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Harts in Panama

Early in their marraiage, Mike Hart and his wife talked of owning a place in the mountains with a spring for water and enough land to farm. Little did they dream that life would taken them to Panama and a good-size plot of land that would have bananas, oranges, lemons, mangoes, coconuts and a grove of bamboo trees, let alone volunteering opportunities to keep their souls busy.


Panama For Beginners

Panama For Beginners is a brilliantly written resource for beginners and lifetime expats alike. Sharing his hard won knowledge, Mike followed his heart to Panama and through the beautifully labelled stages of posts - vacationing, before moving and during habitation - imparts great knowledge making this blog a must read for anyone dreaming of tropical life. He also shares travel, restaurant reviews and news that expats may find useful.


Finding My Self In Panama

Finding My Self In Panama is an interesting site, because not only does its author Joel write his own posts about life there, he also reblogs other people’s posts that are relevant to expats living in or moving to the country. This makes it a great place to visit, not only to read and find helpful hints about life in Panama, but also to discover other places you should be visiting for more information. There is also a specific section dedicated to American expats, so if you’re thinking about moving to Panama from the USA, you’re not likely to find a more relevant site than this to help you on your journey!


PTY Life

If you’re looking for a site that skews toward a younger audience rather than catering to retirees, PTY Life is a great place to stop and look around. It explores all aspects of life in Panama and is maintained by Joey, an American expat who has lived there since 2011. There are personal posts about his life and experiences in Panama, but the majority of the site serves as an archive of information about local culture, lifestyle, news and events. From how to hail a cab with your smartphone to an overview of Panama’s role in the sharing economy, PTY Life covers a huge amount of ground and will prove useful for anyone who is living in the country as an expat.


The Panama Adventure

Kris and Joel are American retirees, originally hailing from Florida and now living in David, Chiriqui. Their blog details their personal experiences of expat life there, as well as providing a series of short guides which will be of use to anyone who is considering making the move. The menu along the top of the site is a useful way to navigate around; take a look at the ‘Why Panama?’ section if you’re still undecided about whether or not to move there, and it may just make up your mind for you! The guide to the cost of living in Panama, also accessible from the main menu, is very helpful and includes several months’ worth of budgetary breakdowns for those who want an in-depth look at finance management in Panama.


Chiriqui Chatter

Chiriqui Chatter is a fun blog written by Don Ray Williams, who makes a point of keeping his readers updated about everything that could possibly be of use to them as expats in Panama.

He also ensures that you’ll leave the blog with a smile on your face - the short one-liner posts are hilarious quotes and thoughts that will brighten your day. Subjects covered in depth include events and items related to Chiriqui, updates about Don’s hobbies, and thoughts on being an expat.


In Da Campo

A sometimes tongue in cheek and honest look at life as a (younger) retiree on the Azuero Peninsula in Panama. The Azuero Peninsula is located approximately four hours away from Panama City and in the driest part of the country. We live in fishing, farming and ranching community and don't have all the amenities that Panama City or large expat communities, making life sometimes challenging!


Let The Adventure Begin

Holly and Scott's blog is their way of taking you all with them on their awesome adventure!


Along The Gringo Trail

We moved our lives to Panama on Sept. 3rd, 2011 for an early retirement. Please come along with us on our crazy adventures.

Read more about Clyde and Terry's expat life in Panama.

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