leave the gathering.   more ...


The Top Ten Places To Move To If You’re A Wine Lover

Posted on Tuesday December 22, 2015 (18:29:14)
© Megan Cole

For many people wine is not just a drink, it’s a way of life. They read the backs of bottles, search for tasting notes, and invest in a mighty collection of wines to ensure that there is always the perfect vintage to match the occasion.

If wine is what makes you tick and you’re considering a move abroad, it’s probably worth looking into a life in vineyard country.   more ...


The Ten Most Rewarding Things About Being An Expat

Posted on Tuesday December 22, 2015 (18:07:32)
© Charles Chan

Goodbye old life, hello great unknown. Setting up a new life abroad can be daunting prospect, and it’s difficult to plan for most of it. It’s like the first day of school all over again: Will you make friends? What if you get lost? Why is everything so different?

But after a little time and a few mishaps, everything will start to make sense and that’s when the rewards start to shine through.   more ...

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