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Germany > Working


Working Expectations for Expats in Germany

Monday April 08, 2013 (18:04:06)
Offices in Frankfurt
The words "German work ethic" are world-famous for a reason. Since the time of the nation's Wirtschaftswunder ['economic miracle'] in the 1950’s, Germany has projected the image of a nation that can rise from total devastation to exceptional prosperity merely through the unflagging determination of her citizenry. Though accomplishment also comes with an asterisk next to it that historians will already be aware of - namely, that this happened in what was then still the West of an ideologically partitioned Germany - it is still impressive. This, along with the still-strong reputation of German craftsmanship embedded in brands like Zeiss and Porsche, will give prospective workers in Germany fair warning as to the high standards and unequivocal results that employers expect.   more ...

Germany > Living


Bach, Building and the Berlin Wall – about Germany and Living There

Tuesday June 12, 2012 (02:29:06)

by Rachel Fuecks

Germany is a good place to invest in property.

House prices here in Germany have been stable for a long time and are beginning to rise, unlike the situation in the UK. I only discovered this some time after I had bought, demolished and rebuilt a small house in a place no-one in Britain has ever heard of. That was in 2004. I can now say definitely that it was the best and most exciting thing I have ever done, and I haven't exactly led a sheltered life. Hence my website, a dokuwiki, to which I am constantly adding, with the intention of introducing maybe a few English-speakers to something they might want to explore. If anyone would like to contact me there is an email address on the first page of my website.   more ...

Germany > Moving


Moving to Germany (Deliver Me From Insanity!)

Tuesday June 12, 2012 (02:24:08)

by Katie Toppel

The night before our container was scheduled to arrive, we saw the enormous truck parked outside our apartment building. With an early arrival, it was obviously ready for our 8:00 am appointment the following morning. Maybe it was due to that glimpse of our container or the thoughts of my clothes and shoes dancing in my head, but that night felt like Christmas Eve. I could barely sleep anticipating the unpacking and rediscovery of all our stuff!

Bright and early the next morning, we heard the bell announcing the arrival of our lovely team of deliverymen, who would spend hours with us unloading all of our precious belongings that spent the last 6 weeks floating to Germany. The man who initially rang the bell didn't speak much English, but repeated "container" over and over just to make sure we understood his purpose and presence at our door on that particular morning. I went off to work because I figured it would be okay to put in my whopping three hours while my husband remained at the apartment, but I only got to 10:15 before his text saying, "Can you come home?!"   more ...

Germany > Health


Expats Alone at Home in Germany

Tuesday June 12, 2012 (01:52:35)

by Hilly van Swol-Ulbrich

A hot and sultry summer’s day in Frankfurt, Germany.

“Oh”… says Dewi,“I am amused, while at home in India, we set our air-conditioning to cool down to 27 degrees”…and chuckled… “This is what you call summer, and say it is so hot!”

We smiled as we crossed the street on the way to the canteen. For my eyes the buffet offered a great choice - for the eyes of an Indian, with specific religious dietary restrictions - I could see that she would soon grow tired of the canteen.

“So, how have your first weeks been”? And we talk about the difference in the workplace, what to observe in daily life, the do’s and the taboos. Dewi also asked about relevant places for shopping and favourite places to go and maybe visit.   more ...

Germany > Living


How I Fell in Love With a German City

Monday June 11, 2012 (20:38:57)

by Martha Andrus

I fell in love, at first sight, with a beautiful, quaint city called Rothenbach O.T. Upon entering the city from the freeway, it looks much like any other European town. Narrow, cobblestone streets dotted with churches and homes. But as you drive further into the city, you see a huge concrete wall, much like a fortress. Parking is outside of this wall and, as you walk inside, you feel as if you have stepped back in time. The first thing you see is the brick streets which are only used for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and an occasional taxi. Also, you will see buggies being pulled by two horses.

The buildings are so very old but they have been renovated and painted in beautiful, light colors of peach and yellow, beige and white and all with tiled roofs. There are apartments above the retail stores, with hotels and restaurants making up the majority of this city. Flower boxes are a must and are seen on every window of most every building full of bright, blooming plants.   more ...

Germany > Living


Architecture, Driving and Markets in Germany

Monday June 11, 2012 (20:36:37)

by Martha Andrus

The Netherlands is bordered by Germany, so it is not uncommon to find many Dutch roaming the rolling hills of Germany. Germany also has Wal Marts which Holland does not have, so you will find many American expats seeking to find the Wal Marts and exploring the history of Germany. Also, most things tend to be a little cheaper in Germany than in Holland.

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed Germany. It may be because it reminds me, somewhat, of the U.S. in its landscape and freeways. Germany is a much larger country than Holland, so there are more open spaces between towns and cities. The architecture is somewhat the same, with every small town being recognized by their tall church tower.   more ...

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