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Where Are Most Expat Entrepreneurs Relocating To? Find Out Here

Posted on Tuesday May 10, 2016 (11:57:29)

The number of expats around the world has been steadily growing for years, and with the extent of globalization and mobility that we have today, as well as the rise of new economies in Africa, Asia, and South America, this is a trend that only seems set to continue.   more ...


Why Hiring An Expat Manager Is The Best Idea For Your Business

Posted on Monday April 25, 2016 (13:32:02)
(c) ashrafhage on Wikipedia

Globalization has had a huge impact on almost all aspects of life, even business and employment. Today, a majority of organizations function on a universal platform and are required to deal with clients, partners, investors and suppliers from around the world on a day to day basis. Uniformity in universal operations has become the key to the success of any product or service. It has therefore become quite beneficial for multinational establishments to hire executives and managers from different countries.   more ...


Five Countries With The Best Work-Life Balance For Expats

Posted on Thursday April 21, 2016 (12:45:50)

There are many different reasons why expats choose to live in one country over another. Career, income, climate, and weather are a few of the factors that most expats consider. In addition, for an increasingly large number of expats, the work-life balance in a country is an important consideration. Being able to achieve a good balance contributes greatly to a satisfaction with expat life in general; a life that is dominated by work is usually found to be less satisfactory, regardless of factors like income.   more ...


An Expat Guide To Finding Work-Life Balance In Hong Kong

Posted on Monday March 28, 2016 (09:51:09)

Hong Kong is a great place to be an expat, offering promising career prospects, rich local culture, a high standard of living, and much more. In many ways, it’s one of the best places in the world to be an expat. However, one particular area where Hong Kong seems to fall behind is in the work-life balance it allows people to achieve.   more ...


The Top Ten Countries In Europe To Find A Job In 2016

Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2016 (13:01:17)
© Maurice on Flickr

The choice to move to a new country depends on a number of parameters, including safety, infrastructure, cost of living, quality of life, education, and careers. Arguably though, for almost everyone, the ability to make a living in a new country is the first consideration. If you’re unable to find a job or earn a living in a particular country, there’s no point in thinking about it any further.   more ...


The Best Countries To Move To If You’re Starting Your Own Business

Posted on Wednesday February 24, 2016 (16:01:03)
© cegoh

Setting up a new enterprise in today’s world isn’t an easy task, and things can get even more complicated if you decide to choose a foreign location for your venture. While some expats just set up their businesses wherever they relocate, others have to plan their move carefully, after studying, understanding, and analyzing the economies of different nations.

So, which country do you think is the best for you to establish your own company?   more ...


Six International Business Trends Expats Need To Be Aware Of In 2016

Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2016 (15:10:08)

Business trends often play a very important role in shaping not just the economy of a nation but also the future of any entrepreneur and professional. Every year brings forth its own share of economic surprises, good or bad, which are likely to have a huge impact on businesses across the globe.

Specialists and observers regularly conduct a thorough study of the movements in the market in order to spot any opportunities or threats way ahead of time.   more ...


A Guide To Global Business Etiquette

Posted on Monday December 28, 2015 (14:42:59)
© Image Catalog

Heading to a new country to live and work means adjusting to new time zones, new languages and new ways of doing things.

It may be rude to wave to a friend, or you may unexpectedly find yourself bearhugged by the boss. Do you tip in a restaurant? Can you order rounds in the bar? Do you eat a meal with cutlery, chopsticks or your hands?

The etiquette minefield becomes even more treacherous when big business deals may depend on your ability to schmooze in an entirely new way.   more ...


Interviewing In Your Second Language: An Essential Guide

Posted on Thursday November 26, 2015 (15:28:40)

For many people, interviews can be the most challenging, stressful part of professional life. Many of the best professionals can approach their actual jobs with the utmost confidence and ease, even in crisis situations, but doing well in an interview situation can still be a struggle.

Unfortunately, interviewing in a second language can be an essential requirement for many expats, and when you’re interviewing in a language that’s not your native tongue, you have additional layers of complexity and stress to deal with.   more ...


The Ten Best Places To Start Your New Expat Business

Posted on Monday November 23, 2015 (17:21:05)
© Nicolas Lannuzel on Flickr

The most common way to live as an expat is to find employment in a foreign country, often by moving to a new position within a company. However, this certainly isn’t the only way to go about moving abroad. A considerable number of people start their own businesses when moving abroad. Many of them already have experience being entrepreneurs and running businesses, and want to continue doing so in a new place.   more ...

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