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Italy > Articles


Tips For Staying Healthy In Italy: A Guide To Food And Fitness

Posted on Friday April 24, 2015 (03:04:21)

There are many reasons why the Italians stay so healthy. There isn't a culture of abstaining from various foods here, but still most of them remain fit and also happy. There’s the famous Mediterranean diet full of the goodness of olive oil and fresh local produce, and also the fact that mealtimes in Italy are more like events where the focus is on savoring food as well as enjoying the company of family and friends. So it can be said that the secret to the Italians' health and wellbeing is their wholesome approach towards food and the healthy food choices they make quite naturally on a day-to-day basis. The good news is that you can do it too. Here are some food and fitness tips that will help you do as the Italians do, and make your stay in Italy a healthy one.   more ...

Italy > Articles


Italy - Five Recommended Expat Blogs

Posted on Friday April 17, 2015 (19:43:51)

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Italy and some of the bloggers who write about living there.

Surviving in Italy

A hilarious and irreverent expat blog by M.E. Evans, who grew up in Utah before making the move to Italy. The blog covers all aspects of expat life and is refreshingly honest in its refusal to pretend that everything is always perfect. There are posts about cultural differences, about how to travel around Italy like a pro, and about how being an expat influences the big decisions in life, like when – and whether – to have children.   more ...

Italy > Articles


5 Experiences You Must Try As An Expat In Italy

Posted on Friday March 13, 2015 (03:23:33)

Moving to Italy is the stuff that dreams are made of, and Italy has long been a bewitching destination for tourists and expats alike. While living in Italy may not always live up to your expectations, there’s no denying that the country and its attractions will wildly surpass all expectations. There is just so much to see and do in Italy that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Italy has been the home to some of the greatest artists and scientists who have redefined the world and our perceptions of beauty, art and science. The country is not surprisingly home to a great concentration of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Italy has a wealth of historical and cultural sites, museums, theatres, art galleries, carnivals and fashion and shopping centers.   more ...

Italy > Articles


Recommended Reading For Expats Moving To Italy

Posted on Friday February 06, 2015 (05:12:17)

Italy is the land of good food, great wine and vibrant people. There are many other reasons why this country attracts so many expats. There are lucrative job opportunities for overseas professionals. Retirees find Italy a good place to settle down because the weather is pleasant. The rural areas are quaint and rich in tradition and the cities are modern, while still retaining an old-world charm. If you’re among the many about to relocate to Italy and live la dolce vita, here is some essential reading for you.

Move To Italy!
Author, L.J. Stone, has written this book hoping to inspire and support those who want to fulfill their own dreams of moving to Italy. Having been through the journey himself, he writes from experience.   more ...

Italy > Articles


A Short Expat Guide to Buying a House In Italy

Posted on Sunday January 11, 2015 (05:08:27)

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for expats. Its sun soaked Mediterranean beaches, picturesque countryside, rugged mountainous terrain and world class cities make it irresistible to most expats, whether they are considering a short stay or a long-term relocation. In Italy, buying property is often a more prudent option as compared to renting. This may seem strange, but rent in cities like Rome and Milan can be extremely high and most expats will find that renting even a small one bedroom apartment can burn a hole in their pockets. Italy’s housing market is on par with the rest of Europe and with the introduction of the IMU tax in 2012, it certainly is a buyer’s market.   more ...

Italy > Articles


10 Websites Expats Need To Visit Before Moving To Italy

Posted on Tuesday November 25, 2014 (05:12:20)

Italy is a country with many treasures. A rich artistic tradition, spectacular natural landscapes, a fashion-forward society and delectable gastronomy – all of these give the country a unique character. Expats are also drawn to Italy because of lucrative employment opportunities and a high quality lifestyle. For those relocating to Italy, here are 10 helpful websites.

The Informer www.informer.it

This site aims ease the transition phase of expats in Italy by helping them resolve commonly-faced problems such as navigating the Italian bureaucracy.   more ...

Italy > Articles


5 Places You Might Want To move To In Italy But Have Probably Never Heard Of

Posted on Saturday August 23, 2014 (17:39:37)

The shrinking local workforce in Italy has been attracting several foreign immigrants for the last decade or so. Many retired American and British citizens have also moved to this country to enjoy its relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. More than 350,000 expats are reported to move to Italy every year, from all across the globe. The larger expat communities are usually found in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Ancona. The cost of living in these regions is on the higher side, because they also attract a large number of tourists.

If you are planning to settle down in Italy for a few years, these are some places you might like living in but have probably not heard of:   more ...

Italy > Articles


5 Great Golf Courses For Expats In Italy

Posted on Thursday July 03, 2014 (02:52:40)

Although the history of golf in Italy goes back over a century, its beginnings in the region can be traced to Florence, which was an English colony at the time. Till today, the game has never truly taken hold in Italy. Approximately 125 years since the foundation of the first golf club, the country has only around 250 golf courses. In spite of this, Italy has somehow managed to offer some truly magnificent golf courses, whether you want to consider the architecture of the course or the beauty of the landscape. Here are five Italian golf courses that you must visit while you live there.

The Biella Golf Club
The Biella Golf Club, known otherwise as Le Betulle (The Birches), is located near the foot of the Alps, between Turin and the Aosta Valley.   more ...

Italy > Articles


Where Do Expats Choose To Live In Italy? An Overview Of Popular Locations

Posted on Saturday June 28, 2014 (12:09:18)

Italy is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery and the entire country has something to offer. The northern region is more developed and hence has better work opportunities. Many expats prefer to settle in central Italy where infrastructure is good. The South of Italy is a great place to unwind with its fresh air, pleasant weather and open spaces. If you’re not relocating as part of a company transfer, it may be confusing to decide where in Italy to settle down. The country after all expands over 300,000 square kilometers and is packed with cultural diversity. Here are some of the Italian destinations that are popular among expats.

The capital city of Rome is the political, economic and diplomatic center of the country.   more ...

Italy > Articles


A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Italy

Posted on Wednesday April 30, 2014 (13:38:21)

Italian cuisine is laden with rich regional variations and almost every town and village has their own specialties. The north of Italy displays a greater influence of French and Austrian cuisine with emphasis on richer and creamier meat and rice dishes.

The south features lighter fare dominated by ingredients like fish, tomatoes and olive oil. To get you better acquainted with the intricacies of the country’s cuisine, here is a short guide to food and drink for expats in Italy.


The terms ristorante and trattoria are often used to describe eateries in Italy. A ristorante usually refers to a more upmarket eatery, while a trattoria is more affordable and serves up home-style cooking.   more ...