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France > Articles


Etiquette Faux Pas In France: How Not To Act

Friday April 24, 2015 (03:11:04)

France is a land of great cultural diversity. The heart of the country, the city of Paris, is a perfect reflection of this with its mix of people and ideas. But like every other country in the world, there are some inherent cultural customs that are practised by the locals. These social practices date back many years and foreigners may not always be aware of them. Expats will find that social etiquette and formalities are more emphasized in the north of the country, especially in Paris. They are more relaxed as you travel to the south of France. Here are some common etiquette faux pas that may occur in France and some tips on how to avoid them.   more ...

France > Articles


Shopping For The First Time In France? Here's What You Need To Know

Saturday January 17, 2015 (05:00:16)

France is among the top shopping destinations in the world. There are shops and stores to suit every shopper’s needs, and you can find everything here, from wines and cheese to high-end fashion. France also has its own traditional handicrafts, which are still produced in many villages. Products like handmade pottery and glass make great souvenirs and gifts. Expats who are just settling into life in France also need to know where to buy essential goods like groceries and household items. Here’s our guide to shopping in France.

Shops and supermarkets

Several small shops and supermarkets with a variety of everyday goods and foods can be found in every town and city center. International foods from other countries can also be found at many of them.   more ...

France > Articles


Expat Family Friendly Things To Do In Paris

Thursday December 04, 2014 (03:32:26)

We all know of Paris as the city of love and romance, and many of us are also well aware of its more raunchy side, with cabaret shows, an erotic museum, and a sex supermarket! But there’s a lot more to Paris than that. Paris truly is a city with something for everyone, and whether you’re a teenager with raging hormones, a geriatric who just wants some peace and tranquility, or a toddler looking for the myriad activities that kids can find fun, you can be sure it’s waiting to be found in Paris!   more ...

France > Articles


Useful Job Hunting Tips For Expats Moving To France

Monday October 06, 2014 (02:21:36)

A large number of foreigners move to France for work. Some may relocate on a job transfer, while others may relocate after securing employment. There are also those who hope to find a suitable job once they arrive in the country. If you’re among the latter, here are some job-hunting tips that may come in handy.

Learn the language

Learning French can open many doors for job seekers. Although there are some companies who hire employees regardless of their knowledge of French, others may insist on fluency.   more ...

France > Articles


10 Websites Expats Need To Visit Before Moving To Paris

Wednesday August 27, 2014 (21:34:53)

France is popular with expats due to its favorable climate, rich food and culture and relaxed lifestyle. The capital city of Paris is an exciting blend of all these things and more. It is home to people of different nationalities, making it a truly international city. There’s a lot to do in Paris, from visiting one of the many sophisticated restaurants and bars in Montmartre to spending a more casual evening with friends in the more affordable quarter of the 18th arrondissement. The city’s public transport system is timely and convenient, and although the cost of living may be higher, jobs in Paris are known to pay well. For those already sold on the idea of moving to Paris, there’s a ton of preparations to be done. To help you along the way, here’s a list of 10 websites that serve as useful and interesting resources for those moving to the City of Light.   more ...

France > Articles


Cost Of Living Facts For Expats Moving To France

Saturday August 23, 2014 (16:59:58)

France is one of the most popular expat and tourist destinations in the world because of its rich culture, high standard of living, modern infrastructure and unique cuisine. However, compared to many other countries in Europe, the cost of living in France is considerably higher. One exception is the UK, which is more expensive than France. Comparatively, the cost of living in certain cities of the US may also be a bit higher than France.

Given below are some of the common expenses you should take into account while calculating your approximate monthly expenditure in France:   more ...

France > Articles


Cost of Living Facts For Expats Moving To Paris

Wednesday August 06, 2014 (00:15:16)

France has emerged as the number one destination for tourists as well as expats from around the world. Individuals of all ages & nationalities are relocating to this country because of its rich heritage, beauty, culture, living standards, education, nightlife, entertainment and cuisine. While the retired expats are more likely to settle down in rural France, the younger people prefer the major cities like Paris. However living in Paris could increase your monthly expenses to some extent. That said, you can definitely count on the city’s robust and thriving economy.

Food & Beverage

Everyday groceries are slightly more expensive in Paris as compared to the UK and US.   more ...

France > Articles


5 Places you Might Want To Move To In France But Have Probably Never Heard Of

Monday July 21, 2014 (02:13:09)

Living in France is probably like a dream come true for many Expats because of the quality and pace of life. This country is the number one destination for expats of all nationalities and ages.

There are several places in France that expats from the US and UK would like to move to, such as Paris, Marseille, Nice and Lyon. However, many parts of this country are still unexplored by foreigners. Here is a list of 5 places in France that you may love moving to, but have probably never heard of.

La Gacilly in Brittany

The French village of La Gacilly has a population of less than 2,500 people. The small commune hugs the banks of Brittany’s Aff River. The cosmetic company Yves Rocher is based in La Gacilly.   more ...

France > Articles


Dealing With Landlords In Paris - What Expats Need To Know Before Renting

Monday June 02, 2014 (13:35:05)

There are many stories floating around about expats who move to Paris, search high and low for an apartment and then get caught in tons of paperwork. There’s also the matter of less than honest landlords who can make finding your dream apartment a distant dream. Although the home rental market in Paris is a difficult place, especially for expats, there are some things you can do to simplify the process.

Most of the population in Paris lives in apartments, which are available in a variety of price categories. Location plays a key role, and depending on the locality, you may have to pay a few hundred euros or a few thousand. Other important criteria are size of the apartment and amenities. It’s a good idea to be certain of your requirements before you move to the city. Houses are much too expensive to buy or rent.   more ...

France > Articles


Why Moving To France Will (Probably) Make You Healthier

Tuesday May 20, 2014 (17:30:05)

The French paradox, formulated by French epidemiologists, is the observation that despite the high intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, the French population still displays a low incidence of coronary heart disease. This could mean either of two things; one, that the link between saturated fats to coronary heart disease is not entirely valid, and two, that there is some other factor in the French diet or lifestyle that diminishes the risk. Here are some of the reasons why the latter might be true.

Good food equals wholesome food

The French are known to consume liberal amounts of caffeine and alcohol and many are even smokers.   more ...