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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands > Expat Experiences

Cayman Islands


Posted by: Carole on Wednesday November 14, 2012 (22:55:38)   (2771 Reads)
I'm James, 33 years old and I'm currently living in the Caribbean with my wife and two young children.

We moved to the Cayman Islands in January 2012. Whilst we'd considered emigrating many times before, it had always felt like an unrealistic dream. An opportunity came up to apply for a position at a large law firm out here, we didn't hesitate and the rest is history!

The move was stressful, we had our own challenges with trying to sell or rent our property in the UK, with the market being so bad we were getting very little interest. We opted to rent the property in the end which meant that we unfortunately left the UK still with debt, not ideal, but we're getting there slowly.   more ...

Cayman Islands > Expat Experiences

Cayman Islands

Gordon Barlow

Posted by: Carole on Sunday April 08, 2012 (19:04:12)   (5108 Reads)
Gordon Barlow
My name is Gordon Barlow, married and with grandchildren. I left Australia in 1963, as did my wife, whom I met in Greece the following year.

Looking back, it seems I became addicted to the expat life during my second year in Bahamas, after earlier experiences in England and Canada. Gradually the realisation took over that there was more to life than going home to Australia and a pleasant-but-humdrum future as a partner in an accounting firm.

So after three years in Nassau – I a trust-officer, Linda a teacher – we spent a year as expats (yes!) in Perth, Australia, before finding jobs in New Hebrides, now called Vanuatu. Though both of us were born and raised in Australia, we discovered the truth of the old saw, “you can’t go home again”. We had far more in common with foreign expats than with compatriots who had never been away. I’m sure many other expats discover the same thing.   more ...

Cayman Islands > Expat Experiences

Cayman Islands

Daria Kawecka, Grand Cayman

Posted by: Jamie on Monday November 28, 2011 (03:43:38)   (3877 Reads)
Daria Kawecka
My name is Daria Kawecka and I am a Software Developer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I moved from Edmonton to Grand Cayman on April 11th 2011. My main reason was for the adventure.

What challenges did you face during the move?

Moving back home to rent out my condo was hard. Packing up a fairly adult life into a few boxes was very challenging.   more ...