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Egypt > Health


Maternity Care In Egypt: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

Thursday April 09, 2020 (10:59:08)

If you are planning to give birth in Egypt, then you need to decide whether to take out private health insurance, or to pay out of pocket costs for your maternity care. Although Egypt does have a national health scheme, in practice very few locals, let alone expats, use it. This is due to the lengthy waiting times, the shortage of qualified personnel, poor patient outcomes and more. As well as this, the Egyptian government is launching an overhaul of the scheme – including mother and baby programmes, in an attempt to reduce infant mortality – and it is not intended that it will continue to apply to expats. Luckily, there are some excellent Western-style private hospitals in the country, so you will have plenty of options in the private sector.   more ...

Egypt > Health


How To Register With The Health System In Egypt

Tuesday April 07, 2020 (18:11:17)

Egyptian health insurance has undergone a recent overhaul and its goal is to have fully universal coverage for all citizens by the 2030s. However, unfortunately, this is not currently intended to apply to expat residents. Egypt technically offers universal health coverage now, but, in practice, most citizens, including expats, choose to pay out-of-pocket, or to take out private cover.   more ...

Egypt > Health


How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Egypt

Friday April 03, 2020 (08:40:56)

If you wish to take out health insurance in Egypt, then realistically you will be restricted to private cover. Although public health insurance is currently available, assuming that you are paying contributions into the national scheme, the Egyptian government is at present overhauling the healthcare and health insurance system. They plan to make it a universal, single payer scheme, which provides more extensive coverage to Egyptian citizens. Expats are not expected to be eligible for it. Read on for information about how best to maximise your cover and make sure it is cost effective.   more ...

Egypt > Health


How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Egypt

Wednesday April 01, 2020 (13:45:50)

You will have plenty of opportunities to keep fit and healthy in Egypt, whether you are living and working there or just visiting as a tourist. The coastal Red Sea resorts, such as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, offer a wide range of activities, including water sports, such as snorkelling, swimming (with or without dolphins), windsurfing and kiteboarding.   more ...

Egypt > Health


How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Egypt?

Tuesday March 31, 2020 (14:14:15)

The cost of your healthcare in Egypt will depend on whether you are registered with the national health insurance scheme or have private cover. Although Egypt is supposed to have universal health insurance, in practice most people do not use it. This is due to the limitations of the current system, such as lengthy waiting times, substandard infrastructure, and a lack of medical personnel. It is estimated that less than 10% of the Egyptian population access public healthcare.   more ...

Egypt > Health


Dental And Ophthalmic Care In Egypt: How To Find The Right Options For You

Friday March 27, 2020 (11:40:07)

Egypt is currently in the process of modernising its public healthcare system, to implement a truly universal level of health coverage by the end of the decade. However, it is not clear yet how far this will extend into non-emergency dental and ophthalmic treatment, and it’s currently not intended to apply to foreign workers.

As an expat resident in the country, therefore, you have a limited number of choices. You could take out a private health insurance policy that includes dental cover, you could pay out of pocket for your dental treatment in a private clinic, or you could do a combination of the two.   more ...

Egypt > Moving


How To Apply For A Visa In Egypt

Wednesday March 11, 2020 (13:29:56)

For nationals from the United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU) and United States (US), it is a straightforward process to apply for tourist and business visas in Egypt. Indeed, tourists from these regions travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba, for no longer than 15 days, do not require a visa at all – this is due to an entry stamp that will be provided on arrival. However, if you wish to travel outside of these areas, you must obtain a tourist visa. If you are within these areas without a visa and your plans change, resulting in you needing to leave the region, you can usually buy a visa at Sharm el Sheikh airport.   more ...

Egypt > Working


How To Find A Job In Egypt

Monday January 27, 2020 (18:59:18)

Despite a degree of political unrest, Egypt might be an easier choice of destination for employment than one might think: the country has, after all, been a multicultural hub for centuries and there are currently many expats working in the region. The application process for obtaining a work permit is is complex and can take a long time (some expats report waiting up to a year for their permit), but it is not impossible. If you already work for a company which has offices in Egypt, you may also consider applying for a secondment.   more ...

Egypt > Living


Driving In Egypt? Here's What You Need To Know

Thursday October 25, 2018 (10:30:54)

Every country has its own way of doing things. The Brits love to queue, while other countries prefer to elbow their way to the front of a gaggle. Americans see tipping in a restaurant as mandatory, while in Japan it’s an insult to leave a few notes for the waiter.   more ...

Egypt > Property


Renting An Apartment In Cairo: What Expats Need To Know

Thursday August 16, 2018 (08:28:22)

Almost all expats heading to Egypt will find themselves based in Cairo. For thousands of years, the city of a thousand minarets has been the bustling hub of business and government in the country.   more ...

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