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Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 22 February 2017

How US expats can calculate expenses for a new country

For those who would like to become an expat in another country but have concerns over how much they will need to earn, help is at hand.

The Earth Awaits website will enable a potential expat to get a financial picture of the money they will need to live overseas. The information is also useful for non-US expats too, though the information is given in dollars.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 16 February 2017

US expats give up passports in record numbers

The number of US tax taxpayers giving up their passports or green cards has reached record levels, according to the Treasury Department.

In 2016, 5,411 US expats surrendered their passport which is a 20% increase on 2015’s record figure of 4,279.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus International Finance Update 08 February 2017

US expats face travel ban

US expats who have not paid their taxes may lose their passport and the right to travel under a law that was approved by Congress.

Known as the 'Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Tax Delinquencies', tax code Section 7345 is not restricted to criminal tax cases but can be used if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes an expat is about to flee the United States and wants to restrict their movements.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 02 February 2017

700,000 expats lost their jobs in the GCC last year

A report has revealed that 2016 was a tough one for expats working in the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) six-nation community, with around 700,000 expats losing their jobs.

The findings come from Hayes Group International who say that 4% of the region's 17 million-strong expat workforce lost their jobs.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

11 Common Money Mistakes Made By Expats

This simple list of some of these financial errors made by expats will help prepare an expat for their new life experience.

Moving costs

Most expats will need to pack up and move most of their personal belongings to their new home and will need to put together a budget and stick to it.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 25 January 2017

Expats' offshore bank accounts closed

Expats who have accounts with an offshore bank are being contacted and informed their accounts will close this summer.

The move by Nationwide International could affect thousands of British expats around the world.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Five Finance Tips For First-Time Expats

Money makes the world go round, or at least it did at one time. Years ago, most people made the decision to work in a foreign country mainly because of the financial benefits that came with it. A majority of them then chose to return home when they had accumulated a significant amount and could lead a comfortable life.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 18 January 2017

Expat opportunities will grow in 2017

A leading immigration services provider says opportunities for expats will continue to grow in 2017 with many multinational firms finding a shortage of skilled labour for their ambitions.

The survey was undertaken by Envoy and it found that multinational firms are looking to access global markets and will have excellent opportunities for 'globally minded employees'.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 12 January 2017

London will remain a top location for expat businesspeople

Despite Brexit, London will continue to attract expats from around the world to enjoy excellent opportunities, new research suggests.

Many critics of the vote to leave the European Union have expressed fears that London will be seen as a less attractive location for expats around the world when the UK eventually leaves the EU.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 05 January 2017

Expat salaries could rise by 5% in 2017

Expats around the world could see an average increase of 5% this year, says ECA International.

However, when real salary increases are analysed, the worldwide average is set to be 1.5%, which is a fall from 2016’s 1.6% average.    more ...