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Useful Link: Hong Kong health insurance guide
Hong Kong

A Guide To Hong Kong's Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

What is the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme, otherwise known as VHIS? As per the official statement, VHIS is a policy initiative implemented by the food and health bureau in Hong Kong to regulate individual indemnity hospital insurance products. Participation is voluntary, for both insurance companies and members of the public. The primary goals are to enhance the protection level of hospital insurance products; to provide the public with the a ...    more ...
Hong Kong

9 Important Things You Need To Know About Healthcare In Hong Kong

(c) chensiyuan on Wikipedia
The Fragrant Harbor boasts of one of the best healthcare systems across the globe, which is on par with, if not better than, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and a number of other developed nations. In fact, the island’s healthcare is often regarded as the ultimate safety net by numerous foreigners who have worked and lived in this country for a fair period of time, mainly because of the strong sense of security it offers them.    more ...
Hong Kong

Should Expats In Hong Kong Worry About Pollution Levels?

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In December 2015, the first “green bus” in Hong Kong made its journey across the city, followed by at least four more buses on different routes in the next few weeks. The Hong Kong government simultaneously also announced plans for several more electric buses over the course of 2016, as part of a massive scheme to address the city’s growing air pollution problem.    more ...
Hong Kong

What Are The Health Risks For Expats In Hong Kong?

Expats living in Hong Kong are generally safe and not at risk for any major health complications. But expats planning to relocate should consult their doctor beforehand and inquire if there are any recommended vaccinations or preventive medications. It is also important to ensure that all routine vaccinations and boosters are up to date. Here are some of the health risks that expats may face in Hong Kong.

Avian influenza

The influenza out ...    more ...
Hong Kong

Will the Hong Kong Healthcare System Be Adequate for My Expat Family?

Medical standards and the health care system differ hugely from Hong Kong to the mainland of China, and are arguably far better. The outbreak of the SARS virus still haunts Hong Kong in terms of reputation, as over 250 people died in the city. However, having been free from the virus for over seven years, the health of the city is high; in fact it enjoys the second highest life expectancy in the world (at 86 years old for women and 80 years old f ...    more ...
Hong Kong

Expat Having a Baby in Hong Kong?

Depending on the situation in your country of origin, you may find several pleasant surprises related to medical care in Hong Kong. Quality is high and costs can be quite low relative to other developed countries. Public options are very affordable and luxurious private options are available for a hefty price.

If you have a Hong Kong ID—and all resident expats must have one—you qualify for public healthcare. This means you can use clinic a ...    more ...
Hong Kong

Pollution in Hong Kong - What Expats Should Know Before Moving

The name Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor.” There is an old joke that when a plane landed at Kai Tak, Hong Kong’s former airport, and the pilots opened the doors, they would look at each other and one would say, “If it’s not you and it’s not me, this must be Hong Kong.” The harbor’s fragrance is no longer a pleasant one, and now, sadly, air pollution in Hong Kong is a common complaint as well.

For the good news first, Victoria ...    more ...