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China - Living


Moving To China With Children: A Guide For Expats

Posted by: Scar on Monday February 05, 2018 (12:20:18)   (3828 Reads)
International travel is an exciting adventure for business people seeking new challenges: however for children taken along for the ride, it can be a tumultuous experience. Stephen Spriggs of William Clarence Education, who work with families across the globe, will bring you a series of insights on expat life: first up we look at the key considerations for expat families moving to China.    more ...

Nine Places You Could Move To In China If You Don't Want To Live In Beijing

Posted by: Scar on Monday February 13, 2017 (16:31:03)   (5591 Reads)
(c) Silentpilot on Pixabay
For many thinking of moving to China, the first option that comes to mind is the capital city of Beijing. But there are many advantages to settling down in one of China’s other cities. One of the main advantages of moving to a smaller city in China is the reduced cost of living. Accommodation costs are lower and it is possible to find spacious, well-equipped apartments for a lower cost than in Beijing.    more ...

Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Beijing?

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday October 05, 2016 (15:38:29)   (5377 Reads)
(c) 螺钉 on Wikipedia
There are more expats leaving Beijing than arriving, with expats telling media outlets that increasing living costs and stagnating pay packages are among their reasons for going. Official figures reveal that the number of expats in Beijing peaked in 2010 and has begun to fall since then.    more ...

Learning To Laugh In China: Appreciating The Chinese Sense Of Humour

Posted by: scar on Friday July 24, 2015 (14:33:06)   (8824 Reads)
Image © ahenobarbus on Flickr
China’s economy is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Foreigners, especially those with specialized skills, are able to find lucrative employment due to the increase in job opportunities and business prospects that have occurred over the years. China has a huge number of foreigners living and working within the country, and for these expats, living in China is an utterly unique experience.    more ...

Tips For Staying Healthy In Shanghai: A Guide To Food And Fitness

Posted by: Carole on Saturday April 11, 2015 (17:34:29)   (2801 Reads)
Living in Shanghai can provide a much-needed break from the dependence on too many processed and packaged foods. You will find that fresh food is available widely across the country. Most streets have small fruit and vegetable stalls and the wet markets are stocked with fresh meat and produce. Considering these healthy food habits, it isn’t surprising that it’s rather hard to spot an overweight person in Shanghai! Here are some food and fitne ...    more ...

5 Things You Should Do When Living In China (And 1 You Definitely Shouldn't)

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday January 28, 2015 (13:28:49)   (1637 Reads)
Your stay in China can be many things, but one thing it’s least likely to be is boring. This is a country where unexpected surprises greet you at every corner. The natural beauty is breathtaking and the cities are complex and sophisticated. The truth is that it may never be possible to truly explore the depths of China in just one lifetime; but here’s a list of a few must-have experiences that all expats should indulge in during their stay.    more ...

Moving To Shanghai? Read Our Expat Guide To Travelling On Public Transport

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday June 24, 2014 (03:22:03)   (1741 Reads)
Shanghai, being a global financial center and the commercial hub of china, is a busy city with a large population. The city caters to the needs of its citizens, expats and tourists through a wide network of public transportation services. Since adjusting to the complex grid of buses, trains and taxis in a bustling metro can be quite intimidating; we bring you our expat guide to Shanghai’s public transport system.

The metro is one o ...    more ...

Dealing With Culture Shock In China - Some Advice For New Expats

Posted by: Carole on Saturday May 17, 2014 (01:17:12)   (2905 Reads)
Expats usually experience a subtler form of culture shock when living in China’s big cities because of the robust economy and rapid development. These cities have become global destinations for business and industry, and draw numerous foreigners to their shores each year. However there are some variations in culture and lifestyle that may take some getting used to. Here are some tips on dealing with culture shock in China.

Eating Chinese
...    more ...

Driving In Shanghai - A Few Survival Tips For Expats

Posted by: Carole on Monday March 31, 2014 (20:16:43)   (3259 Reads)
Driving in Shanghai can be tricky if you’re not used to it. The traffic is chaotic on city streets, drivers do not always stop at red lights or yield to pedestrians and common driving practices include tailgating, switching lanes without glancing into the rear-view mirror and signaling a turn only once the vehicle starts to turn. As daunting as it all sounds, it is still possible to drive safely in Shanghai if you follow a few simple rules.

...    more ...