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France > Expat Experiences

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Aga, Lyon

Published Wednesday July 08, 2015 (01:00:53)
Who are you?

My Name is Aga and I am a Pole. I think my passion for travelling but mostly for discovering new cultures and exploring different lifestyles started at the university. I have been actively spending any free time in the international environment and enjoyed it a lot. I worked part time abroad, I took part in the student exchange programme and I did my internship abroad. So logically after my studies I moved and worked abroad. I spend over 6 years in the UK.    more ...


Christopher GJ Cooley, Bordeaux

Published Friday April 11, 2014 (00:54:54)
Christopher GJ Cooley
Who are you?

My name is Christopher GJ Cooley, I come from the South-West of England.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I have lived abroad before but on this occasion I moved to Bordeaux at the end of summer in 2013. The main reason was to learn a second language.

What challenges did you face during the move?    more ...


Kim, Near Chateaubriant (Loire Atlantique)

Published Friday February 21, 2014 (05:52:38)
Who are you?

Hello! I'm Kim, an American from Massachusetts currently living and working in France with my boyfriend and our smiley dog Jojo.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to France one year ago to be with my boyfriend after several years of long distance. We both work for a French engineering firm based in Chateaubriant, not far from his home town. I'm a commercial export assistant, which has become a crash course in French business culture.    more ...


Richard Nahem, Paris

Published Friday February 21, 2014 (02:46:33)
Richard Nahem, Paris
Who are you?

Richard Nahem, born and raised in New York City. I was a chef and caterer in New York for 21 years before I moved to Paris. I now have a successful private tour business where I show clients the insiders Paris they never usually see on their own and I also write a popular blog since 2006, an insiders guide to Paris with posts about culture, art, food, shopping, and history.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?    more ...


Diane Wargnier, Loire Valley

Published Tuesday February 18, 2014 (00:47:14)
Diane Wargnier
Who are you?

My name is Diane and I'm an American originally from New Jersey now living in France's Loire Valley with my husband, Tom, and Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dagny.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I live not far from Angers, France, and moved here about two years ago.

What challenges did you face during the move?

I think the move was the easiest part.    more ...


Rosalyn Chapman, Brittany

Published Friday November 29, 2013 (19:54:01)
Rosalyn Chapman
I'm Rosalyn Chapman.

I moved to France in 2005. I had always wanted to move to France, I wanted to move home anyway, that’s how the dream became reality. We put our house in the UK on the market and after selling we came on an extended holiday to Brittany, the plan was to look round, if we found some where great but we could always return to the UK and buy there if we didn’t.

At first our eldest stayed in the UK, I admit I cried on the ferry, but our youngest who was with us reminded us we hadn't committed to anything, didn’t stop the tears though, my parents weren't in good health and also admit to feeling guilty, but do you put your own life on hold in these situations?    more ...


Chrissie, Nice

Published Sunday November 24, 2013 (00:09:26)
Who are you?

Hi, I’m Chrissie, an Australian living and working in Nice, France. Like many of my compatriots, I headed off to discover the world upon completion of my university degree and ended up here in the sunny South of France. That was back in 2007. When I first arrived I was offered an administrative position with an English company who supply fine wines to the super yachts which invade the Mediterranean each summer. I’ve been there ever since, and thanks to further training (and dedicated tasting) I now have a very fulfilling wine sales role.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

It all started in 1998 when I’d just finished high school. My big sister was already living in Nice and suggested I defer university for a year.    more ...


Cora, Cambrai (Northern France)

Published Thursday May 16, 2013 (20:05:47)
Who are you?

Hi everyone! I'm Cora! I'm from Melbourne, Australia and currently live in Cambrai, France; a small city an hour outside of Lille in Northern France. I keep up a blog called "The adventures of an Australian girl in France" where I talk about my travels, daily life in France and give advice on living abroad and the English teaching assistant program. I also post videos on Youtube about expat life and take you along with me on the trips I take.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I went to France because I studied the language in high school and I had always loved the idea of living abroad... and France seemed liked the perfect place to go! I finished my university degree in July 2012 and was a little unsure about what I wanted to do next.    more ...


Jenny and John Lovett, Huelgoat (Brittany)

Published Saturday February 09, 2013 (00:27:47)
Jenny and John Lovett
Who are you?

Let me introduce ourselves, I’m Jenny, I’m 42 and in my previous life I worked in Adult social care and supported housing. I left work full time approximately two years ago to work as a part time freelance Quality Management Consultant (great title, I know and roughly translated it meant that I inspected adult social care accommodation) but mainly to work with John as his labourer come dogsbody, so my family thought I had already had my midlife crisis before setting out on this one.

John is 48 and 4 quarters, he’s still not got his head around being 49 (and he is having more trouble getting used to his upcoming mile stone birthday) and in his previous life he had been a self employed builder for over, well let’s just say a very long time.    more ...


Carrieanne Le Bras, Banon (Provence)

Published Sunday September 02, 2012 (01:03:37)
Carrieanne Le Bras
A whirlwind of emotions flowed through me the moment I saw the positive sign on my pregnancy test. An American living in France with my French husband, I should have been mentally prepared for this moment. Excitement quickly washed away when it occurred to me that I knew nothing about giving birth and raising a family in France.

After meeting my husband while on vacation, we lived together in the US and Canada before we returned to the land of romance. I dreamed of running through lavender fields, wine tasting at vineyards, and exploring deserted castle ruins. Our adventure began in Marseille. Besides visiting touristic sites, we also explored Provence's countryside. We visited large cities and small villages, and even found castle ruins secluded on top of a hill in Cadenet. One of my favourite memories is when we climbed to the top of a cliff that overlooked Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea, and had a picnic up there of different pastries from the bakery.    more ...

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