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South Korea > Expat Experiences

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South Korea

Marie, Gyeongju And Seoul

Published Tuesday November 07, 2017 (11:24:44)
Who are you?

My name is Marie, I'm 24 years old from Belgium.    more ...

South Korea

Raquel Rodriguez, Jeongseon-eup

Published Tuesday October 03, 2017 (08:00:30)
Raquel Rodriguez
Who are you?

My name is Raquel Rodriguez, a born and bred 25 year old New Yorker from the heart of Manhattan.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Korea, because it seemed like the perfect time to step outside of my comfort zone whether that be short or long term.    more ...

South Korea

Dominic Dinkins, Incheon

Published Thursday January 19, 2017 (17:13:35)
Dominic Dinkins
Who are you?

I'm Dominic Dinkins who was born and raised in Detroit, and has been living overseas in South Korea since 2009. I've always wanted to live overseas at some point in my life, and kind of mistakenly got lead to Korea by a friend, and ended up loving it. I also met my wife here and we have been married since 2015. We started our own blog / website about our intercultural relationship and about language and life in Korea.    more ...

South Korea

Nichola Gwon, Seoul

Published Wednesday January 18, 2017 (15:36:15)
Nichola Gwon
Who are you?

My name is Nichola Gwon. I'm Australian and I'm an artist and blogger / YouTuber and also a webtoon artist (for the international version of Naver Webtoons). My husband Hugh is Korean. We run a blog and YouTube channel called 'My Korean Husband' where we make comics and videos about being an intercultural couple and exploring cultural differences.    more ...

South Korea

Lindsay Nash, Gyeongsan

Published Friday January 13, 2017 (16:26:38)
Lindsay Nash
Who are you?

I'm a mid-30s American expat and marketing professional. I live in Gyeongsan, South Korea with my husband and two young children: Finn (6) and Poppy (2). We love living abroad for the opportunities it presents every day to experience a different culture.    more ...

South Korea

Laura Bronner, Global Nomad

Published Wednesday January 20, 2016 (13:01:36)
Laura Bronner
Who are you?

My name is Laura. I’m a blogger over at Collecting Labels and I’m originally from New York.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved abroad just over five years ago. I graduated from college and wanted to spend a year traveling. My boyfriend and I started in New Zealand and accidentally stayed there for a whole year.    more ...

South Korea

Brock And Tanj, South Korea

Published Wednesday July 15, 2015 (14:04:57)
Brock & Tanj
Who are you?

We are Brock and Tanj and we run the travel blog A Travelogue by Brock and Tanj. We are a husband and wife who are adventurers and visual storytellers who love to see the world together. We document our expat lifestyle through photographs - big or small, even the mundane or the extraordinary details of our travels, with our dogs. So far, our jet-setting life took us to live in four countries across three continents.    more ...

South Korea

Lindsey Coulter, Incheon

Published Sunday June 02, 2013 (13:06:31)
Lindsey Coulter
Who are you?

My name is Lindsey Coulter and I’m a 30-year-old from Denver, Colorado. However, for the past two years I lived in Incheon, South Korea. As a freelance writer whose life revolves around travel, photography and the great outdoors I am almost always on the move and have also been a resident of rural Iowa, Chicago and even spent a season in Guatemala City. Seeing the world is definitely my passion, and I’ve visited countries as far flung as Mongolia, Taiwan, Ireland, Italy and the Dominican Republic. When I’m not planning my next adventure I am usually digging away in the garden, wandering through antique shops, sampling new restaurants or enjoying a movie marathon with my significant other.    more ...

South Korea

Janice, Daejeon

Published Sunday May 26, 2013 (00:49:57)
Who are you?

I’m Janice, a 37 year old Canadian. I have a BA in Communication Studies, and am working on my MA in Applied Linguistics. I’ve taught ESL in China, Korea and Thailand.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

In February, 2003 I left Canada to move to Daejeon, South Korea. It was 4 years since I’d graduated from university, and I was disappointed with my job prospects, and the looming spectre of my student loan. Several friends of mine were already living and working in South Korea, and they convinced me that I could pay off my student loans in 1 or 2 years, instead of the 10-12 years I was facing if I stayed at my current job in Canada.    more ...

South Korea

Sue Meldrum, Seoul

Published Sunday December 11, 2011 (03:23:25)
My name is Sue Meldrum. I have a husband named Guy and two children - Jacques who is 10 and was born in London and Sophie who is 6 and was born in Sydney.

I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. My husband moved here in August 2008 but my children and I didn't relocate here until August 2009. I have been an expatriate for 20 years and this is my 9th international posting. For 10 years, I was the employee and for the last 10 years, I have been an expatriate wife, so I have seen expat life from 'both sides!' Guy and I met at work and had dual careers with the same company for many years, until I left to have my first child in 2000. My career in communications/marketing has been predominantly with two major multinationals and my husband is still working for the same company where we met. My first international assignment was back in 1988 when I went to New Zealand for 3 years. The move was a smart career decision and also an opportunity to escape and try something new.    more ...

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