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United Kingdom

How To Live Comfortably In London On A Budget

The answer to “How can I live comfortably in the capital on a budget?” might, at first glance, be “Buy a tent!” This is not as far-fetched as it seems, given the numbers of people living alongside the footpaths of Regent’s Canal and elsewhere in the heart of London. We’re going to be looking at a few possibilities when it comes to saving money and living as cheaply as you can in the city. ‘Budget’ and ‘comfort’ are both relati ...    more ...
United Kingdom

A Guide To Income Tax For Expats Moving To The UK

(c) Images Money on Flickr
While the UK is among the world's most popular destinations for expat talent to develop their careers, the income tax situation is complicated.

There's no doubt that cross-border taxation can be a complex area in finance and law but it's something expats will need to deal with.

For those expats moving to the UK, there are various tax compliance obligations they must meet, as well as social security and tax filing rules.    more ...
United Kingdom

A Guide To Private Banking Services For Expats In The UK

(c) FirmBee on Pixabay
When it comes to private banking services, expats will often be looking for an offering with innovation and value to help juggle work and life commitments at an international level.

While this article focuses on private banking services for expats working in the UK, the advice here is useful for British expats working overseas as well.    more ...
United Kingdom

A Guide To Setting Up A Bank Account In The UK

(c) stevepb on Pixabay
Settling down in a new place takes time, even if you move to a place you really like. However, once you get accustomed to the culture and lifestyle of new home, planning your finances should be one of your top priorities.

Anyone who is employed, works as a freelancer or runs a business should open an account with a bank locally, so that all their domestic and international transactions can take place without any problems.

The whole proced ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Report: The Brexit Effect On International Market Access And Expat Employment In The UK

(c) jeviscachee on Instagram
On Thursday June 23rd 2016, the people of Britain voted for a British exit, or Brexit, from the European Union in a landmark referendum. Eurosceptics across the continent celebrated the outcome, which also sent shockwaves throughout the international economy.    more ...
United Kingdom

An Expat Guide To Taxation In The UK

(c) stevepb on Pixabay
For most people, immigrating to the United Kingdom (UK) means working for a living. As a part of working life there are many expenses that need to be considered, one of which is taxes. There are many types of taxes that apply within the UK, whether it be on everyday items in the form of VAT (Value Added Tax); Income Tax, which is a tax you pay based on how you earn; or corporation tax, which is paid by businesses that is levied on a company's pro ...    more ...
United Kingdom

A Guide To The Cost Of Living In London

People often call London a mini New York. It is the British version of the city of dreams and it truly does make those big dreams become a reality. This is one of the reasons many Londoners love this wonderful, diverse and fresh city. If anything new or innovative is going to happen, London is going to be the first place to do it. Whilst many people reside here permanently, London also sees millions of tourists each year, all of whom want to expe ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Brexit: What it may mean to your state pension

There are two pension issues (state pensions rather than occupational pensions) that I come across frequently when talking to people living in the EU about the implications that Brexit may have. The first is Pensioner Rights for working people, and the second is the potential ‘freezing’ of the UK state pension.    more ...
United Kingdom

Moving Back To The UK? Here's What Will Happen To Your Pension

(c) garryknight on Flickr
According to The Times, around 72,000 expats over the last two years have left Spain and another 7,000 have left Italy. Around 300,000 Brits remain in Spain and another 65,000 are living in Italy, though not all of these are retired.    more ...
United Kingdom

How To Open A Bank Account In The UK - A Guide For Expats

When it comes to opening a bank account it's a straightforward process and much easier than it used to be.

As with British expats moving overseas, the easiest way to open a UK bank account is to do so in the expat's own country as the process is easy and safe. It also means there's one fewer task to complete when the expat lands in the UK.    more ...

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