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Russia > Articles


Russian Visas: A 2018 Guide

Friday May 25, 2018 (11:25:22)

Obtaining the correct visa for a trip to Russia can be confusing, as there are many options to choose from. Our guide to the process will answer all your questions.

Who Needs A Visa

People from countries that have bilateral and multilateral agreements with Russia such as Ukraine and Belarus do not require a visa. Visa-exempt countries are listed here, although many will only allow a visit of a certain number of days before a visa is required. People from all other countries are required to apply for a visa, including citizens from the USA, UK, EU and Australia. The 2016 changes to regulations now state that citizens from Turkey also require a visa.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Russia - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Tuesday April 25, 2017 (13:55:26)

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Russia and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Russia - Recommended Blogs

Tuesday December 06, 2016 (12:58:16)
(c) goodfreephotos.com
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Russia and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Expat Family Friendly Things To Do In Moscow

Tuesday April 21, 2015 (02:59:50)

Expats moving to Moscow with their families in tow find themselves dealing with number of rather frustrating problems along with many wonderful opportunities. The harsh, long winters can be quite daunting, and transport infrastructure is seriously strained (although it does have its own attractions, such as the gorgeous murals, chandeliers, and architecture in the Moscow Metro). Expat families with children find these facets of the city particularly difficult. On the other hand, they also have plenty to savor – Moscow is one of the few places in the modern world where circuses continue to thrive, it also has plenty of parks, including a few huge, spectacular, family-friendly ones, and a range of other activities for families, including theatre, sport, and entertainment. Here are a few things you can look forward to doing with your family in Moscow, including some that aren’t dependent on the weather.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Moving To Moscow? Read Our Expat Guide To Travelling On Public Transport

Wednesday November 19, 2014 (00:18:38)

The entrance to the metro is generally just an underpass with a large “M” sign above it. The Moscow metro is quite extensive and the tickets are very cheap and can be purchased at the metro stations. Look for a ticket booth with the word ‘Kacca’ on it – you can buy multiple tickets (maximum of 60) for a number of journeys.

There is an emergency column at the centre of each metro station in case you require any assistance. The metro is very efficient and is probably your most economical option but rush hours are particularly brutal, unless you are used to taking the London tube or “the train” in NYC!   more ...

Russia > Articles


Just How Dangerous Is Life As An Expat In Moscow?

Wednesday November 12, 2014 (03:40:47)

It’s common for expats to perceive Russia as an unsafe place to live on account of its largely negative reputation in the Western media. In reality, the crime rate is quite low for such a large country and crimes against foreigners are not very common. The apartments and housing complexes are also known to have good security systems in place. However expats who are living and working in cities like Moscow should be aware that incidents of theft and other crimes do occur from time to time. The best way to guard against such incidents is to take the necessary precautions such as avoiding poorly lit streets and certain suburban areas at night, and taking care of belongings when visiting crowded areas like markets and while travelling on public transport.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Staying Safe in Moscow as an Expat

Monday March 10, 2014 (13:25:11)

Moscow is often called a city of great contrast. It has seen rapid development and has grown into a major hub for business and tourism. It also holds on to a rich past that is evident in its many ancient monasteries that stand alongside its skyscrapers. It is considered to be one of the world’s most expensive cities, yet it continues to become the home for numerous expats stationed in Russia.

Safety in Moscow has improved considerably over the years, but crime still remains an issue. There are daily reports of theft, pickpocketing, burglaries and vandalism, and in most cases the victims of such crimes are tourists, on account of the fact that the city is major tourist destination. But its also important for expats to exercise caution while living in Moscow, as it could very well keep them from getting into risky situations.   more ...

Russia > Articles


Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in Moscow

Wednesday June 05, 2013 (21:24:51)

As the title and central action of the 1980 romance film Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears attest, the Russian capital has an aura of grim determinedness to it that seems to transcend historical eras. It is decidedly not for everyone: for those whose ideal urban experience is something like the bustling neon playgrounds of Tokyo or Kowloon, life in Moscow will require some adjustment. However, for those who are not complete creatures of convenience, and who value the intangibles of urban life as much as material amenities, Moscow can provide an excellent change of pace. Certainly many of the world's highest earners seem to think so, as Forbes notes that Moscow is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world.

Moscow - layout

Moscow is laid out very much in the style of continental capitals like Berlin or Prague, i.e. it is comprised of concentric rings that decrease in functional importance the further they are removed from the urban core. Those residences closer to the core tend to be the more prestigious ones, yet similarity to the layout of American cities differs in that the immediate suburban regions are not particularly affluent.   more ...