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Portugal > Property


Interview with Expat Author Gabrielle Collison

Thursday April 16, 2015 (12:47:50)
Gabrielle Collison
Gabrielle, please tell us a bit about yourself.

A Londoner by birth, I later moved out to Surrey where I attended Nonsuch High School for Girls in Cheam. Being a rather free-spirited person and finding the constraints and curriculum of an all girls’ grammar school a bit too much, I left at 16 (to the probable consternation of my headmistress) and started an apprenticeship in structural engineering in London. However, after not developing much of a passion for designing oil rigs, I decided to return to academic life and studied Sports Science at university to post-graduate level.

During this time, I became a decent runner, gaining an Athletics National Championship (AAA) medal in the 3000m and various vests for road, track and cross-country. I also spent time as a part-time teacher and coach.   more ...

Portugal > Education


The Pros And Cons Of Teaching English In Portugal

Saturday April 11, 2015 (19:06:28)

Portugal has a booming tourism industry and learning English has become an important skill for many of the locals. This means that there is a growing demand for English teachers. Those who are considering English teaching jobs in Portugal will be happy to know that it is one of the best countries to live and work in because of the low cost of living and high quality of life. Portugal is also a scenic country with spectacular beaches, grand national parks, rich architecture and a vibrant culture.

There are many opportunities in Portugal for experienced and qualified teachers who are interested in teaching in private international schools. Most schools prefer teachers with a minimum of two years of relevant teaching experience. Native English speaking teachers will also be able to find suitable opportunities in public schools.   more ...

Portugal > Working


Starting A Small Business In Portugal - 5 Things You Should Know

Tuesday April 22, 2014 (12:48:50)

Foreigners and nationals can start a business in Portugal as long as they have the required work permits and minimum capital investment. But many expats do feel that the bureaucratic process can be confusing and having a trusted local to help you navigate the system is an advantage. Here are five things you should know when starting your small business in Portugal.

Business environment in Portugal

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report, Portugal figures at number 31.   more ...

Portugal > Living


5 Places You Might Want To Move To In Portugal But Have Probably Never Heard Of

Monday March 31, 2014 (22:38:29)

Portugal has many popular locations – the capital city Lisbon, the sea and sun-soaked region of Algarve and Porto, the home of the famous port wine. But there’s also a side of Portugal that still remains relatively untouched by the bustling tourism industry. These places are remote, but that’s exactly what makes them so special. Here are 5 places in Portugal you’ve probably never heard of, but might want to move to.


Monsanto in the Castelo Branco district is an ancient village perched on a mountaintop and overlooking the Portuguese countryside. It has remained unchanged for centuries and is considered to be a living museum.   more ...

Portugal > Living


Are These The Best Golf Courses For Expats In Portugal?

Tuesday February 18, 2014 (03:03:53)

Tourists and expats alike quickly fall in love with the pleasant buzz and the warm natives of Portugal. The warm climate, economical property prices and modest cost of living make it an attractive destination. A big advantage is that Portugal has a diverse and thriving expat community, which makes it easy for foreigners to adjust. Over the last few decades, Portugal has also served as a major golfing destination. There are a variety of courses to choose from, ranging from inland stadium style to sprawling countryside layouts. There are also clubs and luxury resorts located throughout the country. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking to practice your swings or a newbie who wants to explore the golfing culture in Portugal, here are some hotspots that are worth checking out:   more ...

Portugal > Property


Sarah Keogh & Paul Stubbs, P.P. Property

Sunday October 27, 2013 (21:07:27)
Paul Stubbs
Please tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

P.P.Property is owned by two British expatriates; Sarah Keogh and Paul Stubbs, they are registered estate agents in Portugal (Imobiliaria). The company is now 5 years old and is growing strongly. The company has property for sale throughout Portugal, however their primary focus is between Lisbon and Coimbra, which cover the Silver Coast and Central Portugal regions.

The main districts covered are Santarem, Leiria, Castelo Branco and Coimbra. P.P. Property have branches in Ferreira do Zezere, Ansiao and two teams of agents in Caldas do Rainha on the Silver Coast and Santarem. Central Portugal and the Silver Coast is often referred to as the ‘real Portugal’, this of course refers to the old Portugal and in many ways it is stuck in a bit of a time warp.   more ...

Portugal > Financial


Should You Switch Banks When Moving to Portugal?

Thursday September 26, 2013 (01:03:59)

Navigating the world of banking can be difficult at the best of times, but when you’re moving to a whole different country it can be almost impossible to work out what to do with your money. Keep the bank you’re currently with and hope they have enough branches to make it worthwhile? Move to a local financial institution and hope that the legal jargon in their terms & conditions doesn’t say anything too prohibitive?

The major cities of most countries in Western Europe will have at least one branch of the larger banks you’re used to: HSBC, Barclays and Bank of America all have local branches across Europe. Unfortunately, Portugal seems to be one exception to this rule. Often it can be easier to just transfer money over to an existing bank in your newly adopted home country, however there are lots of things to take into consideration if this is something you want to do. Will the bank staff speak enough English to understand your consumer needs? If not, do you speak the local language fluently enough to understand some of the more complex financial jargon that’s unique to the finance world? How often do you travel back to your country of origin? And arguably the most important factor: where are you living? If you’re in an apartment in the centre of Lisbon, you’ll probably be OK. But if you’ve just bought yourself a beautiful little place in the most scenic of rural locations, you might find it difficult to withdraw money quickly.   more ...

Portugal > Living


Is the Algarve a Good Choice for Expat Professionals?

Saturday May 18, 2013 (22:54:06)

The Algarve's name originates from the Arabic Al-Gharb, meaning "The West", though travelers from the Western world will recognize it as the southernmost portion of Portugal. When placed on the world stage, the region has plenty to be proud of. For one, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations within Europe: this is an honor it has held since at least the 1980s, and the result of a steady accrual of fame that began when tourism in Portugal shifted away from the traditional thermal spa towns.

The Algarve's tourist numbers quintupled over the period from 1950-1960, and by 1986 it was reported as "the fifth largest net earner from foreign tourism in Western Europe" (and still being advertised, ironically enough, as the "best kept secret in Europe" despite this surge in popularity). The region's geographic position makes it convenient for day trips by Spanish shoppers, whose tightening purses may keep them from going further afield on holidays, and the earlier governmental decision to rename the region "the Allgarve" pointed to its ongoing efforts to court English-speaking visitors from the UK and elsewhere. If we zoom in on a specific region of the Algarve - Vilamoura - we find Europe's largest luxury tourist complex and marina.   more ...

Portugal > Property


Interview With Gabrielle Collison, Author of Buying Property in Portugal

Friday January 06, 2012 (22:03:25)
Gabrielle Collison
Gabrielle, can you tell us something about your background and what prompted you to write "Buying Property in Portugal"?

I was born in London and attended Nonsuch High School for Girls in Cheam. Being a rather free-spirited person, and finding the constraints and curriculum of an all girls grammar school a bit too much, I left at 16 to start a job in structural engineering in London. However, I later returned to academic life and studied Sports Science at university to post-graduate level.   more ...

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