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Top Ten Insider Tips About The Philippines

Tuesday September 08, 2015 (13:42:17)
Image © Shubert Ciencia on Flickr
Living in the Philippines can be a wonderful experience for expats of all ages from any part of the world. This country offers modern infrastructure and high standards of living at relatively low costs. What makes the Philippines so special though is its hospitable, friendly, optimistic and fun-loving people. Most of the tourists and expats find it quite easy to make friends and get integrated with the locals. However, adjusting to a new country and culture can take a while.   more ...

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Philippines - Recommended Blogs

Monday August 31, 2015 (14:24:25)
Image © Chris Nener on Flickr
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at the Philippines and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.

My Philippine Dreams

If you prefer to get your news and updates in video format, you’ll love My Philippine Dreams.   more ...

Philippines > Living


Here Are Five Things Expats Love About Living In The Philippines, And Five Things They Hate

Wednesday August 19, 2015 (13:19:36)
Image © Michael Peligro on Flickr
The Republic of the Philippines is one of the most popular expat destinations in Southeast Asia. An island country in the western Pacific, the Philippines has a tropical climate, an emerging economy, and an increasingly influential role in Asia and the world, all of which make it extremely attractive to people from all around the world.

We asked Bob "MindanaoBob" Martin from what he finds the most appealing about living there.   more ...

Philippines > Living


12 Things That Filipinos May Not Know About Their Country

Sunday March 11, 2012 (18:33:12)

An Alien's View by Bruce Curran, Senior Consultant Financial Adviser, writer, author, adventurer and Filipinaphile!

(i) As a child, like most children in the west, I fancied myself spinning, tossing and playing with my Yo-yo. It was not till 40 years later that I discovered this toy originates from the Philippines, with its meaning as ‘come-back’ in a local dialect. It was a tribal weapon used to strike an opponent. In the early 20th century it drifted into the western culture via the USA by Americans returning from their Colony of the Philippines.

(ii) Then I became curious about what else the Philippines have contributed to the wider world. I discovered that a certain Roberto de Rosario has the dubious recognition as the original inventor of the Karaoke machine, later highly developed by the Japanese. It is an instrument of torture for many neighbours who often tolerate the stressful tones of drunken bullfrogs who fancy themselves as brilliant crooners, but actually awaken thoughts of cutting electrical wiring or spreading a cloud of pepper in efforts to prevent further punishment to people within hearing distance of kamakazi karaoke activists!   more ...

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