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Bulgaria > Property


Should You Buy Or Build A House In Bulgaria?

Wednesday March 05, 2014 (04:05:04)

Bulgaria is a great place to live in because it is rather centrally located on the continent, having shared borders with countries like Greece, Turkey and Romania. It is only a night train or bus ride away from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia. The country itself is a land of beauty with its scenic Black Sea coast, mountains and historic ruins and monasteries. Life here is modern and connected, with even small villages having high-speed Internet access. The cost of living is low and the property prices are among the cheapest in the world.

One of the best ways to get a sense of the Bulgarian property market is to connect with other expat buyers.   more ...

Bulgaria > Property


Where Are The Latest Expat Property Hotspots In Bulgaria?

Monday February 24, 2014 (05:31:27)

Bulgaria is increasingly becoming a popular destination for permanent living, as seen by the statistics of the British Embassy in the country, which states that there are now approximately 3000 British expats residing in Bulgaria. More than 20 percent of these have taken up permanent residence in Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo. These regions draw expats from across Europe, as well as vacationers. Bulgaria’s appeal lies in the fact that living here is relatively cheap as compared to other European countries.

Veliko Tarnovo

The region of Veliko Tarnovo in north central Bulgaria has become home to many expats because it is known to be excellent for living, working or even simply retiring.   more ...

Bulgaria > Living


Doing Business in Bulgaria (With a Chainsaw)

Monday May 13, 2013 (18:54:19)

I'd bought 8 houses in this village 80 minutes drive from city Sofia. The agent takes me to meet our new local security guy who will also be foreman of the five men who will clean up the houses & gardens. Mico. Huge, square, ugly & scary. Ex paratroop sergeant. Looks a real b*****d. Very glad I'm not working for him. I agree to pay for a large chainsaw - over 400 euros.

3 weeks later - agent collects me from my hotel in city Sofia. Really small fellow with him, wearing a massive denim jacket with the sleeves turned up. No English. Sits in the back. 'Who's this?' 'Here is Hristo. He is Bulgarian powerlift champion at his weight. 7th in world. I was his trainer' I turn round. The little guy smiles shyly, knowing we are talking about him and takes off his jacket - amazing arms like big legs.'I could not explain on phone. We have problem. Mico is drinking all day with the men. No work. But we will sort it out and get chainsaw back. You do not have to be involved.'   more ...

Bulgaria > Living


Life as an Expat in Kostenets, Bulgaria

Sunday May 12, 2013 (00:03:54)

by Gilly Lockhart

So what is the pull towards rural Bulgaria for expats? Well, there are a variety of reasons, and probably the biggest is the ability to romance with the idea of running your own business in a beautiful rural idyllic spot, miles from the clamour and din of city life. When you have been used to a routine of 9-5 with hours of travel or mixed shifts where your body is unsure it ever really functions properly then the idea of working for yourself and running your own guest house, so being able to work from home, becomes a more reachable goal and not just a distant glimmer on the horizon.

Our choice was Kostenets village, which is part of the municipality of Kostenets. About 17,000 people live in this area which comprises the following places: the town of Kostenets, the village of Kostenets, the recreational campuses of Kostenets and the Villi zone, Momin Prohod, Momina Banya and Pchelin.   more ...

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