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10 Unusual Proverbs From Around The World

Posted on Tuesday November 03, 2015 (14:57:16)
Image © US Govt

Anybody heading to a new country will surely see the value in learning the language, but even with perfect grammar and a burgeoning vocabulary there will be phrases that just don’t make sense.

Don’t worry about your linguistic prowess; these peculiar proverbs are more about learning the culture than the language. It takes time to learn slang, swear words and the salacious gossip that your language teachers are too proper to teach.   more ...


Interview With Dani Hamilton, Founder, Setlr

Posted on Tuesday November 03, 2015 (14:12:01)
Dani Hamilton

Dani, you're the founder of Tell us about Setlr – what are its aims, and what drove you to start the company?

Setlr is an online service that matches expats who need help in their day-to-day lives with local, native speaking bilinguals and experienced settlers who are in the perfect position to offer the right kind of help. My husband and I were driven to start Setlr out of our own need for everyday help as English speakers living in France.   more ...


20 Twitter Accounts Every Expat Should Follow

Posted on Monday November 02, 2015 (16:52:20)

For many people today, social media is an invaluable, irreplaceable source of information. Twitter in particular is very useful for a number of different reasons, one of the most important being that it allows you to expand your network of sources and converse with people who are experts in their fields. For expats, Twitter is an unbeatable tool – not only can you read the best-written and best-researched articles and guides on your new home, but you can also find a community of expats on the ground.   more ...


10 Great Movies About Expats Living Abroad

Posted on Sunday November 01, 2015 (18:27:08)
Image © Filipão 28 on Flickr

Although the word 'expat' has gained in prominence only over the last few decades, expats themselves have existed for centuries. In film too, expats have always had a presence. One of the earliest notable examples is 1947’s Black Narcissus – the nuns in the film can certainly be described as expats, and at least part of the tension and drama arise from living in such strange, unfamiliar surroundings; a kind of culture shock that most expats today, more than 60 years later, will find very familiar.   more ...


10 Spookiest Places Around The World

Posted on Saturday October 31, 2015 (16:46:22)
Hinterkaifeck © Andreas Keller

Hallowe'en is here again.

Once a year we spend a less-than-scary evening watching second-rate horror movies whilst waiting for a knock on the door so we can hand out candy to kids in cardboard costumes. Whatever happened to the most fright-filled of festivals, the most harrowing of holidays?

Thrillseekers who are brave enough to seek out the truly terrifying, to face their fear of ghosts and ghouls or to explore the unexplainable can visit the strangest, spookiest and down-right scariest of places the world has to offer.   more ...


10 Books That Will Make You Want To Move Abroad

Posted on Wednesday October 28, 2015 (13:24:07)
Image © CPGXK on Flickr

The decision to move abroad is a tough one and will, in all likelihood, completely change the direction of your life. The opportunity to move may come with a new job, or you could just be moving for a change of scenery. The chance to interact and intersect with a new culture, a whole new set of friends, the chance to step out of your comfort zone and find yourself, to go on brand new adventures - these are all the great rewards of an international move.   more ...


Review - Bringing Up A Bilingual Child

Posted on Monday October 26, 2015 (15:51:21)
Bringing Up A Bilingual Child by Rita Rosenback

Learning a new language is frequently a large part of the experience of being an expat. For adults, this might involve taking some courses before making the move, immersing yourself in the culture once you're there, and practising until you're fluent – or at least conversational.

Moving abroad with children presents a whole new set of challenges, however. Not least among these is bringing up your children to speak multiple languages.   more ...


Gina Valiando, Senior Field Marketing Representative, International AutoSource

Posted on Friday September 25, 2015 (11:34:56)
Gina Valiando

Gina, please tell us a bit about yourself. How did you come to work at International AutoSource, and what does your day-to-day work entail?

I was introduced to “life as an Expat” from a friend of mine who spent many years abroad. As an American Expat living in the United Kingdom and France, she experienced different cultures and overcame many obstacles to assimilate.   more ...


Gabi and Skip Yetter, Expat Authors

Posted on Thursday September 10, 2015 (13:56:13)
Skip & Gabi Yetter

Tell us a bit about yourselves - where did you move from, where are you living now, and what prompted you to make the move?

I (Gabi) am English and Skip is American (from Boston). We are both former journalists and business executives who love to travel and experience other cultures. We met when we both worked for the same company in the U.S. and, after a number of years and multiple experiences, got married in 2006 and went on honeymoon to Thailand.   more ...


Kerry Chislett, Senior Business Development Manager, Pickfords

Posted on Saturday August 22, 2015 (11:52:40)
Kerry Chislett

Kerry, tell us a bit about yourself. What's your background, and how did you come to work at Pickfords?

I’m an expat myself; I followed my heart to come to the UK from New Zealand, to join my wife and childhood sweetheart, so one could call me a ‘stealth expat’! Prior to that I lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and America.   more ...

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