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Oman > Moving


How To Apply For A Visa In Oman

Monday March 16, 2020 (18:22:43)

Oman is a popular destination for expat workers, particularly those who work in the construction and oil industries, but there are restrictions on how far overseas personnel can integrate into Omani society. For example, foreigners are not granted citizenship and cannot own property. If you are looking to visit Oman, you will need a visa. Please read on for further information.   more ...

Oman > Working


How To Find A Job In Oman

Monday February 03, 2020 (10:07:56)

Oman is a popular destination for expat workers, although this is likely to be in the construction and oil industry and there are restrictions on how far overseas personnel can integrate into Omani society: foreigners are not granted citizenship and also cannot own property. The government is currently prioritizing Omani nationals over foreign workers, but still needs expats in some sectors, so it may be worth persevering with the bureaucracy.   more ...

Oman > Financial


How To Open A Bank Account In Oman

Monday February 25, 2019 (12:54:29)

If you’re living and working in Oman, it may be worth your while to open a local bank account. Salary transfers, day-to-day living and other financial transactions are all made easier if you’ve got easily accessible banking in your host nation. Oman is an attractive place to work, given its tax-free income status; but how do you go about opening an account? How easy is it?   more ...

Oman > Moving


What Might Oman's Freezing Of Expat Visas Mean For You?

Wednesday August 29, 2018 (18:05:28)

In recent years, the Gulf states have been an oasis of expat jobs in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Oman and Yemen have transformed themselves from hostile deserts to business hotspots, drawing in the world’s top talent with generous remuneration packages.   more ...

Oman > Living


An Expat Guide To Meetups And Social Clubs In Oman

Monday January 15, 2018 (10:54:14)

The Sultanate of Oman, historically a seafaring destination, is a land of rich culture, and its oldest human settlement is known to have originated in the stone age. It is located along the Arabian Peninsula, and even though the country has undergone considerable urban development, its stunning natural landscapes and age-old traditions still prevail.   more ...

Oman > Living


Report: Expats In Oman Sending Less Money Home

Monday September 11, 2017 (08:00:17)

For years the Sultanate of Oman has been one of the top destinations of choice for expats from across the globe, primarily because of the lucrative earning potential it offers. The country has very high economic prospects thanks to its rich oil reserves. As a result, industry is booming and there is a constant demand for well‒qualified and skilled professionals from across the globe, primarily in the fields of engineering, healthcare, accounting and management.   more ...

Oman > Health


An Expat Guide To Healthcare In Oman

Friday July 28, 2017 (14:05:48)

Expat life is exciting: traveling to new locations, meeting new people, exploring diverse cultures – for most people, life really can’t get any better than that. However, even the exciting expat life is not one without a few worries. When moving to a new place, there is a lot of anxiety over your ability to adjust to your new surroundings.   more ...

Oman > Property


A Guide To Buying Property As An Expat In Oman

Thursday July 27, 2017 (13:25:45)

The Southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula is home to the most welcoming monarchy of the Gulf, the Sultanate of Oman. This country is like a gentle introduction to the Middle East, as it is one of the safest and most peaceful places in the region. Even in the current times, it has managed to stay relatively unruffled by the political and economic crises affecting other nations in the area. In spite of its modern infrastructure and new development, you will find glimpses of ancient traditions and beliefs everywhere you turn.   more ...

Oman > Moving


Will The Omanisation Drive Affect You?

Thursday May 04, 2017 (14:56:05)
(c) Giorgio Parravicini on Unsplash
Tucked away on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is the most welcoming monarchy of the Middle East. In a time where the other nations in the region are going through political, economic and civic crises, this developing oasis has managed to steer clear of all the mayhem. While it may not be as modernized as the United Arab Emirates, this country is a lot more progressive than many of its neighbors. Potential expats looking for new and unique educational, professional or entrepreneurial opportunities in the Gulf are therefore looking at Oman as the place to be.   more ...

Oman > Links


Oman - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Wednesday May 03, 2017 (13:28:07)
(c) Rettenberg on Pixabay
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Oman and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

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