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Colombia - Living


Where In Colombia Would Suit You Best?

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday July 03, 2018 (07:41:17)   (1173 Reads)
Colombia is a vibrant country with a lot to offer, but it can be difficult to find your place in it. As an expat, if you have the freedom to choose which area to move to, you want to be able to choose somewhere that best suits your interests.    more ...

An Expat Guide To Colombian Cuisine

Posted by: Scar on Thursday October 19, 2017 (15:54:58)   (1111 Reads)
Colombia has one of the most diverse and varied cuisines in the world. The culinary delicacies you are likely to find in the country are determined by the region you will visit. In some regions, you will find roasted ants and guinea pigs while in others you would not find anything like these dishes. If you are a vegetarian, Colombia may not seem like the culinary paradise it is known to be, because Colombians eat lots of meat. Popular dishes in t ...    more ...

5 Good Reasons You Should Move To Colombia (And 1 Reason You Shouldn't!)

Posted by: scar on Thursday September 10, 2015 (13:00:30)   (10690 Reads)
Image © Matthew on Flickr
As an expat destination, Colombia isn’t as popular as other South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. However, there’s plenty to recommend in this beautiful, diverse, and very welcoming country. Here are five reasons you might want to move there.

The natural beauty

There are few countries as naturally gorgeous as Colombia. The variety of species in the country is mind-boggling. Colombia is one of 17 “megadiverse” co ...    more ...

Internet Access In Colombia: What You Need To Know

Posted by: scar on Thursday August 20, 2015 (12:46:49)   (14478 Reads)
Image © Miguel Vaca on Flickr
Colombia is among the most populous countries in Latin America; it is greatly urbanized, and most of the population inhabits the cities. Colombians have had broadband internet access since 1997, but the service was initially very expensive, since it was charged in US dollars. Since then, internet access in the country has seen considerable change.

Internet service providers

The entities that were instrumental in bringing broadband access ...    more ...

Giving Birth In Colombia As An Expat

Posted by: scar on Wednesday August 19, 2015 (13:04:28)   (3586 Reads)
Image © Iván Erre Jota on Flickr
Many expat professionals move to Colombia for the job opportunities there – there are exciting and lucrative positions available in a variety of sectors such as medicine, construction, and energy. English teachers are also always in demand in this Spanish-speaking nation. Living in Colombia has its advantages, such as low cost of living and affordable private healthcare, and there quite a few expat couples who have made the decision to raise fa ...    more ...

The Dark Side Of Expat Life In Colombia

Posted by: scar on Thursday August 06, 2015 (13:21:57)   (1837 Reads)
Image © Andreas Lehner on Flickr
There’s plenty to love about Colombia – the diversity and beauty of both its geography and culture, and the promising and already growing economy are the major factors that draw people to it. In the last several years, the country has started to become increasingly popular among expats as a result of the numerous improvements it has managed to effect, especially the overall decrease in crime and violent conflict.

However, this is not to s ...    more ...