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Jo Danehl, Director, Intercultural Account Management & Sales, Cartus Corporation

Posted on Friday January 06, 2012 (20:43:51)
Jo Danehl

Jo, can you tell us a bit about your background before joining Cartus?

I have been with Cartus for 8 years (the past 6 years in the USA) but worked within the training industry for my entire career. I started in the Learned Society of the Institution of Electrical Engineers based in London putting together educational programs for the membership. From there I moved to Frost & Sullivan developing a program of open enrollment and client specific programs covering a whole range of topics – telecoms, sales & management. It was a great opportunity to build a really broad base of experiences and take on significant responsibility at a relatively young age; everything from business management to product development through to people management.   more ...


Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert

Posted on Friday January 06, 2012 (20:38:30)
Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert

Robin, can you tell us a bit about your background?

My husband used to be as Canadian foreign service officer (he's been in the private sector now for many years with his own global company) but during his time as a diplomat we were posted four times to Asia. As a journalist of more than 35 years now, at the time, I was not allowed to work as one given I carried a diplomatic passport!

So I initially started working in expat family support when our daughter was born in Bangkok and I wrote a newsletter for an international mothers group I helped start (and is still going strong after 27 years!) Later, I decided to write books, initially for the spouse, but the enterprise just kind of blossomed into five books and a website (sounds like a movie). Of course, because of the books, I was invited to lecture to expat communities in the schools, to clubs, and to international HR groups.

What products or services does Expat Expert offer?

Primarily, as a writer and journalist, I offer content in the form of my books and now a video lecture series. But along the way I also wrote hundreds of articles and conducted a major family survey that is still valid (and on the site for free) to give some statistics and a chance for families to give their point of view of the kind of support they need and the kind of support they received (or didn't!)   more ...


Jo Parfitt - expat writer, mentor and publisher

Posted on Friday January 06, 2012 (20:31:28)
Jo Parfitt

Jo, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have lived abroad since 1987, moving from my home in the UK to Dubai, Oman, Norway, back to England for a while and now to the Netherlands. I have created, maintained a career based on my love of writing throughout this time. I have written 27 books, been a journalist, taught writing, done copywriting, been a speaker and now focus on teaching and helping expats and entrepreneurs to write books and articles based on their expertise and experience.

What services do you offer to expats?

I believe in only working in areas I know well. I know about running a business based on my passion, portable careers and being a writer as well, of course, as living abroad. My services are tailored to this niche. I tend to work with other expats and, as someone who attends expat and international conferences like FIGT and WIN I have done lots of research into expat issues too.   more ...


David Mundstock, Intrepid Berkeley Explorer

Posted on Friday January 06, 2012 (03:27:11)
David Mundstock

David Mundstock (username "IntrepBerkExplorer") is a regular contributor to the Expat Focus forums where he keeps us up to date with his latest adventures around the world. In this interview we get to know David a little better and discover what inspired him not only to travel but also to document his experiences for others.

Expat Focus: David, can you tell us something about your background?

My parents were both born in Europe, so I grew up knowing there was much more to the world than San Francisco.

Expat Focus: What was the inspiration which led you to travel the world and share your experiences with others?

Cinerama movies from the 1950s are my earliest memories of seeing wonderful places that I hoped to visit some day. Other movies filmed on location provided similar incentives in later decades.   more ...


Andrea Martins,

Posted on Friday January 06, 2012 (02:06:21)
Andrea Martins

Expat Focus: Andrea, can you tell us a bit about your background and what prompted you to start

Andrea Martins: I started working on with my American friend Jill Lengré when we were both living in Mexico City three years ago. Jill and I had a combined 20 years of experience abroad and saw a real need for an online community that aimed to connect and inspire expat women on a global scale. One year later, we launched – a motivational community that shares expat women success stories, entrepreneurial ideas, expat confessions, blogs, real-life stories, interviews, articles and much more.

Prior to, I was on the trailing spouse circuit. I scored some work with multinationals and the Australian Embassy in Indonesia and then played mum for four years in Mexico. Before going abroad, I worked in strategic human resources, workplace diversity and project coordination – nothing to do with the internet.   more ...

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Cigna Global

Cigna has worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years. Today, Cigna has over 71 million customer relationships around the world. Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists worldwide, meaning you have easy access to treatment.