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Edward Lee, Ontario

Published Wednesday February 10, 2016 (13:55:52)
Edward Lee
Who are you?

I am currently a third year university student, living in London, Ontario studying journalism. Funny story is that I am originally from London, UK, so you could say I've been living in London my whole life. I have been in London, Ontario for about 4 years now and have most definitely enjoyed the journey and all the ups and downs (mostly ups) of being an expat living in Canada.    more ...


Sarah King, Ontario

Published Wednesday July 08, 2015 (11:25:07)
Sarah King, Ontario
The fear that has been stirred up in the British public over immigration has lead to knee jerk reactions from the government leaving families like mine in a devastating position. By treating all immigrants into the UK as potential criminals all desperate to bleed the state dry they have simultaneously closed the door to highly skilled, talented young people who would be an asset to the UK.    more ...


Holly Nelson, Hamilton (Ontario)

Published Thursday February 20, 2014 (05:41:18)
Holly Nelson
Who are you?

Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my interview with Expat Focus, it means a lot to me to be able to share my story because I love the thought of being able to provide the help and support that I so desperately needed when I was starting out! I am Holly, 30 years old, a great lover of reading, cake and knitting. I was pretty set in my ways in the year before I made this decision to move overseas, so I still find it astounding that I am here!

Where, when and why did you move abroad?    more ...


Sarah Mouton, Montreal

Published Friday September 20, 2013 (02:17:43)
Sarah Mouton
Who are you?

My name is Sarah Mouton. I’m a freelance writer living in Paris, France.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Montreal in the Province of Quebec in Canada, in 2003. After I graduated from University I wanted to experience life abroad and it was fairly easy to get a visa for Canada as a French person. I knew the country had a very favorable immigration policy in the recent years due to their diminishing demography. It took me 9 months to obtain the permanent residency permit which allowed me to stay indefinitely in Canada. I had never visited the country before but I previously travelled through the USA and I had a feeling there would be similarities.    more ...


Alison Smith, Vancouver Island

Published Saturday August 31, 2013 (20:19:38)
Alison Smith
Who are you?

My name is Alison Smith. I am a forty eight year old woman, and I’m British. I have been married for thirteen years, and we do not have children. I am a trained and qualified dental technician. I worked as a ceramist in this field for more than twenty years in the UK, in a number of different dental laboratories in the South East of England. I was born and grew up in the South of England, and used to live in quite a large city on the South Coast, and my extended family still live in and around this area.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Canada with my husband four years ago, relocating to Vancouver Island in British Columbia on the West Coast.    more ...


Judit Pinter, Toronto

Published Saturday July 20, 2013 (18:04:20)
Judit Pinter
Who are you?

My name is Judit. I am 32 years old and from Europe. At the moment I am working as an Administrative Assistant in a small company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada even though I am originally a language teacher. I have already travelled and lived in some European countries. During that time I worked as a teaching assistant and also gained experience in sales support and customer related positions in multinational companies. That was a perfect opportunity to improve my language and personal skills. I always loved challenges, changes which are involved in moving to another country. It makes me feel like an explorer not just of new countries, but myself also.    more ...


Lyn Worrell, New Brunswick

Published Monday November 28, 2011 (08:37:44)
Lyn and Richard Worrel
My name is Lyn Worrell. My husband Richard had been married before when I met him in Saudi Arabia and we got married in Jeddah at the British Consulate. I "inherited" 2 daughters and now have 5 wonderful grandchildren, ages ranging from 9 years to 18 months.

I moved to Canada in August 2004 and came with my husband as part of the "truck driver invasion" into Saskatchewan to improve the immigration figures. My husband was recruited by Siemens Transportation in Saskatoon and was sponsored through them with a temporary work permit to work in Saskatoon. We both decided that life in the UK did not hold much excitement for us and felt Canada would provide a better lifestyle for us. We got our Permanent Resident status in November 2006 and the paperwork for our Canadian Citizenship was submitted in July last year and should be completed sometime in 2011.    more ...

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