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10 Quieter Expat Destinations

Posted on Thursday November 12, 2015 (14:07:15)
© Eric Baker

For many people, leaving the country they were born in and making a new life is just what they need. Apart from the practical matters of career opportunities and financial growth, just a chance to put some distance between yourself and everything that’s familiar, to explore new surroundings and a new way of living, can be extremely rewarding. For many expats, home becomes the place they’re now living in, or at least home becomes two places – their country of origin and their country of residence.   more ...


The Ten Best Places To Teach English

Posted on Thursday November 12, 2015 (13:39:50)
© Riccardo Nobile

Looking to set up a new life abroad, but worried about how to fund it? In a previous article we explored the best portable careers for digital nomads, featuring clever ways to earn money on the move. But if you don’t have the portfolio to earn rand from writing, or dollars as a doctor, you might need to narrow down your options.   more ...


The Best Language Learning Hacks

Posted on Wednesday November 11, 2015 (15:24:40)
© Julo

You’ve successfully moved to your new home in the exotic country you’ve dreamt of for years. You aced the interview for that dream job and sailed through the complex visa process.

As you unpack boxes, the doorbell rings. It’s friendly neighbours welcoming you to the community. At least, that’s what you think they’re saying; it’s all Greek to you.

If you don’t speak the language of your destination country, life there is going to be harder than it needs to be.   more ...


Movie Locations You Can Actually Live In

Posted on Saturday November 07, 2015 (18:34:14)
© Rob Candler

When real life starts to drag, give yourself over to the silver screen and let the magic of the movies sweep you away. It’s easy to go from desk-bound drudgery to swashbuckling adventure, from mopping the kitchen floor to being swept off your feet by a dashing hero. All you need is a little imagination.

But what if the movie never ended? What if you could step into the celluloid world on screen and into the action?   more ...


Interview With Rita Rosenback, Author

Posted on Thursday November 05, 2015 (14:55:35)
Rita with her daughters, Minna and Daniela

Rita, you're an expat and mother who helps people through the process of raising a multilingual family. Tell us a bit about your own background, and what led you to this career path.

I was born in Finland and grew up in a bilingual home (Swedish and Finnish), then went on to study languages. Most of my jobs have been somehow language-related: I have worked as a language teacher at university and in adult learning, as a translator, interpreter, editor and manager of multinational teams.   more ...


10 Top Tips For Families Moving Abroad

Posted on Thursday November 05, 2015 (14:41:03)
Image © Eric Ward

Moving to a different country can be a very exciting prospect, especially if your loved ones are going to accompany you. Most people look forward to exploring a new environment, and interaction with people of different cultures is one of the most enriching experiences for both adults and children.

However, it is only natural for some people to be less than delighted and enthusiastic about the change. First of all, there is a lot of work involved in relocating, which some family members may find very stressful.   more ...


The Best Portable Careers For Global Nomads

Posted on Wednesday November 04, 2015 (16:48:03)
Image © Rex Pe

There’s a big wide world out there to explore, full of adventure and interesting people. There are mountains to be climbed, people to meet and delicious new foods to try.

So what a shame it would be to spend your life stuck behind a desk in a dreary office block, with only a lunchtime sandwich to get excited about.

Of course, some people do escape the rat race, whether temporarily or permanently.   more ...


10 Unusual Proverbs From Around The World

Posted on Tuesday November 03, 2015 (14:57:16)
Image © US Govt

Anybody heading to a new country will surely see the value in learning the language, but even with perfect grammar and a burgeoning vocabulary there will be phrases that just don’t make sense.

Don’t worry about your linguistic prowess; these peculiar proverbs are more about learning the culture than the language. It takes time to learn slang, swear words and the salacious gossip that your language teachers are too proper to teach.   more ...


Interview With Dani Hamilton, Founder, Setlr

Posted on Tuesday November 03, 2015 (14:12:01)
Dani Hamilton

Dani, you're the founder of Tell us about Setlr – what are its aims, and what drove you to start the company?

Setlr is an online service that matches expats who need help in their day-to-day lives with local, native speaking bilinguals and experienced settlers who are in the perfect position to offer the right kind of help. My husband and I were driven to start Setlr out of our own need for everyday help as English speakers living in France.   more ...


20 Twitter Accounts Every Expat Should Follow

Posted on Monday November 02, 2015 (16:52:20)

For many people today, social media is an invaluable, irreplaceable source of information. Twitter in particular is very useful for a number of different reasons, one of the most important being that it allows you to expand your network of sources and converse with people who are experts in their fields. For expats, Twitter is an unbeatable tool – not only can you read the best-written and best-researched articles and guides on your new home, but you can also find a community of expats on the ground.   more ...

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