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Expat Books


Interview With David Anicetti, Expat Author

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday March 22, 2017 (15:16:51)
David Anicetti
David, you're an expat living in Guatemala. Where are you from originally, and what prompted you to move abroad?

I am originally from the United States. I grew up in Maine, but lived 8 years in the Miami area prior to moving to Guatemala. I moved to Guatemala to operate a magazine publishing business that I had opened with a partner. The magazines were for countries in Central America and it made good business sense to have the office in Guatemala where my business partner, also an expat, lived.   more ...


Recommended Reading: Ten Books For New Expats

Posted by: Scar on Saturday August 20, 2016 (18:47:14)
(c) pexels.com
Trends for living abroad have gone up and down through the course of history. However, right now the worldwide expat population is bigger than it has ever been before. A couple of years ago, the UN Population Division reported that more than 230 million people were living outside their home countries, a number that has certainly only increased since then.   more ...


Review - Six Car Lengths Behind An Elephant

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday August 02, 2016 (11:00:57)
Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant
Expat memoirs can be quite hit and miss. While moving abroad is almost invariably an interesting experience for the people directly involved, it can be quite dry to read about. So when expat memoirs drop through my mailbox, I’m not always thrilled to see them.

This one, though, is a definite exception. For one thing, Lillian McCloy is a talented writer. And for another, her story is absolutely fascinating.   more ...


Interview With Betsy And Mark Blondin, Expat Authors

Posted by: Scar on Friday May 06, 2016 (09:30:13)
Betsy & Mark Blondin
Betsy & Mark, tell us a bit about yourselves. Are you expats? Where did you move from and to?

We refer to ourselves as slow-travelers, constantly discovering as we search for the physical place we will call home. Already we consider wherever we are with a few belongings to be home, but we suspect there is somewhere we belong more permanently.   more ...


Review - Follow In The Tigerman's Footsteps

Posted by: Anonymous on Thursday February 25, 2016 (15:30:38)
Follow In The Tigerman's Footsteps
Colin Guest is an author and a serial expat. Having lived and worked in fifteen countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, he has now compiled his extensive experience into a memoir which covers life in each place.   more ...


Review - The Essential Vegan Travel Guide

Posted by: scar on Tuesday January 05, 2016 (12:51:46)
The Essential Vegan Travel Guide
Moving abroad is hard enough at the best of times. Knowing that you’ll be facing the challenges of culture shock, being away from your family and friends, and probably either starting a new job or moving into a different position in your current company, does not make for the easiest of periods.

Add to that the adventures of dealing with a whole new cuisine, and it’s fair to say that a considerable proportion of expats will feel somewhat daunted.   more ...


Interview With Tina Quick, Author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

Posted by: scar on Wednesday November 18, 2015 (13:40:02)
Tina Quick
Tina, can you tell us something about your background and what prompted you to write "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition"?

I am a third culture kid (TCK) myself. My father was in the military and I once asked my parents how many moves I had made by the time Dad retired. It turns out that I had moved 15 times by age 13. My husband and I have raised our own TCK daughters across four cultures and continents.   more ...


Interview with Expat Author Diane Lemieux

Posted by: scar on Thursday November 12, 2015 (17:31:41)
Diane Lemieux
Diane, please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Diane Lemieux. I’ve lived in 11 countries, including Canada where I was born, and Nigeria where I am now. I speak four languages (and studied two more that I have since forgotten). And I’ve been an ‘expat’ everything: kid, teenager, employee, student, mom, love-pat, re-pat… Most advice to new writers will include the adage: ‘write what you know’. So I write about cultures and global mobility. I also like to write about adventurous, creative and somehow international individuals who inspire me.   more ...


Interview With Gabi and Skip Yetter, Expat Authors

Posted by: scar on Thursday November 12, 2015 (17:06:05)
Skip & Gabi Yetter
Tell us a bit about yourselves - where did you move from, where are you living now, and what prompted you to make the move?

I (Gabi) am English and Skip is American (from Boston). We are both former journalists and business executives who love to travel and experience other cultures. We met when we both worked for the same company in the U.S. and, after a number of years and multiple experiences, got married in 2006 and went on honeymoon to Thailand.   more ...


10 Books That Will Make You Want To Move Abroad

Posted by: scar on Wednesday October 28, 2015 (13:24:07)
Image © CPGXK on Flickr
The decision to move abroad is a tough one and will, in all likelihood, completely change the direction of your life. The opportunity to move may come with a new job, or you could just be moving for a change of scenery. The chance to interact and intersect with a new culture, a whole new set of friends, the chance to step out of your comfort zone and find yourself, to go on brand new adventures - these are all the great rewards of an international move.   more ...

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Cigna Global

Cigna has worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years. Today, Cigna has over 71 million customer relationships around the world. Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists worldwide, meaning you have easy access to treatment.