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United Kingdom

United Kingdom > Expat Experiences

United Kingdom

Ariana, Bury St. Edmunds

Posted by: Carole on Monday July 02, 2012 (16:15:16)
United Kingdom

My name is Ariana, and I am an American expat that is living in England-- but this is not my first overseas rodeo. My parents became missionaries and moved with their seven kids to the Philippines when I was just eight years old. I grew up on the island of Mindanao, speaking the local dialect (Cebuano) fluently, eating dried fish with gusto, and snorkelling every week until I went to boarding school in Manila. When I graduated from high school, I moved back to California for college, but continued to hop on an international flight a couple times a year, both to visit my parents and to discover new places. I always had a hunger to see more of the world, and to get involved in humanitarian projects wherever I could.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

After growing up overseas, I always imagined that I would probably live in another country at some point in the future. It was hard for me to imagine living in America for the rest of my life, since I didn't feel a particular sense of belonging or ownership for my "home" country.    more ...

United Kingdom > Expat Experiences

United Kingdom

Melissa Buckler Smith, North West England

Posted by: Jamie on Thursday December 01, 2011 (19:07:07)
Wedding bells!
United Kingdom

I'm Melissa Buckler Smith, from Maryland, US.

I met my husband on-line. After almost 5 years of a long distance relationship, I was granted a Visa to marry him in January 2011. I moved to the North West of England in February and we were married in May. I was able to come for six months the previous year. I used that time to make sure this move was what we both wanted and to insure I could live here. When I returned to the US to start the Visa process I knew there was no where else I wanted to be. I also brought my cats with me from the US.    more ...

United Kingdom > Expat Experiences

United Kingdom

Carmen Jones, London

Posted by: Jamie on Thursday December 01, 2011 (18:14:30)
Carmen Jones in London
United Kingdom

I'm a 30-something southern belle expat from the US. I've spent the last year adapting to all things British including Victorian plumbing, the value of wellies and a new found acceptance of full fat dairy products.

After deciding I needed to shake things up a bit in my life, I moved here in May 2009.    more ...

United Kingdom > Expat Experiences

United Kingdom

Kym Hamer, Kingston Upon Thames

Posted by: Jamie on Thursday December 01, 2011 (18:10:10)
Kym Hamer
United Kingdom

I am a 41yr old Aussie girl from Melbourne who has loved living in the UK for the last 7 (almost) years. I love reading, cooking, eating, music, travelling, watching tv talent shows - oh, and blogging!

I left my settled and comfortable life in Melbourne and arrived at Heathrow Airport in January 2004. The catalyst for the rather sudden decision (a week in November the previous year) was running late so me and my 2 super huge suitcases sat in the grey dawn of Terminal 4 and wondered how all this was going to work out. But I just knew that this was the next 'journey' for me, no matter how it looked right then or turned out in the future.    more ...

United Kingdom > Expat Experiences

United Kingdom

CK, London

Posted by: Jamie on Thursday December 01, 2011 (18:06:25)
United Kingdom

I'm CK. That's the initials to my name and after awhile, people around me just call me that. I suspect they've forgotten about what my actual name is and I'm not about to remind them.

Moved to London in the summer of 2007 with my wife. Well, there was an opportunity and it was then or never so here we are. How time flies, come to think of it.

What challenges did you face during the move?

Irony is that both of us have never set foot into London prior to our move. On hindsight, it was pretty foolhardy. I mean, plenty could have gone wrong as we knew no one here to begin with and had to figure everything out from scratch. We spent quite sometime trying to figure out the Tube and finding accommodation.    more ...