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Vanessa Anderson
rss Vanessa Anderson(4 Articles )
A full time international expat house sitter and publisher of House Sitting - The ultimate lifestyle magazine. Vanessa has been traveling the world continuously since 2013 with her partner Ian Usher, working remotely and looking after other peoples properties and pets. Having sold most of their possessions, they prefer the freedom to explore the world, living as locals for extended periods in different countries. Vanessa writes about the joys and challenges or living a nomadic expat lifestyle.
Stephanie Angulo
rss Stephanie Angulo(6 Articles )
Stephanie Angulo became an American expat in Panama at 30. She didn’t go to Panama to retire. She writes about her experiences starting a restaurant, exploring her new country, traveling, and assimilating into Panamanian culture at Xpat Escape. You can also follow her journey on Twitter.
Aisha Isabel Ashraf
rss Aisha Isabel Ashraf(30 Articles )
Aisha Isabel Ashraf is a freelance writer and author of the popular blog EXPATLOG - a collection of irreverent observations from her experiences as a "cultural chameleon". It's where you'll find her, strung out on caffeine, humorously dissecting the peculiarities of expat life for her own amusement and the benefit of future generations.
Casey Bahr
rss Casey Bahr(5 Articles )
Casey writes part-time on a variety of topics, including his family’s move and their ongoing adventures in Costa Rica, chronicled in his blog, A Dull Roar. In addition, he authors two other blogs and contributes articles to Hubpages about do-it-yourself projects, science and technology topics, amateur radio, life and humor.
Gordon Barlow
rss Gordon Barlow(15 Articles )
Gordon Barlow has lived in Cayman since 1978. He was the first full-time Manager of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce (1986-1988) - a turbulent period when the Chamber struggled to establish its political independence. He has publicly commented on social and political issues since 1990, and has represented the Chamber at several overseas conferences, and the Cayman Islands Human Rights Committee at an international symposium in Gibraltar in 2004. His blog contains much information on life in Cayman, written from the point of view of a resident and citizen.
Bec Baxter
rss Bec Baxter(1 Article )
Bec writes a blog for Huffington Post and also writes and edits commercial proposals and business articles. She has an anomalous and unusual position as both wife of an expat in Jamaica and hater of travelling. Follow Bec on Twitter @bec_baxter or visit her website at and talk to her at hello @
Chuck Bolotin
rss Chuck Bolotin(6 Articles )
Chuck Bolotin is with Best Places in the World to Retire, which has more than 9,500 answers to the most often asked questions about moving abroad, more than 350 expat stories, and a questionnaire called Location Advisor. Recently, Best Places published several research studies about life abroad and a book about Chuck's road trip -- Our Year on the Road & Living in Mexico-- Adventure, Challenges, Triumphs, Lessons Learned, all available for free download.
Jennifer Burge
rss Jennifer Burge(4 Articles )
As a certified IT project manager, Jennifer Burge has traveled to over 40 countries. Currently, she lives in Brisbane, Australia and works as a full-time travel memoirist and public speaker on the challenges and rewards of international living. Her ‘How Not To Live Abroad’ guide, The Devil Wears Clogs (available on chronicles her early expat mistakes as an American in Germany and Holland. Follow Jennifer’s adventures worldwide on her blog.
Ted Campbell
rss Ted Campbell(9 Articles )
Ted Campbell writes about travel, music, culture, food, and mountain biking. He lives in Mexico and writes a blog called No Hay Bronca.
Alka Chandiramani
rss Alka Chandiramani(4 Articles )
Alka Chandiramani is a multi-lingual HR practitioner with over 20+ years of HR and legal experience. She has been the Manager of the Career Resource Centre for Excellence (CRCE) in Singapore since 2003. The American Association of Singapore (AAS) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to enhance the experience of job seekers of all nationalities and other community members by bringing them together through social events, activities, and career and job support. She also runs her own consultancy firm, Alvo Connexions Pte Ltd.
Micaela Crespo
rss Micaela Crespo(1 Article )
Micaela Crespo started her expat adventures at the age of 17. During her expat journey she obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering, she became a project manager, started blogging, got married and had two children. She believes all expat mums have the potential of carrying out their dreams! She created Expat Lifehacks to help expat mothers who feel overwhelmed and lost develop the confidence and strategies they need to feel fully supported and thrive. She regularly creates resources for expat mums and you can find her on Facebook.
Armando Cristofori
rss Armando Cristofori(1 Article )
My hobby and my life are dedicated to my passions: to be a researcher, author, and educator, focusing on ‘real' Italian culinary experiences, while searching for that perfect plate or glass of wine (even something stronger), where innovation meets tradition. I do this while living the happy and often crazy nomadic life of an international consultant, focused on ‘Experiential Communication’ and ‘Small Groups, Experiential, Hyper Localised Tourism’, where the romance of yesteryear meets the kitchen of tomorrow. I also enjoy being a ‘Conduit’ between Italian exporters and importers from around the world, seeking the best of Italian culinary culture. It is definitely not for everyone, but I love it. I coordinate the Italian Dining Summit and IDS Academy pages on Facebook, and I also coordinate focus MasterMind Groups, which you can find by searching for "IDS -“ on Facebook.
Stephanie Dagg
rss Stephanie Dagg(10 Articles )
I’m Stephanie Dagg, author, editor, fishery owner, alpaca and llama farmer - oh yes, and mum and wife too. We live in the rural heart of France in Creuse, an area famous for its hazlenut cake and extremely elderly population. We’re truly Europeans having lived in England and Ireland before coming here. I blog about our daily life as expats with all its pleasures and perplexities, fun and frustrations at You’ll also find my many and mostly free ebooks on my Smashwords page.
Dr Allana Da Graca
rss Dr Allana Da Graca(5 Articles )
Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute, Inc. Her focus as an educator is to help adult learners reach their personal and professional goals. She is the author of a new self-help book called Tomorrow Can’t Wait. Currently she teaches a variety of communication courses as an online instructor at Walden University. She is the recipient of the Robert C. Ford Fellowship, Martin Luther King Leadership BHCC Award, and the Chahara Foundation Award. Learn more at
Lindsay de Feliz
rss Lindsay de Feliz(20 Articles )
Lindsay lives in the middle of nowhere in the Dominican Republic with her Dominican husband, one stepson, 8 cats and 3 dogs. She was formerly Marketing Director of various financial companies in the City of London, and left the UK around 11 years ago to travel the world as a scuba diving instructor. She eventually came to the Dominican Republic on a 6 month contract, fell in love with the country and its people and stayed. Lindsay writes a blog and is the author of What About Your Saucepans?, published by Summertime and available on Amazon in both book and kindle versions.
K. Leslie Delk
rss K. Leslie Delk(2 Articles )
After 25 years as a capital defense attorney in the US, Leslie went on to work with adults with Serious Mental Illness and adults with Developmental Disabilities. Feeling the need for more adventure, she moved to South Korea where she taught English for five years. At present, she lives in Ireland. Read her instructional book on navigating real estate and other international moving issues here.
Ivanka Di Felice
rss Ivanka Di Felice(6 Articles )
Life in Italy, amongst her husband's family, inspired Ivanka to write A Zany Slice of Italy which became an Amazon bestseller. Ivanka and David continue to make Tuscany their home and family, along with quirky situations in everyday life, continue to provide ample inspiration to write.
Marla Sink Druzgal
rss Marla Sink Druzgal(13 Articles )
An American Expat in South Africa, Marla is a freelance writer and global explorer. She creates travel adventures for herself following in the footsteps of her favorite authors. An American expat, she currently lives in Pretoria, South Africa, where she blogs her adventures on and is revising her first manuscript.
Shannon Enete
rss Shannon Enete(8 Articles )
Shannon is an international resident from San Diego, currently residing in Costa Rica. Her first career of 10 years was spent serving San Diego & Kansas City as a paramedic. After a back injury her life drastically changed, and an international door was opened. As an avid traveler, Shannon had visited over 27 countries by the age of 30. She quickly chose Costa Rica as her first destination proclaiming, "My whole body comes alive when I am there." In addition to writing, Shannon owns Enete Enterprises LLC, a video and print publication company that specializes in travel guidebooks and the creation of marketing videos for the tourism, hospitality, and real estate sectors. To learn more about Costa Rica, and how to become an expat see
Jess Faraday
rss Jess Faraday(4 Articles )
Jess Faraday is a writer, teacher, and martial artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Read more about her and her work at
June Finnigan
rss June Finnigan(70 Articles )
June Finnigan is an English expat who lives with her man in a lovely old monastery farmhouse overlooking the Chianti Hills, in Tuscany. She is a published Author and her novels, 'My Father, The Assassin', 'The Bolivian Connection' and ‘The Italian Connection’ are available on Amazon. She is also the lead singer of ‘The Rock Chick Band’ in Tuscany. June also shares more information about life in Italy through her blog.
Megan Fitzgerald
rss Megan Fitzgerald(9 Articles )
Megan is an expat and international career coach, founder of Career By Choice and expert guide to the world of global careers. She has two decades of experience supporting professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and organizations in 40+ countries. Megan uses a strategic, 360°approach to help expats become highly visible, sought after experts and leaders and succeed abroad. She has been featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal Online and numerous expat and career books and publications.
Michelle Garrett
rss Michelle Garrett(29 Articles )
Michelle Garrett is an American expat making a life in Britain for over 20 years. Yes, she's still homesick for the States and yes, she'd be homesick for Britain if she moved back there! Michelle is a freelance writer and blogs at The American Resident.
Jim Geren
rss Jim Geren(3 Articles )
Jim is an American Expat living in Germany working as an independent signage consultant as well as being an artist and novice writer. Originally from the state of Vermont, he now lives in Bad Merghentheim with his German wife, Eve, and their dog, Buster. To read more about Jim's experiences, check out his blog An American in Germany.
Rita Golstein-Galperin
Rita Golstein-Galperin is a Career Makeover Strategist® for expat women and the founder of Expat Renaissance . A serial expat, she is now a multicultural mom in Paris (France) and a lover of all chocolate. A former lawyer and political economist, Rita is now focused on sparking new dreams among fellow expat women. She is an author, entrepreneur, and a career and business coach for expats. Join the expat revolution.
Erik Hamre
rss Erik Hamre(1 Article )
Erik is an independent consultant currently living in Copenhagen. He writes about adapting to the quirks and unique culture of Denmark and Scandinavia. Get in touch on
Toni Hargis
rss Toni Hargis(61 Articles )
Toni Summers Hargis is the author of The Stress-Free Guide to Studying In the States; A Step-by-Step Plan for International Students (Summertime). She is also the author of 'Rules, Britannia; An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom' (St. Martin’s Press) and blogs as Expat Mum.
Justin Harper
rss Justin Harper(6 Articles )
Justin is a freelance journalist based in Singapore. He can be contacted by email at or via his website at
Sally Hilton
rss Sally Hilton(2 Articles )
Sally Hilton is a UK qualified integrative psychotherapist with 10 years’ experience of working with clients on issues including anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Sally works with clients from all over the world via her online practice at Sally is currently taking on new clients and offers readers of Expat Focus a free initial consultation. She can be contacted by email at sally @
Simon Hilton
rss Simon Hilton(1 Article )
Simon Hilton is a senior foreign exchange consultant at World First specialising in assisting private clients and companies with their foreign exchange transactions and is authorised by the FSA to offer foreign currency options. Contact World First today for a free, no-obligation currency transfer quote.
Fiona Hodgkins
rss Fiona Hodgkins(1 Article )
Fiona Hodgkins is co-founder of Didicimus Education which offers British Education Services for Expats by Expats. Born in Japan, she has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, the UK, Zimbabwe, Sharjah, Trinidad, Venezuela and Dubai. She has successfully navigated her way around the maze of expat education firstly as a student in expat schools overseas, then at boarding school in the UK; later as a teacher in various locations around the world at different types of schools; and finally as a parent moving her 3 children between 14 different schools in 6 different countries over the last 20 years. Didicimus Education was formed in Singapore in 2015, and specialises in meeting the educational needs of the global family through schools advice and tutoring services. Visit for more information
Flavia Holman
rss Flavia Holman(4 Articles )
Flavia is originally from Brazil, but has been an expat for 20 years. Having lived as many years in her country of origin as overseas, Flavia currently lives in her adoptive country, the USA and wouldn't change it, although it's about to change.
Through her life and moving around the world, Flavia has worked in hospitality, technology and relocation, but now she is starting on a new journey accompanying her husband in his new job. Flavia mostly writes about what it takes to be an expat and how to ease the transition while moving with kids. You can follow Flavia's adventures on her blog and Instagram.
Linda A. Janssen
rss Linda A. Janssen(16 Articles )
A writer and American 'expatriwait' recently repatriated from the Netherlands with her adult Third Culture Kid husband and children, Linda pens articles on expat/repat life, blogs at Adventures in Expat Land, and plots the next foray overseas. She is also author of 'The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures' (Summertime Publishing) which is available on Amazon. You can follow Linda’s adventures on Twitter where she tweets as @in_expatland.
rss Kalyn(3 Articles )
Kalyn is a Communications professional who moved to the rainy UK after growing up in Orlando, Florida. She writes about her experiences (and her failed attempts to find the sun) on her blog Girl Gone London.
James King
rss James King(8 Articles )
James King is a writer, blogger and photo-artist. Born in England, he travelled to over 20 countries and in 1995 emigrated to South Africa. In 2011 James moved to Thailand, in semi-retirement, where he built and sold one house, renovated another, wrote various e-books and started a blog at
Derek Knight
rss Derek Knight(8 Articles )
Derek was raised on the UK's South Coast, and has lived in London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, and the East Anglia region of England. He is now a resident of St Louis, Missouri, USA. He is an author and blogger, and you can also follow Derek's adventures on his blog and Facebook page.
Cary L-D
rss Cary L-D(5 Articles )
Cary is in her mid-thirties, living in her third home country, Germany, in Hamburg, with her Irish husband and little boy. Their little family is a true MischMasch, part Austrian, American, Irish, with some British flavour thrown in for good measure. Writing is one of Cary's passions, as well as travelling and learning, and she enjoys pursuing it in her blog MyMischMasch.
Judi Lembke
rss Judi Lembke(9 Articles )
Judi Lembke is a writer and editor based in Europe. Her work spans the spectrum, from light humour to corporate film and pretty much everything in between. Most of her adult life has been spent as an expat, with stints in London, Sydney and currently Stockholm, Sweden. She finds expat life stimulating, challenging and always very interesting. Judi blogs at Judi Lembke Ink.
Diane Lemieux
rss Diane Lemieux(11 Articles )
Diane Lemieux was born in Quebec and moved to live abroad for the first time at the age of three. That journey continued through 11 countries on five continents during which she collected 4 languages, two passports and several cultural identities. She started her career in international development but decided over 15 years ago to raise her two children and pursue her passion: writing. Today, she is author of four books including 'The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere' and 'Culture Smart! Nigeria'. For more information see her portfolio at or her blog.
Naomi Madelin
rss Naomi Madelin(3 Articles )
When she emigrated from the UK to New Zealand in 2002, Naomi didn’t imagine going back. Ten years later with a husband, a business and two small children, she and her husband decided that the Northern Hemisphere was the right place for the family for a while. After a few years in Bristol the family, needing to move on from their second rental home, decided to up sticks to their studio apartment high in the French Alps and throw their children into the local school. With a plan to move longer-term near Barcelona, Naomi writes about being a serial migrant, the challenges and joys of new cultures, new languages, small space living and more. You can read more on her blog, Jumping Off Books. Her first book, all about her early experiences of moving from London to rural New Zealand, is available on ebook or paperback here.
Courtney Martin
rss Courtney Martin(7 Articles )
Courtney is an American expat living in Germany. After studying abroad in Germany during college, she immediately knew that she wanted to go back. So after graduating, that’s just what she did! She now works as a freelance writer and is pursuing her Masters degree in Germany. To read more about her experiences and adventures, check out her blog at Welcome to Germerica.
Daniel Matthews
rss Daniel Matthews(2 Articles )
Daniel Matthews is a freelance writer who covers culture, sustainability, business, tech, and travel. You can find him on Twitter.
Claire Bolden McGill
rss Claire Bolden McGill(4 Articles )
Claire McGill is a British expat who enjoys writing about American bits and bobs on her blog. She says: "I've lived in Maryland for three years and still get joyfully confused, amused and bemused about certain things in the USA".
Christine Morgan
rss Christine Morgan(7 Articles )
Christine lives half way up a hill overlooking the historic town of Guimarães the birthplace of Portugal. Although Christine has lived in Portugal for most of her life she is still a Brit at heart. Until recently Christine ran a trading office working with top high street fashion names like John Lewis, Henry Holland and Ted Baker (where she also managed the production in Portugal for a number years). She now works at the British Council teaching part time, works freelance as a translator and, in between, writes. To connect with Christine via Twitter and Linked in and find links to her e book and other written work visit her "about me".
Maureen Moss
rss Maureen Moss(5 Articles )
Author of 'More to Life', a humorous travel novel, and of 'The Tour Guide Life - It Could Be Yours!' Retired worldwide adventure tour guide, prize-winning travel writer and creator of online course for would-be tour guides: My blog can also be found on I come from Guernsey, Channel Islands and I have lived in Spain since 2003. I'm awaiting the outcome of my application for nationality. I've also lived in France. I'm fortunate to be very well travelled and I love my life. I spend my time writing, reading, walking with my dogs, doing yoga, watching movies and having conversations with friends. I'm a huge fan of Landmark Worldwide's transformational education programmes and of learning about new science. From my home I can see La Mata town square, and the beautiful Mediterranean sea.
Anne O'Connell
rss Anne O'Connell(23 Articles )
A published author and freelance writer, Anne O’Connell, has been an expat since 1993 when she and her husband escaped the cold of Toronto, Canada and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They enjoyed the sun and sand for 14 years, while she worked in the PR field, and then decided it was time for a new adventure. Heading for even more sun and sand, they moved to Dubai in late 2007 and then on to Thailand in 2011. Visit her website at or read her blog.
Barry O'Leary
rss Barry O'Leary(15 Articles )
Barry O’Leary has been an expat in Seville for nearly ten years. When he’s not teaching English, he describes how he sees life in Spain on his blog A Novel Spain. He has also lived and taught English in Brazil, Ecuador, Australia and Thailand and travelled around the world in the meantime. His non-fiction travel literature book, Teaching English in a Foreign Land, about his adventures as a TEFL teacher, has sold over 2,500 copies.
Kathleen Peddicord
rss Kathleen Peddicord(49 Articles )
Author Kathleen Peddicord is editor and publisher of Live and Invest Overseas. She has covered the international beat for nearly 30 years and is considered the world’s foremost authority on overseas living and retirement. She is the author of two books, including How To Buy Real Estate Overseas. More info at
Susanna Perkins
rss Susanna Perkins(25 Articles )
Susanna always wanted to experience life in another culture – she just never imagined it would become the “sensible” option. Believing that when life hands you lemons you learn to juggle, she found herself with an entire crate full of citrus following the financial meltdown in the US. She started tossing fruit around and ended up, with her husband and three small dogs, in Las Tablas, Panama. With a more-or-less reliable internet connection she works as a freelance writer and shares her expat insights and experiences on her website Future Expats Forum and teaches non-technical people about WordPress at WordPress Building Blocks.
Emmy Petersson
rss Emmy Petersson(4 Articles )
Blogger, speaker and relocation expert, Emmy Petersson is passionate about helping everyone to a balanced and happy relocation, regardless where in the world they are moving to and who is coming with them. Emmy believes there is a big difference between surviving and thriving in a new country. She’s also a firm believer that the right relocation mindset is just as important as any practical checklist. You can connect with Emmy through her blog or on Facebook.
Piglet in Portugal
rss Piglet in Portugal(20 Articles )
To discover more about life in Portugal visit Carole's blog Piglet in Portugal or follow her on Twitter where she tweets as @Portugalpiglet.
Rosemary Border Rabson
rss Rosemary Border Rabson(64 Articles )
In 2005 Rosemary Border Rabson and husband John Rabson emigrated to the Morvan in rural Burgundy, where few other Brits have ventured. Their chief preoccupation is Charity Cottage, a holiday home-from-home in their garden at Maré le Bas which they run in aid of Combat Stress (money donations) and Help for Heroes (free accommodation). Since 2012, when Charity Cottage won the Daily Telegraph’s Best British Charity award, the total amount raised for Combat Stress, comprising UK royalties and donations from visitors to Charity Cottage, is nudging £10,000.
Zvezdana Rashkovich
rss Zvezdana Rashkovich(5 Articles )
Zvezdana Rashkovich was born in ex-Yugoslavia. At the age of seven she started her lifelong nomadic journey across Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai and the United States. A fluent Arabic speaker, she has worked as a medical and legal interpreter for refugees in the United States and owing to her eclectic experiences developed an intense enthusiasm for multiculturalism. Zvezdana currently lives in Dubai with her Sudanese husband and four children. She is the author of 'Dubai Wives' and is working on a memoir, 'Africa in the way I dance'. Zvezdana blogs at Sleepless in Dubai where she shares her experiences as an expat, mom and writer.
Daniel Reed
rss Daniel Reed(1 Article )
Daniel works with Digital Marketing in the Tech Scene, is a UK Expat, and Wanna-be Pilot. Since 2014, he has been living in Stockholm, Sweden, and settling into the society and culture. He writes guides and advice for new expats in Sweden at Everything Sweden.
Laurel Robbins
rss Laurel Robbins(4 Articles )
Laurel Robbins is a freelance writer and the founding editor of the popular travel blog Monkeys, Mountains and Maultaschen where she writes about exploring Europe and beyond for outdoor adventures, off-beat locations, local cuisine and monkeys! You can also follow her European adventures on Twitter.
Sarah Ryrie
rss Sarah Ryrie(4 Articles )
Sarah is a mother, wife and freelance writer who also happens to blog about family life and their expat adventures in Switzerland. Check out her blog, Life of Ryrie.
Shreya Kothari Sawala
rss Shreya Kothari Sawala(3 Articles )
A full-time manager by profession, Shreya works at the intersection of Business, Product, and Marketing. Along with this, she is a vivid traveler, has been to multiple countries and loves traveling and meeting new people. As a hobby, she enjoys writing about her personal experiences and learnings from living in different parts of the world. She is also a public speaker and participates in several talks related to education and career. To find out more about Shreya's experiences you can read her personal blog.
rss Sharon(2 Articles )
Sharon is a child and family art therapist from the US living in Rome, Italy with her husband and their larger-than-life American Bulldog, Huey. She offers insights, support and resources as well as personal experiences as a traveling expet family on her blog.
Evelyn Simpson
rss Evelyn Simpson(12 Articles )
Evelyn Simpson is a personal development coach who works with the accompanying partners of expats helping them to transition to expat life and to find happiness and fulfilment in their lives overseas. Evelyn has spent almost all of her adult life living as an expat on 3 continents and in 5 countries. She has worked as an expat, been an accompanying partner and has founded her own portable business, The Smart Expat, while overseas. Evelyn and her Australian husband have two children who have yet to live in either of their passport countries. You can learn more about Evelyn and her work at where she blogs regularly about expat life.
Dennis Smith
rss Dennis Smith(1 Article )
Dennis Smith is a journalist, copywriter and editor, business planning consultant and Expat living consultant and speaker. He is also the author of Panama City, Panama – Come Play in the Miami of Latin America. He lives in Panama. Contact him directly at
Sheila Sullivan
rss Sheila Sullivan(7 Articles )
Sheila is a freelance translator, editor, writer, and serial blogger who has been in Madrid long enough to consider herself a permanent Madrileña. She blogs about Madrid’s busy expat life for Cheap in Madrid. Follow her expat musings on Twitter where she tweets as @Sheila_Sull.
Dhyan Summers
rss Dhyan Summers(5 Articles )
Dhyan Summers is a licensed psychotherapist in California and Oregon, USA, and is the Director of Expat Counseling and Coaching Services, providing online counseling, therapy, marriage counseling and coaching to expats worldwide. She has 35 years of experience as a therapist and has lived in Paris, Costa Rica, and most recently India for 14 years. For a free 30-minute introductory session, visit
Jennifer Tucker
rss Jennifer Tucker(14 Articles )
Jenny is an American from Indiana living abroad in Auckland, New Zealand. An ER nurse, she spends her spare time with her husband and infant son and enjoys photography, travel and writing about her experiences as an expat. You can read more of her thoughts and opinions at
Victoria Twead
rss Victoria Twead(58 Articles )
Victoria is a New York Times bestselling author. In 2004 she nagged poor, long-suffering Joe into leaving Britain and relocating to a tiny, remote mountain village in Andalucía where they became reluctant chicken farmers and owned the most dangerous cockerel in Spain. Village life inspired Victoria’s first book, 'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools', which was quickly followed by two more in the Old Fools series, all of which fast became Amazon bestsellers. Victoria and Joe continue to enjoy life keeping chickens, writing, sampling the local wine and living alongside their colourful neighbours.
Sami Veloso
rss Sami Veloso(1 Article )
Sami was born in Mozambique and has lived in South Africa, Germany, Portugal and now lives in Australia. The moves were usually to accompany her husband on his various work projects. She has worked in Hospitality, Banking, had her own picture framing business, taught English as a Second Language and is now a Practice Manager in a General Practitioner clinic. Sami blogs at Sami's Colourful World.
Nicole Webb
rss Nicole Webb(20 Articles )
Nicole was a journalist and news reader with Sky News Australia for a decade before stepping outside the box (literally) and making the life changing move to Hong Kong with her hotelier husband. Four years into the mad but momentous journey of chopsticks and chickens' feet, she is mum to hyped up blondie Ava and has just embarked on the next expat posting in Xi'an, China. When she's not juggling play dough and princess outfits, Nicole works as a freelance journalist, copywriter, presenter, media trainer and Master of Ceremonies across Asia. Nicole documents her hair-raising expat tales on her renowned blog Mint Mocha Musings - you can also find her on Twitter where she tweets as @nicoledwebb.
Clara Wiggins
rss Clara Wiggins(15 Articles )
Born an expat, in Cuba to British diplomat parents, Clara Wiggins has travelled all her life, and has lived in 11 countries on 5 different continents. Clara has used her extensive experience of living overseas, as a child, as a diplomat and as an accompanying spouse, to write The Expat Partner's Survival Guide. From how to organise an overseas move to what to do in the event of an earthquake, The Expat Partner's Survival Guide is a light-hearted yet in-depth guide for anyone considering moving abroad.
Ben Zabulis
rss Ben Zabulis(16 Articles )
After graduating in 1982 Ben worked throughout the UK before an unlikely adventurous disposition led him to Nigeria, India, Japan and Hong Kong. Between each of those overseas assignments he had attempted repatriation with varying degrees of 'success'; the last of which occurred in 2004 when he and his partner returned from Hong Kong for what they considered to be a permanent move, only to return to Hong Kong years later. The exotic misdemeanours inherent in that first expatriate period (1984-2004) together with various Asian sojourns and activities, contributed to a series of travel journal scribbles which eventually morphed in to the book Chartered Territory – An Engineer Abroad.
Tom Zachystal
rss Tom Zachystal(15 Articles )
Tom Zachystal is President of Individual Asset Management, a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in investment management and financial planning for expatriates.

Contact Tom for a free, no-obligation discussion of your financial situation if you are a US citizen living abroad or a foreign national living in the USA.

Articles are for informational purposes only; they are not intended to offer advice or guidance on legal, tax, or investment matters. Such advice can be given only with full understanding of a person’s specific situation.

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