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Sami Veloso

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Sami Veloso

Rental Rules In Australia

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday July 29, 2014 (18:58:27)   (2795 Reads)
Sami Veloso
When we arrived in Perth in 2007, we were lucky to be able to enjoy 3 months of rent free furnished accommodation, in a two bed-roomed apartment with views of the city, paid for by my husband's sponsoring company.When our friends dropped us at the apartment the night we landed , they noted that the beige carpets were a bit grubby, and the kitchen didn't look too clean either. In the next few days I set about giving the kitchen a good clean, washing all the dishes, pots, etc.

We had been there for about 1 month when my husband was told the estate agent was going to drop by for an inspection. I was out the day they came, but they left a report saying the carpets were dirty and could we please make sure we hired a carpet cleaning service to take care of that!    more ...