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Columnists > Tom Zachystal

Tom Zachystal
Tom Zachystal is President of Individual Asset Management, a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in investment management and financial planning for expatriates.

Contact Tom for a free, no-obligation discussion of your financial situation if you are a US citizen living abroad or a foreign national living in the USA.

Articles are for informational purposes only; they are not intended to offer advice or guidance on legal, tax, or investment matters. Such advice can be given only with full understanding of a person’s specific situation.

Tom Zachystal

Financial Planning for Expats Moving to the USA

Posted by: Jamie on Saturday March 10, 2012 (16:48:52)   (2373 Reads)
Tom Zachystal
There are numerous issues that need to be addressed when moving to a new country and it often seems the more “developed” your new country of residence, the more important it is to understand and follow regulations.

Individual Asset Management provides financial planning services to non-US citizens living and preparing to live in the United States, and I have identified seven topics that anyone moving to the US should consider:

1. Visa / citizenship issues
2. Reporting and taxation of non-US financial accounts
3. Obtaining loans / credit history
4. Pension transfer
5. Investment management
6. Estate tax
7. Education and retirement savings plans    more ...

Tom Zachystal

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) – Some Examples

Posted by: Jamie on Saturday March 10, 2012 (16:46:28)   (2641 Reads)
Tom Zachystal
In the first three articles of this series we examined what QROPS is, how it could benefit some expats (and others) and briefly how the system works.

In the final analysis though, words can be confusing and there is no substitute for examples when it comes to showing how things work.


In all these articles we have made the point that you should not make decisions about what to do with your pension funds based upon advertisements and articles however well written and attractive they appear. You must get professional advice that is specific to your circumstances and only from a registered professional adviser. Please note that the examples below are illustrative and hypothetical – they may well not apply to your given circumstances.    more ...

Tom Zachystal

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) – Qualification Issues

Posted by: Jamie on Saturday March 10, 2012 (16:44:43)   (2438 Reads)
Tom Zachystal
In previous articles we examined the principles of QROPS, and why QROPS could be advantageous to expats in certain circumstances.

In this brief discussion, we’ll look at some of the ‘qualification’ and related issues that apply to those trying to move their pension savings out of the UK to a QROPS.

QROPS – A ‘not entirely clear’ situation

The general package of legislation and other changes now referred to as QROPS was introduced into the UK in 2006.

Some have described this as being driven by EU ‘fair play’ legislation though others attribute it to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) trying to close loopholes in pension laws that were being abused by expats.    more ...

Tom Zachystal

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) - Why Choose a QROPS?

Posted by: Jamie on Saturday March 10, 2012 (16:08:26)   (2853 Reads)
Tom Zachystal
In the first article in this series, we outlined a little of the background to the UK government's decision to permit pension fund transfers out of the UK to overseas arrangements in certain circumstances. We also had a brief look at what exactly a QROPS was.

In this article we will look briefly at why an expat may choose to move their funds out of the UK into a QROPS.

Protect your interests!

There is no apology here for stating again that if you're considering what to do with your pension funds then you MUST consult a qualified and registered expert. Any article of this nature must of necessity be summarised and non-specific. Your circumstances will be individual to you, so do not make decisions based exclusively upon this article or any of a similar nature.    more ...

Tom Zachystal

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) - An Introduction

Posted by: Jamie on Saturday March 10, 2012 (16:06:16)   (1740 Reads)
Tom Zachystal
It is always a little sad when one has to start worrying about pensions.

Expats are no different to most people in that the word 'pensions' reminds us that aging is inexorable and that we need to think about making some sort of provision for that period in our lives when work may be a thing of the past.

For expats there are always added complexities. Will the pension be payable locally? Will it be taxed back in the old country? What are the currency issues? How will legislation 'back home' affect me if I'm living overseas?

This is a vast and complicated area and this is the first in a short series of articles that will examine one particular aspect of the pensions maze – QROPS. This slightly scary acronym stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme and relates to how expats can move their pensions out of the UK to their new country of residence.    more ...

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