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Research And Planning

Why Move Abroad?

People these days leave their home countries to live and work abroad for a wider variety of reasons than ever before. Ease of travel and communications, increased knowledge of foreign destinations and the development of a truly global economy have encouraged people of all ages and backgrounds to become expatriates.    more ...
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Visas, Residency Permits and Citizenship

Wherever you move to, you are likely to have to deal with a huge amount of paperwork and bureaucracy and no matter how insignificant that old document at the back of the bottom drawer may seem now, the chances are at some stage you’ll have to show it to someone. Moving countries can be a bureaucratic nightmare at the best of times but will be easier if you come prepared.    more ...
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Getting There

Once the decision to go has been reached, decide whether it makes sense to book your travel tickets as soon as possible in order to get the best deal or if you should wait to give yourself more flexibility and take advantage of any last minute offers. Expats already living in the destination country often travel back and forth to their country of origin and are familiar with the best deals. Ask for recommendations.    more ...
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Generally speaking, expats fall into one of three groups as far as accommodation is concerned: those who intend to use rented accommodation only (either arranged by themselves or through their employer), those who have already bought a property and intend to move into it on arrival (common amongst retirees) and those who intend to search for a new property to buy once they arrive but stay in rented accommodation while doing so.    more ...
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The prospect of international employment attracts vast interest and huge numbers of people - some transferring overseas for their current employer, taking on the challenge to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment, viewing the experience as a means to climb the career ladder, others simply wanting to travel, see new and exotic places and immerse themselves in a different culture. Whatever your own motivation, there are a number of key issues to consider.    more ...
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International Health Insurance

It is important to investigate the standard and type of healthcare available in your chosen destination, especially if you or a member of your family suffers from a medical condition which requires ongoing treatment or medication. Most countries have at least adequate basic healthcare facilities, but more advanced treatments and procedures might not be available in some less-developed locations. If this is the case, consider whether this might be a problem in the future, and how to cover the cost of travel home or to another country for treatment.    more ...
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Cost Of Living

As unglamorous as it sounds, good budgeting for the cost of living in your destination country could be what makes the difference between your relocation’s success or failure.

Make sure you have enough money to support yourself and your family for the first few months, especially if you don’t already have a job lined up. It might take longer than you think to find employment and somewhere to live, and unless you have temporary accommodation or can stay with friends, you might find yourself paying for hotel accommodation for longer than expected.    more ...
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Credit And Debt

Establishing a credit rating when moving to another country is important if you wish to apply for a credit card, loan, mortgage or other form of credit. Your credit rating determines how much you can borrow and the rates of interest that you will have to pay.

Managing debt is another important issue, whether your debt is from your country of origin or in your new country. Ignoring debt is never wise - take expert advice and deal with the situation.    more ...
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Currency Transfers And Foreign Exchange

Fluctuations in exchange rates can make a big difference to your income as an expat, especially where large sums of money are involved. For example, in 2007 the pound to euro rate was approximately 1.40, making £100,000 worth €140,000, whereas in 2009 the rate was approximately 1.08, making the same £100,000 worth only €108,000.    more ...
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Expats have a number of banking options open to them - from opening a local or offshore bank account to just maintaining an existing bank account in their country of origin.

Some people assume that they will be able to use their existing bank account abroad without issue or that opening a local account will be a straightforward process. However it is always wise to consider your future requirements in advance and plan accordingly in order to save not only time and effort but in many cases money too.    more ...

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