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Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


Rebecca Richardson, Sofia

Posted by: Carole on Friday December 12, 2014 (00:36:02)   (4250 Reads)
Rebecca Richardson, Sofia
Who are you?

Hello, my name is Rebecca Richardson and I’m a sales and marketing professional from the UK. Before moving to Bulgaria I have worked in Dubai, UAE and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I love to travel and feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to combine my love of travel with my career.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I first moved abroad in 2008. I always knew I wanted to work abroad and at the time I was in love with Dubai so I decided to move there and start a new life. After spending two years in Dubai I returned to London for two years but once again I wanted to try something new and was then offered a position in the Dominican Republic.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


Joanna Newman, Veliko Turnovo

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday November 18, 2014 (23:06:02)   (5380 Reads)
Joanna Newman
Hi I am Joanna Newman. I was a wife, as well as a mother & nana, when I moved here but I am now single. Not sure who I am right now as I am re-evaluating this very question. I am though the face behind "The Secret Garden Tea Room" which raise money for charities in Bulgaria.

I have lived permanently in the Veliko Turnovo area of Bulgaria for 6 years after owning property here for 3 years previously.

I moved here with my husband after we fell in love with the country & the simplicity of life here.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


Eric Helms, Bratsigovo

Posted by: Carole on Sunday August 18, 2013 (22:09:42)   (36809 Reads)
Eric Helms
Who are you?

My name is Eric Helms and I am an American human rights professional working in the fields of Roma rights and human trafficking prevention. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and still consider it my home despite my endlessly itinerant lifestyle.

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Business and a master’s degree in International Human Rights from the University of Denver. Since 2006, I have spent a majority of my time living and working in the non-governmental field in Central and Eastern Europe, primarily in Bulgaria and Budapest, Hungary.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


Darrin Best, Albena

Posted by: Carole on Thursday February 09, 2012 (23:07:52)   (3333 Reads)
Darrin Best
My name is Darrin Best and I am based near the Albena resort and Balchik town, in Bulgaria, about 35km from Varna airport. I moved in 2004.I just wanted to do something different and adventurous, something new.

I faced many challenges during the move. Not only the language and the alphabet, which is in Cyrillic, but also people are very Slavonic and even 'yes' and 'no' are basically reverse nods to the west. Bulgarian bureaucracy was, and is, a nightmare! For example when I first came here you had to register with the police and were only allowed a 30 day stay without a Visa. If you wanted to stay long term you had to get a 90 day visa and then apply for long term residence. Now all this has gone since we entered the EU in 2007, but still anything to do with the government takes time and many civil servants have a soviet mindset i.e. slow and jobsworth.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


George St Clare, Balchik

Posted by: Jamie on Monday November 28, 2011 (03:31:42)   (3057 Reads)
George St Clare
My name is George St Clare and I currently live in Balchik on the Northern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Prior to Bulgaria, I have worked in the computer field in the UK and Qatar, computers and real estate in Russia and real estate in Malta. In Bulgaria, I run three companies - GPS systems, real estate and specialised British Food.

My move to Bulgaria took place at the end of 2004 from Malta. The real estate market was not really moving there at that time and there appeared to be good opportunities in that area in Bulgaria. Malta is a small island and having driven round the whole island many times in a couple of hours, it was beginning to become a lot less interesting than it had been! I am now married to my fourth Russian/Ukranian wife whom I met in Balchik.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bulgaria


Rachel Gawith, Central Bulgaria

Posted by: Jamie on Monday November 28, 2011 (03:27:45)   (4510 Reads)
Rachel Gawith
I am Rachel, a British girl, born in North West England. Studied medical biochemistry and then did a law degree and practiced as a lawyer in a high street firm for a couple of years before getting bored with the desk job and 9 till 5. Lived on a farm most of my life until leaving the UK. Family all still in north England.

I moved to Central Bulgaria in October 2006. I had originally visited Bulgaria purely looking for investment purposes. I did put down a deposit on an apartment in the ski resort of Bansko but soon pulled out after seeing all the development and facing problems with the developers. But I traveled around Bulgaria a lot and loved the country. Myself and my partner at the time decided we needed a change of life and to leave the family farm we were trying to run due to financial and other difficulties. I had already started investing in property in Bulgaria back in 2005 and was working part time selling property in Bulgaria in partnership with a small agency there so seemed logical to move to Bulgaria. However, a couple of months before we were due to move out to Bulgaria my partner (now ex) decided not to come and so I moved out alone.   more ...