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South Africa > Financial

South Africa

How To Open A Bank Account In South Africa

Wednesday July 08, 2020 (15:03:11)

South Africa's banking sector is highly concentrated, with the five largest banks holding over 90% of total assets in February 2019. At first glance, the South African banking system can seem somewhat complicated, but this means that foreigners will find a plethora of banking options available to them, interconnected by a sophisticated banking system.   more ...

South Africa > Property

South Africa

How To Rent Or Buy Property In South Africa

Monday May 18, 2020 (13:40:52)

South Africa is an incredibly diverse country on the southernmost tip of the African continent. It is made up of several distinct ecosystems, including the lowveld flatlands, which are popular for safaris, and the rolling vineyards of the Western Cape. Lush forests and lagoons can be found on the Garden Route, and Table Mountain can be seen overlooking the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is also home to one of the three mainland colonies of African Penguins.   more ...

South Africa > Moving

South Africa

How To Apply For A Visa In South Africa

Thursday March 05, 2020 (15:04:23)

Citizens of the USA, Canada, the UK, most EU and EEA countries, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Africa can visit South Africa for up to 90 days, for tourist or business purposes, without a visa. If you wish to stay longer, or to work there, the regulations can be more complicated. Wherever possible, South African applicants are given first preference for employment, and work and business visas are subject to time limits and strict regulations. You may be expected to provide a considerable amount of detailed paperwork, and the same goes for any prospective employer. If you wish to retire to South Africa, you must meet a minimum guaranteed income requirement.

A variety of visas are available. A full list of these can be found on the South African Department of Home Affairs’ website.   more ...

South Africa > Working

South Africa

How To Find A Job In South Africa

Monday January 27, 2020 (19:30:03)

South Africa is an appealing choice for many expats, with a pleasant climate and a potentially high standard of living. Its economy is stable, with several expanding sectors including manufacturing, but it has significant skills shortages which threaten the development of the economy. You will need a work permit in order to work legally in the country, but if you already work for a company that has a base in South Africa, then you can apply for an intra company transfer permit: a slightly simpler option than a full work visa.   more ...

South Africa > Moving

South Africa

A Guide To Expat Visas For South Africa

Thursday March 01, 2018 (11:25:09)

The Republic of South Africa, with its bustling cities, beautiful beaches and friendly people, can be a good destination for expats. However, before you arrive, make sure your right to stay is officially approved.

South African Immigration Laws

There’s a lack of clear information about how many expats live in South Africa, meaning that immigration laws have been undergoing review and change since 2014. Most importantly, you must have a valid residence permit or visa when entering or leaving the country.   more ...

South Africa > Education

South Africa

A Guide To International Schools In Cape Town

Thursday January 04, 2018 (12:18:06)

In spite of being located at almost the absolute tip of the African continent, Cape Town is anything but an isolated place. On the contrary, it is regarded as one of the best cities to live in by people from all around the globe. Its relaxed lifestyle, natural beauty, historic culture and mild climate make it an ideal destination for expats of all ages, including families. Children moving to this South African coastal city will find their lives relatively free of the drastic adjustments they may have to make if their families moved elsewhere. As long as they speak English, they will be easily understood by everyone, and will be able to integrate themselves into local society without too much difficulty. Moreover, there is plenty for children to see, do and explore in Cape Town all year round.   more ...

South Africa > Links

South Africa

South Africa - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Friday May 26, 2017 (09:06:55)
(c) Unsplash on Pixabay
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at South Africa and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

South Africa > Living

South Africa

Interview With Hannah Pirnie, Founder, Translating Me

Tuesday May 16, 2017 (12:26:16)
Hannah Pirnie
What prompted you to set up Translating Me?

I have kind of fallen into it Neutral

I love the quote from Steve Jobs -

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.”   more ...

South Africa > Living

South Africa

An Expat Guide To Wines In South Africa

Monday February 06, 2017 (17:03:34)
If you’re a wine lover, you’ve undoubtedly tried wines from different regions around the world. If you haven’t tried a bottle of wine from South Africa as yet, then you should definitely put that region on your list.

South Africa is one of the most dynamic regions in the world for the production of wine. Traditionally, and for a long time, it was thought that the climate on the African continent would be too hot for growing wine grapes; however, this is not true for South Africa. There are several regions in the Cape that offer a mild Mediterranean climate that provides favorable conditions for growing wine grapes.   more ...

South Africa > Living

South Africa

How Safe Is South Africa? A Guide For New Expats

Tuesday January 24, 2017 (16:33:35)
(c) south-african-tourism on Flickr
Many expats live safely in South Africa for many years, enjoying lucrative careers and making lots of friends, but expats always need to keep their wits about them.

It's probably worth looking at the advice from the UK's Foreign Office, which explicitly says South Africa has a 'very high' level of crime. Most of this occurs in townships, which are isolated areas that are not close to the usual tourist destinations or places where expats live.   more ...

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