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Brazil > Expat Experiences

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Shawn Muller, Formiga (Minas Gerais)

Published Monday October 28, 2013 (13:27:22)
Shawn Muller
Who are you?

My name is Shawn Muller and I am 37 years old, I am originally from Port St. Lucie, Florida. I went on a working holiday to the United Kingdom in 2001, where I met my Brazilian partner. And ever since then I lived between these three countries. I relocated for the third time to Brazil in January 2012. I am currently living in the state Minas Gerais, I spent roughly three days of a week in a small town Formiga (The Sweet Ant Town) and the rest of the week I spend my time at a small holding next to the banks of Furnas Lake about 30 km from town. I work as a freelance art worker and teach English on those days in town.    more ...


Sharon F, Brasilia

Published Tuesday August 20, 2013 (03:51:28)
Moving Day
Who are you?

My name is Sharon F. and my family and I currently live in the metro DC area, but originally we are from Miami, Florida. I honestly thought living and growing up in Miami, a diverse multicultural city prepared me for what it would be like to live overseas. Boy was I wrong. Perhaps if it was just my hubby and I, maybe then we would have been prepared… but when we moved to Brazil my son was only 5 and my daughter was not even 3 years old. That said, it was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

My husband is a United States Federal Law Enforcement officer who speaks Spanish and Portuguese besides English. Because of his language skills, he was being sent overseas to Brazil a lot to work.    more ...


Rachel Loerch, Rio de Janeiro

Published Monday November 28, 2011 (08:22:11)
Rachel Loerch
I’m a border-hopper, only the other way. I have fled my boring middle class life in the states for… middle class life in Brazil. Hey, at least it’s in a different language. That makes it slightly more exciting, or frustrating. Depends on how you look at things. And I have a tendency of looking at things in a sarcastically positive light.

I have a very traditional boy meets girl story, except on fast forward. I met my Brazilian husband while in Spain for a month. He was there finishing off a year at photography school. We met, went back to our respective countries, and then he came up to the US to get me. After a couple of years of hoping around between countries, we settled on Brazil. A big part of that was that I got pregnant with our first child and he was offered, coincidently, a job in Rio de Janeiro 2 weeks after we found out. No brainer, we missed Brazil, they have public healthcare (I had no healthcare at the time), and he had a job there. Not to mention we missed it, the beaches, and many other things.    more ...


Brynn Barineau, Rio de Janeiro

Published Monday November 28, 2011 (08:17:58)
Brynn Barineau
Some will say I'm a bold adventurer, others a certifiable lunatic. Possibly a hopeless romantic or a masochist. Officially, I'm an American from a southern, suburban town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I became an expat four years ago when I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm a teacher and writer. I keep a blog called Coconut Water about living as an accidental American expat in Brazil.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

In 2005 while in grad school in Washington DC, I worked for a Fulbright program that brought legal professionals from around the world to DC for a year of networking.    more ...


Jim and Luiz, Niterói

Published Monday November 28, 2011 (08:12:48)
My name is Jim. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, but after college I moved to San Francisco, California where I lived for 24 years, prior to moving to Brazil. While in San Francisco I was the Executive Director of various non-profit organizations over the years and most recently the Director of the San Francisco office of the American Cancer Society. Long hours, lots of fundraising.

I have been with my partner Luiz for nearly 12 years. Luiz was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lived in the US for 23 years, working as a fine dining waiter, before our return to Brazil in 2008. We met in San Francisco.    more ...

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