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These Five Countries Have The Highest Percentage Of Expats: Find Out Why

Posted on Thursday December 10, 2015 (16:34:24)
© Nuroptics

According to the UN’s population division, as of 2013 there were over 232 million people living outside of their home countries, a number that makes up 3.2% of the world’s total population. In addition, studies in recent years have thrown more light on various expats of expat life and movement around the world, including the Expat Insider ‘Ease of Settling Index’, HSBC’s ‘Expat Explorer’ report, and the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ report.   more ...


Winter Around The World: Your Photo Submissions

Posted on Wednesday December 09, 2015 (14:06:53)
© Katchalicius on Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, Expat Focus asked our followers on social media to submit photos of what winter looks like in their countries. We received a lot of submissions, and now we're sharing the best with you.

We'll be running other photo submission challenges and asking for your input about articles, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts if you'd like to take part!   more ...


Ten Challenging And Rewarding Volunteering Opportunities Worldwide

Posted on Monday December 07, 2015 (15:15:05)
© Evo Flash

Moving abroad and learning about other parts of the world is one of the most satisfying things a human being can do. Seeing spectacular scenery, travelling difficult paths and meeting new and interesting neighbours: there is nothing like an adventure to set the spirit soaring.

What if you could combine your life in a new country with the chance to make a real difference to the world? A double whammy of the feel-good factor could see you volunteering your time, effort and expertise around the world.   more ...


Festive Feasts From Around The World

Posted on Saturday December 05, 2015 (19:56:02)
© Przykuta

'Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. The festive period is an excuse to kick back and indulge with delicious delicacies, dishes so decadent they can only be brought out once a year.

Millions of families will gather together to celebrate Christmas, but the way in which they do it varies greatly. Some of us celebrate on the 25th of December, others hold off until January, some celebrate for weeks on end.   more ...


Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Posted on Thursday December 03, 2015 (16:48:02)
© Beatrice

The ads are appearing on TV, the decorations are going up and the shops are filling with frantic shoppers. Christmas is definitely coming.

Like a magical sleigh pulled by a troupe of gravity-defying reindeer, the Christmas season sweeps over the world, sprinkling seasonal joy and jarring advertising alike. That’s not to say that everyone celebrates the most wonderful time of the year in the same way.   more ...


Interview With Dominika Miernik, Expat Coach, DM Coaching

Posted on Thursday December 03, 2015 (15:40:29)
Dominika Miernik

Dominika, you're an expat coach - tell us a bit about your company and its aims.

I specialize in helping people seeking to make an international career change to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering their dream career and then adapting to a new country. I aslo work with people who are thinking about starting up a business and I guide them to connect the dots between what they love to do and how they can design a business that matches their desired lifestyle.   more ...


10 Tips For Renovating Your First Home

Posted on Wednesday December 02, 2015 (13:14:22)
© Steve Jurvetson

It’s not unusual for people to buy their first home with the intention of renovating it. After all, buying a house in great condition, in the right location, with all the characteristics that you’re looking for, is likely to be extremely expensive. In many parts of the world, housing prices are frighteningly high, and first-time buyers are usually on a very limited budget.   more ...


Ten Lost Cities You Can Actually Visit

Posted on Tuesday December 01, 2015 (13:00:19)
Petra © Susanahajer

At some point, every traveller has imagined themselves as a fedora-sporting adventurer discovering hidden treasures. Even though most of our expeditions now involve sipping a hot mocha-latte in an airport lounge, we still crave the adrenaline rush of swinging a machete through tangled jungle toward a mysterious destination.

In these days of jet-set globetrotting there aren’t many corners of the world left to be discovered. Many of the globe’s lost wonders are now thoroughly found and firmly marked on the map; some can even be explored on Google Streetview.   more ...


10 Creative Hobbies You Can Pursue From Anywhere In The World

Posted on Tuesday December 01, 2015 (12:18:12)

A lot of busy people make the mistake of thinking they don’t have the time to indulge in a hobby, but in fact, a hobby is no indulgence. It’s a great way to relax, and a great way to expand your personality and skill set. There’s plenty of research to show that hobbies make us happier and healthier, and even more productive than we would otherwise be. For expats, hobbies can be especially valuable.   more ...


Which Country Should You Move To In 2016?

Posted on Monday November 30, 2015 (11:46:54)

For many expats, the country that they live in isn’t exactly one they picked off a map – they were simply brought there by circumstances. Living and working in a new country is often the result of a job posting from within the organization you already work for, or else it’s a new job that you’ve chosen to take due to a lack of satisfying career opportunities in your line of work back home.   more ...

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