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Ireland > Expat Experiences

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Mckenzie Dow, Dublin

Published Friday August 18, 2017 (13:45:04)
Mckenzie Dow
Who are you?

I am an American, raised in New England, and now living in Dublin, Ireland.    more ...


Jay Murphy, Dungarvan

Published Friday August 11, 2017 (14:55:06)
Jay Murphy
Who are you?

Jay Murphy, age 54, born Chicago, Illinois, lived for the last 20 years in St. Petersburg, Florida.    more ...


Grace Taylor, Dublin

Published Monday August 07, 2017 (15:01:56)
Grace Taylor
Who are you?

My name is Grace Taylor, and I am a Canadian expat currently living in Ireland.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

My first international move was to the US, where I finished my university degree and ended up working after college for several years.    more ...


Alain Buffing, Dublin

Published Friday August 05, 2016 (12:40:49)
Alain Buffing
Who are you?

My name is Alain Buffing, I am a Dutch business executive and cloud expert, currently working as a Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hubspot in Dublin. Besides my day job I also founded a new NGO called Tuk Tuk Cartel, which caters volunteering trips to Africa and Asia for expats living in tech hubs around the globe.    more ...


Sara Granados, Dublin

Published Wednesday July 13, 2016 (12:13:15)
Sara Granados
Who are you?

I'm Sara – a 24-year-old Louisiana native currently living and loving life in Dublin, Ireland working as a Graphic Designer!

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Dublin about a year after I graduated college.    more ...


Becky Caudill, Dublin

Published Monday June 27, 2016 (08:41:51)
Becky Caudill
Who are you?

My name is Becky, and I’m a 39-year-old expat living in Dublin, Ireland, with my husband.

My background is in technology public relations, but for the past year and a half I've been a full-time author, writing contemporary and paranormal romance novels. My husband is a software architect with a global technology company.    more ...


Beatriz Ageno, Dublin

Published Wednesday June 08, 2016 (13:29:45)
Beatriz Ageno
Who are you?

My name is Beatriz but all my friends call me Bea. I'm in my mid-30s and am originally from the Bay Area, California, but my parents are from Chile. I now live in Ireland, and for 9 years previous to moving to Ireland I was living in Italy.    more ...


Katelyn, Galway

Published Tuesday July 28, 2015 (14:06:28)
Who are you?

My name is Katelyn, and I'm a recent college graduate from New England. I come from a big family.

I love pizza, cheap wine, and the beach. Starting at the end of August, I will be living as an expat in Ireland for a year while I get a Masters degree and work in a local hospital.    more ...


Aurora Procopio, Ireland

Published Tuesday July 21, 2015 (09:11:14)
Aurora Procopio
Who are you?

Hello everyone! My name is Aurora, and I am originally from Rome.

I like to think about my life as an adventure and if it gets boring, I do everything to mess it up! I enjoy wise and long chats in front of a good glass of red wine, I am a great listener and I try my best to give the perfect advice in any situation.    more ...


Cory Hanson, Ireland

Published Saturday July 18, 2015 (15:37:44)
Cory Hanson
Who are you?

I am an American teacher-turned-writer living in Dublin. Since moving to Ireland, I have been attempting to maximize this European adventure by traveling as often as possible, meeting new people, and writing about my experiences for other future tourists and expats.

In December 2014, I self-published my first book, The Frugal Guide: Dublin in eBook form.    more ...

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