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India > Health


How Does Cancer Care In India Compare With The USA?

Tuesday March 31, 2020 (16:06:44)

The quality of cancer care you are offered in India will depend on whether you are seeking treatment in the public or the private sector. Overall, cancer care in the USA is of a higher quality than oncological care in India, although expats should note that cancer treatment in some private clinics in India is specialised, undertaken by highly qualified personnel, and of a very high quality.   more ...

India > Health


How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In India?

Tuesday March 31, 2020 (15:08:44)

India is fast becoming a major centre for medical tourism, due to the excellent standard of some clinics, for treatments such as dental implants, LASIK eye surgery and cosmetic surgery. Costs tend to be highly competitive in comparison to those in Western nations. Traditional forms of medicine are on offer, as well as allopathic treatments. We will look at some costs below.   more ...

India > Health


Dental And Ophthalmic Care In India: How To Find The Right Options For You

Friday March 27, 2020 (11:58:07)

If you are a resident in India, then even if you are covered by one of the country’s national insurance schemes, you will find that your options for both dental and ophthalmic treatment are very limited. Most expats in the country either rely on private health insurance, or pay out of pocket. However, India is a destination for medical tourism, including dental and optical treatment, as there are some excellent clinics available in the private sector.   more ...

India > Health


Complementary Therapies In India And How To Access Them

Thursday March 26, 2020 (10:57:43)

If you are going to India, whether to live or for a visit, you may wish to take advantage of the country’s ancient and established range of complementary therapies. India is home to many forms of alternative medicine and health practice, including:

• Ayurveda
• Yoga
• Unani
• Siddha
• Homeopathy
• Herbalism   more ...

India > Moving


How To Apply For A Visa In India

Thursday March 12, 2020 (13:12:50)

If you are planning to visit India, whether as a tourist or as a potential expat, you will need to apply for a visa. Read on to learn more about the application process. Although the bureaucracy can be complex, it is not impossible to navigate.   more ...

India > Working


How To Find A Job In India

Monday February 03, 2020 (12:02:23)

India is a fascinating but challenging country in which to find work and your success in doing so as an expat will very much depend on the sector in which you specialize. People working in engineering, education, medicine, technical industries, accounting and legal work are likely to have the highest chance of success and to be granted a work visa. If you already work for an international company which has a branch in India, and would like to be transferred, this is also a possible option.   more ...

India > Working


What Jobs Are Available For Expats In India?

Monday August 19, 2019 (17:51:04)

Everyone who enters India must arrive using the correct visa for the purpose of their visit and their intended length of stay. Migrants are allowed to work in India, but only if they have an employment visa (known as the E visa).   more ...

India > Living


Moving to India? Here Are Ten Street Foods You Should Try

Monday April 17, 2017 (13:21:48)
(c) Fancy Crave on Unsplash
The street food of India is internationally famous. You can get a little taste of its flavours in marketplaces from the UK to South Africa. Increasingly, you don't even have to find a street vendor to try it, with indoor street food restaurants popping up everywhere.   more ...

India > Links


India - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Tuesday April 04, 2017 (12:27:49)
(c) robphoto on Flickr
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at India and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

India > Financial


What The New Money Laws In India Mean For Expats

Monday March 20, 2017 (14:43:04)
(c) PDPics on Pixabay
When the Indian government decided to ban 500 (£6/$7) and 1,000 (£12/$15) rupee notes as part of their anti-corruption drive, the move not only shocked India, but also expats living there as well.

In their place are new 500 and 2,000 rupee notes, which have new security features and the government says a new 1,000 rupee note, the most popular note in the country, will be redesigned and reintroduced at some point in the future.   more ...

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