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Expat Focus International Healthcare Update January 2020

Posted on Monday January 27, 2020 (11:41:43)

Healthcare and Brexit

The big question on many expats’ minds if they are currently resident in the EU is, of course, Brexit. The UK is due to leave the EU on January 31st, but up to now there has been worrying speculation regarding the rights of expat Britons in Europe.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update December 2019

Posted on Thursday December 19, 2019 (20:14:56)

Election result in the UK sees Conservatives returned with a majority

The main news for British expats is, of course, the results of the recent general election on Thursday 12th December. This has seen the Conservative party returned with a substantial majority and as a result, Brexit will now be going ahead as originally planned on the 31st January 2020. How is this scenario likely to affect your healthcare, if you are a Briton living in a EU nation?   more ...


The Importance Of Feeling At Home While On An Overseas Assignment

Posted on Monday December 09, 2019 (21:28:03)

by Polly Collingridge, Family Global Mobility Manager for Parental Choice

Research has shown that around 40% of expat employees don’t feel at home abroad and cite it as a major reason for wanting to end their overseas assignment*. But what does it mean to ‘feel at home’ and why is it so important for people?   more ...


Proactive Mental Healthcare For Expats: How To Look After Your Mental Health Abroad

Posted on Monday November 25, 2019 (12:23:41)

by Kelsey Hoff

Moving abroad is a lot of work and, understandably, certain details tend to take precedence in the months and weeks before getting on a plane. The to-do list is endless, as you are not only starting a new job, but also beginning a new life in a foreign place. With the chaos of submitting required paperwork, establishing housing, negotiating work contracts, and managing the needs of the family, it is of no surprise that many people arrive in their new country already tired and not in the most healthy place physically or emotionally.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update November 2019

Posted on Monday November 25, 2019 (11:07:10)

Expats In Bahrain Must Have Health Insurance

A new law in Bahrain means that anyone entering the country - whether as an expat or as a temporary visitor - will need to have health insurance before they will be allowed in.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update October 2019

Posted on Monday October 28, 2019 (13:13:36)

British Expats In The EU Concerned About Healthcare

Ongoing uncertainty concerning Brexit and the deal that may or may not be reached is affecting British expats living in the European Union. The UK government has said that it will pay the medical bills of hundreds of thousands of expats for at least six months, but many people are still worried about their long-term futures abroad.   more ...


Nine In Ten Expats Feel Isolated

Posted on Thursday October 10, 2019 (11:04:14)

This World Mental Health Day, new research suggests that many expats have struggled with life overseas.

Research by AXA – Global Healthcare reveals that almost nine in ten (87%) expats have felt isolated during their time abroad, with half (48%) of those saying that missing friends and family was the primary reason.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update September 2019

Posted on Thursday September 26, 2019 (15:12:49)

Long-Term Healthcare Rights Not Guaranteed For Expats After Brexit

As the Brexit deadline looms closer, British expats living abroad are increasingly feeling concerned about whether their healthcare arrangements will still be in place.

The S1 form has been the port of call for expats in the EU for many years now, but in the event of a no-deal Brexit there is currently no firm guidance on what will happen to this.   more ...


How To Look After Your Mental Health When Moving Abroad For Work

Posted on Monday September 09, 2019 (14:39:08)

When you move to another country, you can be so busy organising everything, so intent on getting to grips with your new location, and so focused on getting your feet on the ground that it can hard to set time aside for self-care. Even those with a regular self-care routine can find themselves feeling a range of complex emotions after moving to a new country.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update August 2019

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019 (16:35:20)

New safety report from Riskline targets female expats

A series of travel safety report aimed at female expats and business travellers have been unveiled by travel advisors Riskline. With more than 220 countries and regions being covered, researchers have provided details of local laws and customs, as well as safety concerns.   more ...

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