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Meredith, Near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg

Published Friday May 01, 2015 (00:40:47)
Who are you?

My name is Meredith and I am from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. I love to travel, read, bake and blog!

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

After five and a half years of being in a long distance relationship, I moved to Germany in 2013 to join my German fiancé. After living so many years apart, we are now happy to be married and living together near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg. Shortly after moving to Germany, I started writing my blog Kaffee und Kuchen to describe my experiences living as an expat in Germany.    more ...


Author of 'Oh God, My Wife Is German', Hannover

Published Monday December 02, 2013 (16:41:50)
Who are you?

I am an American expat from Portland, Oregon, now living in Hannover, Germany. I am a freelance graphic designer and copywriter, and an avid blogger of all things humorous (though I most often take aim at subjects like Germany, expat life, culture shock and my beautiful -- and unintentionally hilarious -- German wife.)

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Germany in September of 2012 in order to be with my wife. If she'd been from England, I would have moved to England. Had she come from Italy, I would have moved to Italy. Had she been from Siberia, I would have said, "Sorry honey, but I'm sure there's a very nice guy for you in Siberia. Probably the quiet type, because he's frozen to death."    more ...


Jill Mazullo, Berlin

Published Thursday October 31, 2013 (12:16:18)
Jill Mazullo
My name is Jill Mazullo, and in August 2013 my family and I came to Berlin from St. Paul, Minnesota, to spend the year here for my husband’s sabbatical. Our three daughters attend three different schools that meet their needs, which was not the original plan, and I work from home for several clients back in Minnesota. My husband is making the most of the extensive operas and symphonies Berlin has to offer while working on his writing projects.

How did you find somewhere to live?

We found our apartment, or “flat” as they like to call it, through before we came to Berlin. It’s a great site for people affiliated with any kind of educational institution. My husband had spent time in Berlin many years earlier, so he knew the general neighborhood where he thought we’d like to live.    more ...


Katie Jorgensen, Dresden

Published Wednesday May 29, 2013 (00:29:56)
Katie Jorgensen
Who are you?

My name is Katie Jorgensen. I am a 30 year old, mother of two, wife, and lover of travel. I currently am a stay at home mom. I have a background in English Literature with a two year degree and hope to go back to college in the future. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new language and find this period of living abroad to be highly rewarding (the amount you are able to learn in such a short time is amazing). In my free time I like to bike around the city, take pictures, meet with friends, bake desserts, spend time with my kids, and learn new things.    more ...


Matthew Jorgensen, Dresden

Published Saturday May 25, 2013 (15:37:06)
Matthew Jorgensen, Dresden
Who am I?

Primarily, I am a father, a husband, and a scientist. I grew up during the 90s in a small culturally homogenous town in Utah. My interests are very broad, ranging from art to marketing and theoretical physics. Somehow, science captured my attention and has remained my primary focus. Through college at Utah State University, and through the completion of my PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Utah, my wife supported our family financially while taking care of our two children. My research has focused on new materials, called photonic crystals, patterned on the nanoscale that are capable of controlling light in interesting and useful ways.    more ...


Ginny Krauß, Munich

Published Monday February 27, 2012 (00:02:08)
Ginny Krauß
My name is Ginny Krauß, I am a 28 year old American Expat now living in Germany. I was born and raised in West Virginia, but lived in Florida for three years prior to my move to Germany. In Florida, I was an Account Manager for an Internet Marketing Company. My first year in Germany, I continued my work for them abroad but I have since left that position in order to focus more on learning German as well as my passion for writing.

Upon first moving to Florida in 2008, I met my now Husband, Thomas there. He was from Berlin and in Florida for an internship. Through him I got to know many other Germans whom were also interning and working there. This was my initial experience into German culture and they were all really wonderful people. After spending 9 months together, our relationship became long distance for approximately two years. We frequently visited each other, but back then flight prices were fairly cheap from Germany to the US due to the economic crisis.    more ...


Laurel Robbins, Stuttgart

Published Tuesday November 29, 2011 (03:32:02)
Laurel Robbins
I’m Laurel Robbins a mid-thirty something Canadian expat now living in Germany. In Canada I was in a managerial position at a university. In Germany I am a full time German language student, online instructor for two Canadian universities and travel blogger and writer. Regardless of where I am, I love to travel, hike and scuba dive.

I moved to Germany in July 2010 and am proof that occasionally vacation romances do work out. I met my now German fiancé on a shark diving trip in Cocos Island, Costa Rica. One of us had to move in order for our relationship to continue and as I’ve always wanted to live in Europe, I jumped at the chance.    more ...

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