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Sweden > Health


Why Moving To Sweden Will (Probably) Make You Healthier

Saturday October 04, 2014 (03:32:52)

Sweden is best known for its impressive architecture, great natural beauty and fresh, clean air. Largest of all Scandinavian nations, Sweden has gained repute for one other thing – health. Nordic countries like Sweden are known to be the healthiest countries in the world. Sweden has a low rate of health problems and life expectancy is one of the highest across the globe.

High-fat diet

Sweden has adopted dietary guidelines based on a high-fat diet as a means to achieve optimal health.   more ...

Sweden > Living


Why Moving To Sweden Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Wednesday March 12, 2014 (03:02:40)

Sweden is the fifth best place to live in the world, says the 2013 World Happiness Report. This may be at least partly behind the fact that the country remains a popular destination for expats. Sweden is a land of natural beauty and high technology; it lays great emphasis on cultural traditions, and accommodates ultra-liberal values at the same time. Expats are drawn to the many benefits of living in Sweden, such as increasing economic opportunities, great social welfare, and the promise of a high quality of life. Here are some reasons why moving to Sweden may just increase your happiness quotient.

A natural paradise

Sweden is one of the largest and also least populated countries in Europe. The Swedish Lapland is today the last remaining wilderness in Europe. It is a place where mountains and lakes can be found almost everywhere you look.   more ...

Sweden > Financial


The Honest Truth about the Cost of Living in Sweden for Expats

Wednesday June 05, 2013 (21:31:39)

Many would-be expatriates dream of starting a new life in Sweden, and for good reason: the nation has earned a reputation for being at the forefront on technological and social innovation in Europe, as being relatively free of pollutants and other environmental health hazards, and for having unflagging educational standards (such as near-total internet connectivity in schools and the 42% of municipal budget that goes towards education). In the more respected "livability" polls, Swedish cities like Stockholm - which contains nearly a quarter of Sweden's population - regularly make a strong showing (Stockholm is placed 10th on the lifestyle magazine Monocle's 2012 list, for example).

For some, Sweden is also attractive as the nation that features some of the most liberal and/or progressive social policies in the world (even vehement critics of these policies may find Sweden an interesting place in which to get journalistic experience and to generate more talking points). If nothing else, residents of Anglophone nations often find Sweden far easier to integrate into than some other European societies, owing to the high degree of local English fluency and the relative ease of picking up Svenska as a second language.   more ...

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