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Expat Experiences > Croatia


Anastasia Kingsley, Dalmatia

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday May 10, 2016 (06:16:24)   (810 Reads)
Anastasia Kingsley
Who are you?

I'm Anastasia Kingsley, born, raised and educated in the USA (California to be exact). My dad was a first generation American, of Croatian heritage, though he never set foot in his homeland. His parents were immigrants and his way of life, all his life, was definitely European. My mom is of French heritage, but much more Americanized. I didn't speak Croatian or any other language besides English when I came to live here.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Croatia


Nat Newman, Croatia

Posted by: scar on Thursday July 16, 2015 (08:18:22)   (779 Reads)
Nat Newman
Who are you?

I'm Nat Newman, an Australian writer living in Zagreb.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved from Australia to Croatia two years ago in March of 2013. That's the easy part. The hard part is why. I suppose I'm not your average expat. I didn't move for my career or for love. I'd been living in Sydney for a few years, with a good job and a good group of friends.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Croatia


Diane Huebner, Rijeka

Posted by: Carole on Friday November 08, 2013 (21:27:47)   (5692 Reads)
Diane Huebner
Who are you?

I am an American who has been living in the Balkans for 6+ years now (after this long, you stop counting). To the surprise of many, I do NOT have roots from this area. I am pretty much as American as you can get without being a Native American – meaning my ancestors came over to the “New World” well over 100 years ago.

When people ask me where I am from, I am not really sure what to say. My family moved around a lot in New York State (i.e. not the city) and then to Ohio. When I was 16, I finished high school a year early and moved to Philadelphia on my own. I eventually went to college there as well and have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Sculpture.   more ...