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United Arab Emirates > Health

Useful Link: United Arab Emirates health insurance guide
United Arab Emirates

How To Keep Your Insurance Costs Low In The UAE

If you are an expat who is resident and employed in the UAE, you will need to have private health cover. Until 2019, public healthcare had not been open to expat residents of the Emirates, although now there is limited eligibility for expats to become citizens of the UAE if they are in some professions: the so-called ‘Gold Card’ visa.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

How To Register With The Health System In The UAE

As an expat in the UAE, you will probably not be able to access a significant degree of public healthcare. Health insurance schemes in the UAE, a federation of seven Emirates, vary depending on which region you are working in, but overall, free healthcare is only available for UAE citizens with the exception of the new Gold Card visa.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Maternity Care In The UAE: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

As an expectant expat in the UAE you will have access to a high standard of maternity care. You will not be eligible for public maternity care (this is usually open only to citizens of the UAE, except in case of emergency), but the private sector is excellent.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In The UAE?

The quality of healthcare in the UAE is of a globally recognised standard. If you are an expat who is living and working in the Emirates, you will only be able to access the various public healthcare systems under certain circumstances, but will have full access to the private sector since a criterion of obtaining a visa for the Emirates includes comprehensive , either with a local provider or one of the international health insurance companies. ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In The UAE?

If you are an expat who is resident and working in the UAE, the cost of any healthcare procedures that you undergo will depend on whether you are paying for your care out-of-pocket or whether you have private health insurance.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Expat Health Insurance In The UAE: What You Need To Know

The UAE is a hugely popular expat destination, with of its residents being from abroad. Most of the expats living there are from Asia, although its relatively liberal culture compared with other Gulf states makes it popular with expats from Western nations too.

There are many reasons to move to the UAE, from its high wages and excellent job opportunities to the luxurious style of living. Still, moving abroad is rarely a straightforward deci ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

What Do The UAE's New Expat Healthcare Policies Mean For You?

A number of interesting changes have been underway in the United Arab Emirates lately, some of which could prove particularly useful and beneficial to the UAE expatriate community. In particular, the UAE healthcare system is set to receive a large overhaul, which is predicted to see exponential growth in the medical sector and provide a wealth of business and investment opportunities.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Promoting Positive Mental Health In The Workplace

Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid t
On World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), The Priory’s Dubai Wellbeing Centre highlights how Priory is helping companies in the UAE with the mental health of their workers.

In his day-to-day work as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Priory’s Dubai Wellbeing Centre, Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid treats many Dubai workers suffering from mental health problems like depression, stress and anxiety. The Wellbeing Centre, which opened in Apr ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Interview With Dr. Walid Abdul-Hamid, Consultant Psychiatrist And Clinical Director, Priory Dubai

Dr. Walid Abdul-Hamid
Dr. Abdul-Hamid, you're a trauma psychiatrist and clinical director of Priory in Dubai. What was it that first sparked your interest in this line of work?

Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, described psychological trauma as “an experience which, within a short period of time, presents the mind with an increase of stimulus too powerful to be dealt with or worked off in the normal way”.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

What Expats Need To Know About Healthcare In Dubai

(c) vitalworks on Pixabay
Since 1 January, it has been a mandatory requirement that all expats must have health insurance to live and work in Dubai, or face fines for not having it.

Expats face a monthly fine of Dh500 (£109/$136) for not complying with Isahd (Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai), which in Arabic means 'bringing happiness'.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) initiative began in 2014, with the aim of rolling out sustainable healthcare fo ...    more ...

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