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Poland > Expat Experiences

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Jonny Blair, Warsaw

Published Friday June 02, 2017 (13:29:15)
Jonny Blair
Who are you?

I am Jonny Blair, a travelling Northern Irishman who first visited Poland in 2005. I grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland in the 1980s and since my teens, I have backpacked to 151 countries (disputed or not) around the world, visiting all 7 continents in the process, working in numerous jobs along the way. In 2016, I was in Poland for the fifth time, and decided to stay due to circumstances that happened. Poland is one of my favourite countries from my long journey and it is a delight to live here.    more ...


Carlos Vázquez, Warsaw

Published Friday May 26, 2017 (10:10:00)
Carlos Vázquez
Who are you?

My name is Carlos Vázquez, I am from León, Spain, but currently, I live in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, for the past year and a half. Since I started living here, I decided to create my website “Yo en Polonia” meaning “Me in Poland” where I write about many topics and lifestyle related to this country. I am a computer engineer, working for a multinational company. I am a big football fan (Real Madrid and Cultural Leonesa are my teams) and I have played the French horn for five years in the music school of my hometown.    more ...


David Huerta, Warsaw

Published Monday May 15, 2017 (15:50:32)
David Huerta
Who are you?

Hi Expat Focus friends, my name is David Huerta, I’m from Mexico City but I’ve been living in Warsaw, Poland for the last four years. I have a blog about Poland called ‘Chido-Fajny’ (‘chido’ means ‘cool’ in English, and ‘fajny’ means ‘cool’ in Polish). I’m a big football fan, my favorite teams in the world are Necaxa and Real Madrid. I love to write on my blog, to travel and to enjoy the beauty of Poland.    more ...


Franklin And Danielle, Wroclaw

Published Monday May 01, 2017 (11:44:08)
Franklin and Danielle
Who are you?

We're Franklin and Danielle, two travelers seeking a life free of monotony.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

Danielle: Seems like a simple question but it's actually a bit more complex. I first moved abroad during University and lived in Spain for a semester.    more ...


Leah Morawiec, Gliwice

Published Thursday April 20, 2017 (13:16:04)
Leah Morawiec
Who are you?

My name’s Leah and I’m an American from Orlando, Florida living in Poland for the past 6 years.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved abroad after doing a 2-month volunteer program in Poland where I met a guy I liked. I decided to move to Poland to be with him and see what would happen. We were together for a few years and then I met my husband and that’s when I decided to live in Poland permanently.    more ...


Matt Sutton, Krakow

Published Friday April 14, 2017 (12:50:05)
Matt Sutton
Who are you?

My name is Matt Sutton, I'm 36 years old and originally from Surrey, UK.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I came to Krakow, Poland in January 2011 just after my 30th birthday as I was working for a large online travel company who were moving their operations to Poland.    more ...


Tiffany Horan, Warsaw

Published Tuesday September 08, 2015 (13:28:30)
Tiffany Horan
Who are you?

I'm a twenty five year old British artist, theorist and PhD candidate (Polska Akademia Nauk). I currently work as an interdisciplinary teacher in Warsaw, Poland (previously Taiwan).

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

Although I was born in the UK, I was brought up in the United Arab Emirates. My parents are of British and Irish origins and were expats themselves. I grew up amongst worlds. Once I returned to the UK I experienced reverse culture shock.    more ...


Anthony Casey, Kraków

Published Thursday December 06, 2012 (23:37:04)
Anthony Casey
I'm Anthony Casey. I was bored with the UK, struggling to find work in my own field as a freelance writer, journalist and editor, and wanted something new. So I came to Kraków, Poland.

The ‘why?’ has many answers. I loved the Top Trumps card game as a child, and my favourite set was ‘Cities of the World’; in that set, my favourite card was Moscow – the domes of St Basil’s looked, to a five year old, like sweets. And that’s probably where a fascination with Central and Eastern Europe began. It helped too that my uncles were giving me Solidarity badges in the 80s, when I was far too young to understand what was happening… to cut a long story short, many, many years later, I visited Prague, then Moscow and St Petersburg and more… and through a friend I met in Russia I came to Poland.    more ...

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