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United Arab Emirates > Blogs

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United Arab Emirates

Exploring Kiwis

Sarah and Nathan moved to Abu Dhabi in 2015 from New Zealand. The aim of their blog is to ‘pay it forward’ and pass on their hard come by knowledge and information to anyone out there to whoever needs it. Their thirst for adventure is clear from their many trips inside and outside the UAE, the photos alone are simply stunning, but their itineraries and helpful tips give them plenty of extra value. Any prospective teachers will find a great deal of information here based on first hand experiences.

United Arab Emirates

Sand In My Toes

Hailing from Mumbai, Tarana has lived in Dubai since 2008 with her husband and more recently her first child. Follow her as she explores the vibrant country that she currently calls home, including the nearby city of Sharjah where she spent time as an expat child. She also focuses on her role as a first time mother, discussing growing up in a multicultural environment and other dilemmas that are specific to expat parenting.

United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi PTA

When American Gina first moved to Abu Dhabi she joined the PTA at her son's school. It turned out to be an outstanding move which landed her with a diverse new group of friends from the outset. The blog is a place where she shares her personal thoughts about, and experiences of, living in the UAE and her ‘moving to Abu Dhabi’ post will be especially useful to any prospective expat. With an easy wit she will dispel any concerns a prospective visitor or expat has about Abu Dhabi and give you the reality in which she is living.

United Arab Emirates

Sum Of Jessie’s Mind

Belgian Jessie is currently enjoying life as a first time mum in Dubai. This self-confessed Arabophile started teaching herself Arabic as a child, so maybe it is no surprise where her expat life took her. She blogs honestly and from the heart about what’s on her mind, her writing and video blogs help clear her mind and focus on what is important in life. Her happiness project may resonate with longer term expats whilst providing a healthy perspective to new ones.

United Arab Emirates

Do In Dubai

Brit Monica has lived in Dubai since 2006, after years of answering questions about life in Dubai she decided to collate all the information in one place, so in 2011 this blog was born. Honest advice and honest recommendations are what this mum of teenagers prides herself on. Schooling and study tips lie side by side with exotic travels, the hottest new eatery in town and advice on the second hand car market. An invaluable aid to travellers and expats alike.

United Arab Emirates

Arabian Notes

Scottish Lindsey moved to Abu Dhabi in 2013; this was not her first expat experience though, having moved to Dubai in 2006 and Australia in 2011. She shares her insights into what life in the UAE is all about and has a fantastic group of posts directed at newcomers containing all the tips and tricks she has picked up and on occasion learned the hard way during her time there. You will find an always open minded and honest personal account of expat life in this blog.

United Arab Emirates

My Custard Pie

Do not, I repeat, do not, approach this blog hungry! Food obsessed Brit Sally and her family have been living in Dubai since 2000. Whilst her writing is food (and drink) centred her opinions are always tempered by her expat life and experiences, looking for and creating tastes of home within her new life in the melting pot. Her stunning photography really makes this blog a delight to read and a great resource for visitors and expats in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi

Ann has shared her expat life on her blog since 2008. Expats will benefit from her tips because they come straight from her own personal experiences, even she goes back and reads her first few posts sometimes, to remind her of the new perspective she currently enjoys. You will also be introduced to other Canadians of the UAE, as well as all things Canadian and expat related and a lovely series called ‘Overheard in the newsroom’ which contains excerpts from her daily working life.

United Arab Emirates

Lady And Her Sweet Escapes

Lady and Husband Ed are Filipino expats who have been calling Dubai their second home since 2008. Being a weekend tourist and getting to see the world is what keeps this lab tech going throughout the working week. She has tested out plenty of budget friendly options for travellers and expats alike and gives you all the details in her in depth guides. Not one for cooking at home, the couple enjoy eating out and have reviewed quite a number of eateries both near and far, useful advice for any first timers in the country.

United Arab Emirates

Notes of Desert Rose Style

An expat in Dubai Rosye blogs about Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Expat living & Photography.

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