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Malaysia > Living


Top Expat Neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur

Saturday July 20, 2013 (21:15:22)

As the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a major attraction for white-collar, Western expats throughout the years. Much like Singapore, expats from the United States and Britain are attracted to Kuala Lumpur due to its rising quality of education and health care, as well as its improving infrastructure. Unlike Singapore, however, Kuala Lumpur offers expats a cost-effective place to say while sustaining a high standard of living. There are many diverse areas throughout Kuala Lumpur in which to reside, but expats clearly seem to favor certain neighborhoods over others. Although the increasing expat population has driven up property values slightly, there are still many affordable options available to those looking to relocate to Kuala Lumpur.   more ...

Malaysia > Working


Sarawak and Sabah: Opportunities for Expat Professionals in East Malaysia

Saturday July 20, 2013 (00:15:08)

Sarawak and Sabah comprise what is known as East Malaysia, or Malaysian Borneo. In contrast to the major industrial and commercial centers of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling, the island territory is comprised of mostly lowland rain forests and is home to just about a fifth of the total Malaysian population. Many expats that choose to relocate to Malaysia for its low cost, but high standard of living settle in popular neighborhoods around Kuala Lumpur. However, this is not to say that there are not opportunities for expats on this island. Although travel can clearly be problematic, there are limited opportunities for expats that want to settle in East Malaysia.   more ...

Malaysia > Living


Living in Southern Malaysia - Working in Singapore

Friday May 03, 2013 (17:51:27)

When comparing the respective lifestyles of Malaysia and Singapore, most individuals - aside from proud Malays - would probably admit that Singapore is more attractive as a cosmopolitan destination.

However, the clear winner in terms of cost of living is Malaysia: among the expenses associated with Singaporean life are rental prices that are more than five times the cost of those in Malaysia, grocery prices that are 79% higher than those of Malaysia, and overall consumer good prices that are 90% more expensive.

These, and other indices, add up to a situation whereby Malaysian purchasing power is almost 15% higher than that of Singapore.   more ...

Malaysia > Living


What to Expect from the Malaysian Way of Life for an Expat Family

Friday April 26, 2013 (19:48:49)

Malaysia welcomes expats with open arms and as a result, they have flocked here to enjoy the beautiful weather, affordable living and high quality of life for families. It is said to be one of the best countries in Asia for expats.

Malaysia consists of two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (separated by the South China Sea) and boasts beautiful landscapes, from mountains to the ocean, with something on offer for everyone’s tastes and lifestyle needs. The majority of expats decide to settle in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, where various organizations are available to assist the move for expats and in helping families adjust to Malaysian life. There are also a number of expat clubs available to help families integrate with other expat families.   more ...

Malaysia > Living


Why Malaysia is One of the Best Countries for Expats

Wednesday April 17, 2013 (20:02:18)
Redang Beach, Malaysia
Expats flock to Malaysia because of the beautiful weather, the affordable living costs and the landscape. Not only is Malaysia a top choice for tourists, particularly couples on their honeymoon, but it is becoming one of the best countries in Asia for expats. The South East Asian state has a long history of immigration and its appeal lies in the how easy it is for expats to settle there and the desire for the Malaysian people to have expats settle within their country.

Malaysia consists of two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (separated by the South China Sea) and both boast beautiful landscapes, from mountains to the ocean. There is something to offer everyone. Eating at the restaurants, shopping, going to a bar, playing golf, are all within reach of everybody thanks to the low costs for leisure activities. In fact, the reasonable cost of living, in general, is one of Malaysia’s most attractive features and selling points.   more ...

Malaysia > Living


Meeting People in Malaysia: Socializing and Networking Options for Expats

Thursday March 21, 2013 (00:36:43)

Though Malaysia is internationally ranked as one of the best nations in which to do business (noted elsewhere on this site), few individuals are such committed work-a-holics as to completely cut socializing out of their lives. Even those who are successful enough in their work to afford the best of the country's amenities may still desire camaraderie and the opportunity to view life from others' perspectives, and so socialization is a topic that can't be easily ignored.

Can the English Language be Relied Upon?

As language is more often than not a prerequisite for socializing, it's worth discussing the level of English-language saturation in the country. While finding fellow English language speakers in Kuala Lampur or Penang is not at all impossible, the percentage of such speakers in Malaysia are not even close to that of nearby Singapore, where some 80% of the population is conversant or fluent in English.   more ...

Malaysia > Financial


The Cost of Living in Malaysia

Monday March 18, 2013 (17:35:47)

With an employment rate that vacillates between 95-97%, and a low poverty rate that mirrors this state of near-total employment, the outlook for Malaysian quality of life is generally very positive. The World Bank has deemed it as the #1 nation for providing access to credit, as well as fourth overall for "protecting investors," which has made it, consequently, twelfth in the world for "ease of doing business."

The nation's openness to trans-national trade, and the economic benefits that this has garnered, can hardly be questioned. Yet many will still wonder whether this translates into a high cost of living, since Malaysia is not, after all, the only booming economy in Asia or the world. Though the country is acknowledged as an "upper middle income" nation by the World Bank, the question remains as to whether this equates to getting value for one's money.   more ...

Malaysia > Moving


Going Official: Working Visas in Malaysia

Sunday March 17, 2013 (21:04:16)

As of 2012, Malaysia ranks 30th in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (with the total GDP accounting for nearly $450 billion U.S.) Both its manufacturing base and its status as the global nexus of Islam-based finance have contributed to its present-day status, while the service sector is on the rise as well. Malaysia is also a reliable exporter of natural resources from petroleum to palm oil and rubber. All of this means that doing trade in Malaysia or being employed within the country is not an anomaly for expatriates, and has not been for some time.

Under the New Economic Policy of current Prime Minister (and Finance Minister) Najib Tun Razak, the three principles of "high income, sustainability and inclusiveness" are to be the driving engines of Malaysian economic growth, with emphasis on the latter being especially useful for expatriates. Indeed, employment quotas designed to benefit ethnic Malays are seemingly being phased out in favor of an embrace of foreign investment, and a permissive attitude toward majority share-holding by foreigners.   more ...

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